He paints this vision of an unlimited future. I think they’re doomed, i’m skeptical private enterprise will not ever lead a space frontier tesla’s to sell, sell, sell you don’t want to own this stock. You don’t want to lease it. You don’t, even you, shouldn’t, even rent the door, it’s an overpriced car company and they have to become a car manufacturer and becoming a car manufacturer, is a lot more difficult than becoming a high tech, darling, nothing’s nothing’s working. This is an alligator the titanic. Taking on water after hitting the iceberg and then tying up to a freighter, that’s going down, you know there are american heroes who don’t like this idea. Neil armstrong, gene cernan have both testified against commercial space flight and the way that you’re developing it – and i wonder what you think of that – i was very sad to see that, because those guys are yeah, those guys are heroes of mine, so it’s really tough, most Difficult choices i ever faced in life was was in 2008, um and um. I think i had uh, like maybe 30 million dollars left 30 or 41 left in 2008. I had two choices. I could put it all into one company and then the other company would definitely die um or split it between the two companies. And but if i split it between two companies, then both might die.

And you know when you put your blood, sweat and tears into creating something you’re bullying, something it’s like a child and so it’s, like which one am i going to let one start to death.

I can bring myself to do it, so i i just put the money between the two. Fortunately, thank goodness they both came through young people globally want to be like elon musk. I think that probably they shouldn’t want to be you. I think it sounds better than it is: okay, um, yeah, it’s uh, not as much fun being me as you’d. Think i don’t know you don’t think so, yeah there’s. Definitely it could be worse for sure, but it’s um. I i i’m not sure i would i’m not sure i want to be me, okay, but you know i i think advice i mean if you want to make progress in things. I think that um, the best analytical framework for understanding the future is physics i’d recommend studying the uh the thinking process around physics like not just not the equations, i mean equations, certainly they’re helpful, but the the the way of thinking in physics is it’s. The best framework for understanding things that are counterintuitive, um and um, and you know always taking the position that you are some degree wrong and your goal is to be less wrong over time. Um one of the biggest mistakes people generally make and i’m guilty of it, too, is wishful thinking.

You know like you want something to be true, even if it isn’t true um, and so you ignore the things that uh. You ignore the real truth because of what you want to be true.

This is a very difficult trap to avoid and like i said, certainly one that i find myself in having problems with, but if you just take that approach of you’re always to some degree wrong and your goal is to be less wrong and and solicit critical feedback, Particularly from friends like friends, particularly friends, if somebody loves you, they want the best for you. They don’t want to tell you the bad things um, so you have to ask them.