You believe in yourself more and start your day with confidence so good morning. I believe in you and let’s do this over to you Elon Musk, that was very, very focused. I was reading all the time, so I see the reading working. My computer reading comics playing dungeon dragons. I kept thing. I hate hikers Guide to the galaxy that wonderful book by Douglas Adams. That was that there was a key book for you. What was it about that book that that fired your imagination, um yeah? So I guess when I was in around 12 or 13, I had company existential crisis and I was reading various books on trying to figure out the meaning of life and whoa like what does it all mean because it’s it so it’s seeming quite meaningless. And then my we happen to have like some books by Nietzsche and Schopenhauer in the house, which you should not read at age 14 is bad it’s, really negative yeah, so so, but but then I’ve been. I read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy.

It was like quite positive, I think, and and it sort of highlighted the important point, which is that a lot of times the question is harder than the answer and if you can properly phrase the question, then the answer is the easy part and so the. If to agree that we can better understand the universe, then we better know what questions to ask and then whatever the question is that most approximate is what’s, the meaning of life, and you know that that’s that’s the question we could ultimately get closer to understanding and So I thought well to the gree that we can expand the scope and scale of consciousness and, if in knowledge, get your knowledge, then that would be a good thing.

The fastest way to change your life is to be around the people who think like the way you want to think through videos, podcasts books, courses, mentorship events and so on, get obsessed with being surrounded by your heroes, and they will pull you into the world that You want to be living in otherwise you stay exactly where you are so I used to read a lot of books every day I used to read a lot a lot, a lot, because it was the only way to learn, because I realized that for me to Get from where was that to where I wanted to be it wasn’t to come from the people around me right now, my parents are, my heroes, are on the wall behind me here I’m.

You know eight or nine in that picture and they taught me how to be a human. They gave me values. Belief comes from them, but in terms of being an entrepreneur that’s, not their skillset it’s, not what they are. I don’t want to be an entrepreneur like my parents, because they aren’t great entrepreneurs, and so I recognize that for me to get to where I wan na be in entrepreneurship. I need to be surrounded by other people who are doing and thinking the things that I want to be doing. So I used to read a lot of books and I still have a habit of reading every day. I try to read 10 pages a day.

I’M. A slow reader, so I thought I’d share some of the books that I’m going through right now. So I just finished this one by Dean, grant COC underdog advantage I’m just about to start this one, and I have a so I’ll, read how many seven at a time, one two, three four, five, six, seven, seven at a time and basically one book. I pick up per week, so I’m gon na start reading this one tonight, hopefully it’s good Garin Jones, Russell Brunson Chris Guilbeau and you can see I kind of marked, but you can’t see. That was a bad example. Next get out of your own way. You can see here how? Oh you can’t see here anyway, it’s kind of like halfway through on this one, Robin Sharma.

Still, this is the key and, of course, guys hey. If you’re in reading books built to serve, you got to pick that one up, so I still read: write I’m still going through these, what 10 pages for the most part every day, but I get most of my learning through videos. I have dramatically switched my learning from books to videos and my youtube channel. I make selfish for myself. I love learning from all the people that are profile on all of my channels, because I need it for myself because they pull me up. Elon Musk is a fantastic example, because any time I think, like I’m thinking big any time, I feel, like I’m doing amazing things: I’m, unstoppable, I’m untouchable.

I go to someone like Elon, Musk and think man. This guy here is trying to have a back up plan for Humanity. In case we kill ourselves, we can all go to a different planet and then I realized man I’m, not thinking big at all I’m, just being the big fish in a small pond and I think that’s good. I think you need that. I think you have to be around people who are pulling you up to the world that you want to live in. You find people who are exactly doing the thing that you want to do and then be around them more and you’ll just naturally start to think. Like them act like them, have the mindset like them and move towards living in the world that they’re living in, and I think, it’s really important to hack how you learn so, for example, if reading what’s the only way to do it, I would read it’s right.

Come on this should be on top. There we go huh if reading was the only way to learn, then that’s. What would be doing that that’s? What I was doing when I started my career, you know 20 years ago I was only reading. I love videos more. So that’s how I hack in I listen to zero podcast auditory is the worst for me. For me, to learn from audio only is extremely difficult, it’s still doable, and it was the only way to learn.

Then I’d be I’d, be doing it 100 every single day but I’d be really focused. I’D have to really pay attention and stop and slow down and listen because auditories divorce for me, and so don’t judge yourself. If you don’t, learn really well in one way: I’m. Not actually a big proponent of reading I’m, a big opponent of learning – if you are slow reader don’t worry about reading, maybe audiobooks is the way to go. Maybe videos are the way to go. Maybe courses are mentorship or face to face is the way to go? Be obsessed with learning the obsessed with figuring out how to get from here to where you want into life and not the specific path of how to get there? Okay, so how do you do it? How do you find the people to help teach you from going from where you’re right now to where you want to be in life? I’Ve got a three step process I’m, going to walk you through, but before that.

