With that, he has had many business ventures that have pocketed him quite a lot of money. Welcome to the Empire of luxury channel, where we take a look at all things that deal in wealth and success. Elon Musk currently has a net worth of over 46 billion dollars and with that he has owned some pretty crazy, expensive things. Today we are going to take a look at some of the crazy expensive things that Elon Musk has owned number one: a brand new McLaren f1. In 1999, a young Elon Musk decided to reward himself when he sold his company, zip to the companies sold for 307 million dollars and must collected 22 million dollars of that must didn’t buy just any car. He bought one of the most expensive cars of all time. The car retailed at 1.2 million dollars at the time this wasn’t a car that must bought for just display but to actually use as a daily driver where he would journey through the San Francisco Bay Area. After just one year of ownership must put over 10000 miles on the vehicle, but sadly, all good things have to come to an end. As muscle was driving to a PayPal meeting with investor Peter Thiel, it was challenged to show what the f1 could do as most punched it, the car lost, traction and crashed.

Sadly, the car was not insured, but must did put some money in it to repair it afterwards and sell it in 2007 for a small profit number two, the Gulfstream 650 er private jet, the seventy million dollar private jet – has been quite the way to travel from Us, as he travels to all his companies from the San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, this jet is at the top of its class, must reportedly racked up 150000 miles within a year.

The ER stands for extended range means that the plane is able to fly 7500 miles in one trip. The luxurious and spacious inside of the cargo allows comfortable movement within the cabinet. The jet also made a cameo in the 2005 movie. Thank you for smoking or must also appeared as the planes captain number three on the list is, must 1967 Jaguar series II type roadster, which he refers to as his first love when he was just 17. He came across a book of classic convertibles where he discovered the Jaguar, which would become his favorite. I looked through them all and the one I liked the best was the e type Jaguar and I said well, if I can ever afford it, that is the car I’m going to get his wish would come true as a bonus check from his van business zip2. Would pay him 40000, 35000 of which would be put towards the car? Sadly, this love affair, didn’t gold without his turbulence as the Jaguar would break down on musk on his way back from the dealership.

That was like a bad girlfriend. It kept breaking down on me and called me all sorts of trouble. In fact, it broke down on the way from the dealership must said: number four Elon Musk yah. Mr. Stephen. Now this yacht is in your typical yacht, as it has been modified for a specific purpose. This yacht known as mr. Stephen, has joined one of Musk’s ventures in SpaceX.

A yacht has been equipped with a massive catch net to allow the yacht to catch significant parts of the Rockets, such as the Rockets. Ferries fairings on the Rockets are detachable heat shields that protect the main rocket during extreme temperatures in the launch bays. These ferries take a lot of time and money to produce so by catching and reusing them. It turns mr. Stephen into a long term. Savings net must essentially turn this liability into an asset number five, the lotus esprit cars has always been a tool for many heroes and different action pillars. One of the most popular vehicles is James Bond’s ride in the Lotus Esprit. The movie, The Spy Who Loved Me Musk, who was a fan of Vaughn’s movies, growing up, decided that he had to happen. A couple had bought the car at a blind auction for 100 and eventually would decide to sell me when the car went up for auction must place. The final bid that was close to 1 million dollars must latest design in the cyber truck has apparently had some influence from the Lotus and must tweeted cyber truck influence, partly by the spy who loved me.

Musk was disappointed when he found out that the car didn’t really transform but said he’d like to upgrade it with an electric Tesla powertrain and make it transform for real number 6. The domain name XCOM, must has quite the history with this domain, as it was the name of his online bank and he developed in November of 1999.

The letter X seems to have a special place in must heart as some of his other ventures. Sport, the X, like his Tesla motto X and his space exploration company SpaceX, while the site’s price wasn’t publicly disclosed as a reference to the domain decom, it went for an astounding 6.8 million dollars. The purchase seemed to be quite a friendly one. As a PayPal spokesperson said, we are delighted to sell the domain XCOM back to its previous owner Elon Musk. Where must would reply thanks, PayPal for allowing me to buy back XCOM no plans right now, but it has great sentimental value to me as of right now. The site just sports the letter X, but who knows what must brilliant mine, will come up with next number 7: the 17 million dollar bel air mansion. The resident was first rented by musk for a couple of years, as he and his five sons lived in the twenty thousand 248 square foot home. It would not be until a few years later when must felt comfortable purchasing the home for a massive seventeen million dollars. The home consists of seven bedrooms, a pool, a gym, a tennis court and even a home theater.

The theater has been used as a gaming room by Musk and his five sons on weekends. The hilltop escape is situated on a 1.6 acre lot, overlooking the bel air Country Club, as musk has kept to his word of selling all his homes and living by his words of oh no house.

He has since sold this home for a profit. The home has sold for 29 million dollars, 1 million short of musk asking price of 30 million. The home was bought by William ding, a Chinese billionaire number 8. The futuristic Los Angeles home this residence was initially purchased by must in 2014, for 3.6 million dollars. The home was reported to have initially not been purchased, for must primary residence. The home was a futuristic field that seems to match that of the tech entrepreneur field. This high end, four bed, four bath home, really earned the reputation of a futuristic home as it is equipted with features such as florida ceiling, windows, automated shades and a high quality kitchen, and much more. The spaceship like home has been equipped with voice command controls of different appliances. Sadly, the lack of use of the home led must have put the home up for 4.5 million dollars where it would eventually be bought for 3.9 million dollars. Number 9 custom Tesla branded boarding sneak when must walked on stage at the unveiling of the model. While he came out in some seriously stylish shoes, as he took his place on stage, someone shouted, I like his shoes, which prompted the billionaire the striker karate kick bringing even more attention to his awesome shoes.

The shoes were especially made by Marco Acosta, the co founder of los angeles based diem customs. The shoes were ordered by a close friend of mosques who wanted to get it for him.

As a birthday present, the shoes are made with very high quality materials such as Python skin and are completely custom. This is why the shoes are priced at a high cost of 1500 number 10, a diamond and ruby encrusted Tesla ring the ring was created by none other than Ben baller. This has celebrity clients such as Kanye, ASAP, rocky and Mariah Carey, just to name a few. The ring has been identified to be worth 37000 according to Ben Walden. The crazy part is this piece of jewelry was given to musk for free as again. Why are we giving you this ring? Because you have motivated me and Paul to level up and push limits? Waller was quoted, we salute you for giving almost fifty thousand jobs to Americans and putting USA back on the map as a serious contender in the auto industry. This has also been the only piece that balla has ever given as a gift. Elon Musk will be etched in the history books for many of his business ventures. For such an accomplished man, it is fascinating to see that his work ethic has not slowed down whatsoever, as must works in different fields of clean energy and bettering life for humans.