They say: there’s a fine line between genius and madness, and elon musk walks that line Laughter and thanks for not lighting this place on fire you’re welcome. He’S got a crazy, wacky and even hilarious side to himself, which is funny to watch, but as a shareholder. It can make you sweat, especially when he tweets the stock is too high or other unconventional tweets. Elon musk is a controversial character and many have speculated that he’s high in some of his interviews. In a recent interview for chinese investors, talking about artificial intelligence, elon musk looked a little different than normal. If, if you simply ran a true physics simulation of the universe, this obviously take a lot of compute but a true physics simulation of the universe. If you give it enough time, eventually, you will have sentience the proof of that is us um and, if you believe in in physics and the origins of the universe, uh we it started out, you know, as sort of you know, quarks and leptons, and it was Hydrogen for quite a while and then helium and lithium, and then there were supernovas, got the heavy elements formed and billions of years later, some of those heavy elements learned to talk and, and so we are essentially uh – evolved hydrogen. We are essentially evolved. Hydrogen. We are essentially uh evolved hydrogen if you just leave hydrogen out for a while it turns into us.

This is where this is.

I think people don’t quite appreciate this, so so you say like where, where does the specialness come in? Where does where does sentience come in like either the whole universe is sentient and special or nothing is or you know, look at this like it’s, like the you could say like at what at what point from hydrogen to us? Did it become sentient Applause? So what are your thoughts on elon musk? Do you think he is a genius or completely bonkers? Let me know in the comments below and i’ll join in the discussion.