If you want to learn to have unstoppable confidence and also learn from billionaires check out my 254 series they’re free, the link to join are in the description, but there are times when, if something is important enough, you believe in it enough that you do it. In spite of fear care, great product, let’s people buy it, and then they come over successful that that ended up being worse than if we designed a car from from the beginning.

Okay, how do we do it? How do we hack our learning style to learn from people who’ve done what we want to do and they will pull us from where we are now to where we want to go three steps: let’s go step. Number one is understand your who? What is your? Who, who I break it down and build to serve your who? Is your single most important core value? What is it mine is belief right? What is it for you, understanding? What your single most important value is gives you clarity gives you roadmap, gives you that compass to help you make better decisions for the rest of your life. If you constantly feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions, everybody wants you to do something and you’re not sure for yourself what you should be doing next it’s, because you don’t know what your who is it’s, one of the single greatest exercises you could Ever do as a human being figure out what your who is to give you that robe Mac of clarity or life step number two is identify which three people are living the best.

So if I look at believe who is living the best, who is doing the thing that I want to do and a lot of them are here on the wall right, I got Steve Jobs. I got my favorite entren of all time. Ap Giannini and I’ve got my parents, and even in here is a great model right.

My parents taught me to believe as a human. What is what is, what is believing as a human looked like AP Giannini brought that to entrepreneurship, and he bet on entrepreneurs when nobody else would would believe in entrepreneurs. He he’d lent money to hard working immigrant entrepreneurs based off of a handshake and a look in their eye. If you can imagine that – and he went on the found Bank of Italy which later became Bank of America and then Steve Jobs, talking about having a vision and believing in your ability to go, make a dent in universe right. These are three people, or in this case a you know, a couple where I want to emulate different pieces of and so identify for you who are three people who are living the life that you want to live, even if they’re not alive right. Thankfully, my parents are still here, but these two have long past that’s, okay, dead or alive, which are the three people who are thinking the way that you want and then set number three is: how can you be surrounded by them daily? How can you be around them every single day, because your environment right now is keeping you where you are your environment right now is not pulling you to the place that you need to be.

This is how insanely valuable strategy it is to help build you to the person that you need to be. You have to be around these people every single day, even if they passed on so I can be around Elon Musk, even though I’ve never met him.

I can be around Steve Jobs, even though I’m never going to meet him right same thing: AP Giannini. It can be around him he’s a little more difficult because there’s no content on him, that’s that’s in video form, which I love. So I am reading his book. I’Ve got his ebook that I’m reading, but I can be around him every single day. Think about your physical environment right. There they’re here on my wall I’m, consuming their videos, I’m reading their books slowly every day, their thoughts, their mindset, the way they think and process. The world is seeping into me to make me stretch and grow and get slowly to where I want to be, because again, your environment is just keeping you where you are right. Now all the people that you’ve been around all the books and media that you’re consuming all of it is keeping you where you’re right now and this channel is help. When you put a little bit forward and start taking inventory of the things that are actually pulling. You forward that when you finish watching a finish reading there finish hanging out with that person, it makes you want to be better.

It makes you want to do more. It makes you want to strive for a greater life than what you’ve got right now and then incorporate that every single day into your life, your life will change. Your life will change. You can’t help it if you’re around Elon must content every single day.

If he’s, one of your heroes and you’re around Ilan must content every single day your life will change. You’Ll start to think bigger. You start to believe in yourself more, and so you figure out one. What your, who is your single most important core value, believe what’s yours, the interesting built to serve number two identify who the three people are, who are living it or who have lived it that are alive and then number three is. How can you be around those people daily daily daily daily, so that mindset starts the ship and seep inside you to help? You live your best life now I’ve got a really special bonus cup that I think you’re gon na enjoy. But before that question of the day I want to know who is one person that you are now gon na commit to spending more time being around dead or alive, online or offline? Let me know who that person is put it down the comments below and if you made it this far in the video you’re still here watching, I want to celebrate you believe nation. We don’t just watch videos. We do something about it.

If that’s you, if you commit to watch this video and then taking immediate action, give me a hashtag believe down in the comments and also tell me where you’re from I want to celebrate you. We gather information from other people’s life experiences in a very unique way and it’s one of the reasons why people really enjoy autobiographies it’s.

One of the reasons why people really enjoy truly reflective, introspective thinking, because we we can pick out little gems in our self. So, even though you might be talking in your meditation book about things that other people have talked about in meditation books, you’re talking about it from your unique personal experience right and when someone reads that or hears you say it, you get something intangible out of it.