Also, you can follow me on twitter as well as patreon for my patreon member. You can check out my videos, uh chronovirus whistleblower. I post a video also there’s something higher return than go. Must have vitamins during the chronovirus pandemic form? Are we going to fomo in the tesla and, of course, there’s a tesla secret part, one and two uh? Should you get the coronavirus vaccine, of course, um there’s, a next tasos uh, if you miss tasers there’s? A another token has similar potentials, just like tasos and, of course, which gold and silver coin has high result value uh. You can check it out. So if you’re interested you can join my patreon group and let’s talk about let’s, see let’s talk about uh catharno quickly, so everybody is so bullish on cardano. Is they going going to the moon going to a dollar blah blah blah? So when everybody talk about it, it’s time to sell seriously so everybody’s so bullish, so i think everybody is talking: hey it’s, going to the moon, going the dollar blah blah blah. So when you, when everybody in the youtube channel talk about it so foolish so it’s time to sell just like length as well, ling is the same thing. So if you miss the train, wait until the next train right, so don’t fall more into anything. Otherwise you lose, you lose your money left and right so uh that’s my take on it.

So let’s talk about um, so you don’t must tweet about uh deutsche coin.

He always tweets about making fun of deutsche coin anyway, so he tweeted about something like uh. Deutsche coin standard global financial system is inevitable, so this is what his twit uh today earlier today. I think yesterday or today so and then dodge coin go up to 14 because of this twit, so that is insane anyway um. So people asking about his uh bitcoin. If he still hold uh the bitcoin, he basically excuse me, i’m only sell dodge and also back in april 2019. He talked about dodge coin. Maybe my favorite cryptocurrency is pretty cool and also in may in response to a jk rowling tweet about bitcoin elon musk wrote uh pretty much. Although massive currency insurance by government, central banks is making bitcoin internet money looks solid by comparison. Well, that is true because they um in bitcoin, you only have 21 million right and 17 million already mine, and you have like around. Maybe six million already lost in a computer. They’Ve lost their computer, they lost their private key, so they cannot no longer uh retrieve the bitcoin so, and he also added i still own 0.25 bitcoin by the way and right now, tesla’s stock has been skyrocketing. Right now is at all time, high 1 500. and at this rate, elon musk become the world’s richest person in a few months that is uh, crazy and right now they are, they are pumping coming.

I think all this easy money uh, you know because of the printing press, all this money going to the stock market so uh.

Let me know what you think about this uh, this uh his tweet. You know it’s, always interesting. He tweeted about, like deutsche coin, making seems like he’s making fun of deutsche point anyway, um, so the next stop we’re gon na talk about ethereum, uh price, probably correlated to bitcoin price. So right now people every i don’t know if this everybody’s inside they anticipate there’s a correction in terms of price of bitcoin. Excuse me so uh bitcoin price has been like treading water, almost like a 9 000 region for the last two months. There’S no volatility i mean not like in 2017, you have huge volatility in terms of bitcoin price right. Also, then it can increase by 50 or 100 is a very common thing, uh back in 2017, but right now, there’s, no volatility used to be uh. Ethereum is also a has high a huge volatility. Those are considered high beta right. So this is a chart based on uh how many days ups uh, how many days ups and downs since 2015, you can see the average percentage of average percentage down used to be like 7.5 percent 5.9. 5.9 right now you can see the gap is getting more narrow, it’s like 2.5 percent, but in 2018, two percent and less than two percent is 2020 there’s, no volatility.

Basically and in terms of the um the uh. The return versus bitcoin is like 2015 148 percent. 2016 is 283 percent, 2017 is 551 percent and of course, 2018 is the bay market and 2090 is the bear market as well, and 2020 is a 40, so in 2017 it’s 500 percent you used to remember uh.

I think ethereum was reached at all time. High uh, i think uh yeah, yes, it’s, like almost a thousand three hundred right for the ethereum per per uh. The price of ethereum is one thousand three hundred so right now, ethereum is no longer a high beta coin. You know right now a lot of altcoin. You can see a lot of altcoin, they are doing really well. You can see uh donald uh, king ling and also a lot of d5 related projects like kampang those uh, those those are those they have been high. Uh trading i mean they have high beta those gone and any project uh that has, they define decentralized finance. They are they’re, basically like trading, really highly look at this kaffir, like almost i i don’t know, i think, it’s from a thought uh from i think it’s. Some 80 some cents go all the way to two dollars: 42 cents there’s a big pump in that um. So this is a decentralized finance theme, so anything with a d5 decentralized finance. Film is a huge potential pump, so so they’re talking about that the potential downsize of ethereum because of the descending triangle and of course, it’s going to uh break to the downside if bitcoin going down along with uh inferior, will also follow suit.

But the thing is, the crypto markets also follow the stock market, which is if the stock market do well. The crypto will do well as well, and if you look at the uh commitment of trade for bitcoin right now, you have you almost um.

This is cme future contract. You can see a long and short position it’s almost as i mean it’s, not that the gap is not that the spread is not that uh fake it’s only hundred contract. So you can see six thousand three hundred seven thousand six hundred. You can see long and short positions very similar, so it does mean the bull and bear. They are basically have some type of competition right now, so i don’t know who will be winning at the end. Uh it’s pretty hard to tell at this time. In terms of ethereum uh, the long position you can see is uh. Uh has been building up and in terms of the short position. So the short position is not that remarkable. I don’t think there’s a reason to pump the price. I guess uh. I could be wrong as well. I mean i mean right now. The short position is not that high there’s no reason to pump to liquidate your short position right. So let me know what you think about the direction of the bitcoin as well as ethereum as well. I mean there’s a lot of like because this is such a small market cap it’s up to the whale, how they want to play the game in terms of bitcoin and ethereum, and i think the next blue one will be the will be the d5 decentralized finance Film, you know every coin right now they want to.

They want to have certain of like theme, like d5 decentralized finance, they’re, going to come to the moon, even mcdonald.

They are going to the project it’s going to it’s going to some part of the of the film is also going to defy decentralized finance as well. So everybody want to you know: uh get a high, i mean get a ride from this defined concept. Anyway, let me know what you think about all this. I would i would love to hear from you as well and uh, by the way, if you haven’t installed a web browser, you can check it out because it blocked the advertising and also you can survey the internet faster. If you’re interested you can um click. The link below and try the brave browser, so let me know what you think about all this uh it’s interesting to see how it plays out. You know everything is uh it’s not up to us it’s up to the way or how they want to play the game. Basically, because this is such a small market cap in terms of cryptocurrency, so they uh you don’t, need that big, huge amount of money to move the market. I mean you only need i mean if they have big whale, they can and also another thing there’s. Another factor is like the tether tether is a printing press version in the crypto market. They the exchange and also a whole bunch of other um uh yeah, the exchange.

They also pay a role how they want to manipulate the price of the market as well.

So comment below i’d love to hear from you and if you found this video interesting or helpful smash the like button subscribe to my channel. That will also help my ranking in youtube, and i will continue to con, provide quality video for you guys and remember, crypto, deep divers. We, the people, take control of our money, also share the video as well. Also, you can follow me on twitter, as well as my patreon, a lot of things. I cannot talk about in youtube anymore, because it’s, so time is so the nature of the subject is so sensitive. I can’t talk about those things anymore, so that’s. What i need to put in the patreon group, so, if you’re interested you can join the patreon group and um i’m, not your financial advisor investing in cryptocurrency commodity and stock market can has inheritance use of due diligence.