Tesla is plowing forward seriously and the stock today is reacting accordingly. You know we are looking at the stock right now it is up so far, and this is pretty early on in the morning. I do want to say um by you know a couple of percentage points, it’s moving pretty nicely and really that’s, not a big surprise. When we looked at the uh, you know earnings call from last night. It honestly uh really exceeded my expectations. You know i was expecting to see great things, but i am very impressed with how tesla is working right now. Okay – and i want to go and talk about that in this video, because there are a number of things – i want to go ahead and address i’m going to go ahead and kind of break down for all of you, guys, um and really. I think that this very clearly shows that when you have a company that’s, new and that’s different, you know and is commonly ridiculed for doing things differently, or you know trying to break into a very standardized market, because i think we can all agree that the automotive Space is extremely standardized, or it has been for quite a long time. Why? If you have innovative principles and if you’re really willing to push for a certain idea or a certain product, you can make a massive difference. You can greatly greatly change how a market works.

Okay, i think tesla right now, uh, you know really is exhibiting that it’s it’s shifting from very much a disruptive technology company.

You know a company that breaks into various markets and really causes different automakers to kind of reconsider. What they’re doing and it’s really proving to be a world changing company it’s more than just an automotive company? Okay, it absolutely absolutely is and tesla right now. I think what’s really fascinating about the stock. Here is it’s not even really reflective of what we’re gon na see in a couple of months with battery day, with a lot of other exciting events that are coming up. You know we have a lot of cool stuff coming to us from tesla. We’Ve got the cyber truck uh we’ve got different gigafactories going up and, of course, we know now that the the next gigafactory will in fact be in austin and i’ll, be talking about that. A little later on today, i’m – not going to address that in this video. But right now, tesla’s stock is moving because tesla is doing a great job as a company, okay, they’re, really proving that they are a sustainable business, that they can make a huge difference, moving forward and that’s massive. That is absolutely incredible. So, anyway, guys. I also want to say, as always, drop a like if you like it subscribe to become abroad. Today, all my bras go ahead represent show this video some love share with your friends, all that good stuff and uh.

You know why is this so amazing? Why does this result for the quarter really matter so much, because i think it really confirms that tesla is a strong company in case we had in case we didn’t know that before you know, but it really shows that tesla, especially for a lot of the critics, You know it’s here to stay.

It is a company that’s, making a huge difference. Uh and it’s really interesting that i think it’s taken uh some serious wall street results for some people to take tesla seriously. But now you know we are seeing some serious change and that is absolutely amazing. So, first of all i want to go and say you know like i brought up previously and, like i kind of touched on already um. This is absolutely huge because really what i think this shows what the stock uh results really show and for today the stock is moving by a pretty good margin. I do want to make note of that as well. It is very uh early on in the trading day also, but still we’re still seeing a lot of momentum. This is simply a result of tesla operating as a good company. Okay, this stock earnings, a sort of call isn’t a result of tesla uh. You know experimenting or making new technology this isn’t related to battery day or what’s coming in the future, and i think that that is part of what makes it so exceptional.

This is based on tesla’s core value, as a company it’s not based on anything extra. Anything really speculative, it is inherently speculative because it is a stock market. I do want to go ahead and say that, but all things considered, this is a representation of how tesla is doing right now: okay, how tesla is delivering how hard they’re pushing and what a difference they’re making um and a lot of what really shone through.

You know this earnings column. What really matters here at the stock right now is how well tesla did in china and in the asian market overall and that’s incredibly important to understand. A lot of people have been saying for quite a long time that you know when the mainstream automotive manufacturers get tired of tesla they’ll, put a stop to it. You know they’ll move through they’ll, make sure it’s not profitable, et cetera et and honestly, if that’s their plan it’s not going very well. Okay, tesla is really pushing back and uh. I think, for a long time, people have been using that as an excuse. You know that sort of mentality of you know tesla is a novel thing. Tesla is going to be around for a handful of years and then it’s going to disappear. People have been saying that for a long time, because some people don’t necessarily want the automotive space to change. Okay, some people are comfortable with how it already is and with expecting you know, certain results from certain companies moving forward and they don’t want to experience that change, but tesla is illustrating now that, as it breaks out into other markets, that change is inevitable.

That change is something that’s gon na happen, eventually um and you know, for a long time. Tesla was really concentrated on the north american market, and they still very much are you know, that’s, where a lot of their base of operation really is that’s, where a lot of the factories are right now and that’s, where another factory will appear relatively soon, which is Worth noting, definitely in austin texas, so that’s cool as well uh – and you know what really this represents for tesla – why this earnings go, i think, is so important.

Is it shows that moving forward tesla is becoming a truly global company and they’re able to operate in all sorts of different areas, primarily because the gigafactory model works so well, you know, would tesla be able to expand into the chinese market and deliver thousands of vehicles If they did not have a good center of production there, no, they would not that’s just not something that they’d realistically be able to do and that’s why this model is brilliant. Okay, because tesla builds a gigafactory in a set location, they establish the market there and they start to kind of roll out. They move out, they expand to areas surrounding the factory and it works incredibly incredibly well, it is a brilliant strategy and it has proven itself now. You know over a long term basis, which is fantastic, and this is something that tesla really specializes in and not something that you see so much from other companies.

Okay, a lot of other companies tend to have a very centralized approach when it comes to this manufacturing. They build everything in one location: they ship it out across the world and that works fine, but it’s, nowhere as efficient. This is tesla’s long term plan, building out a serious infrastructure that can really change the world. Okay, that can change everything that we understand about the automotive space, and that is incredibly, incredibly impressive, it’s very effective. It works incredibly well and that’s, not a coincidence. That is not something that you know was happenstance or just just happened to come along.

This is something that tesla’s been planning for for a long time. Okay and further, you know along those lines. Not only are we seeing that now and seeing it really reflected in the stock’s valuation and the evaluation of tesla as a company, but that distribution of the gigafactories and of that infrastructure makes a ton of sense. For other reasons, too, you know gigafactories can produce power. They can provide tons of jobs, they provide tesla with tax breaks. All of those things are really part of the overarching plan for tesla to be able to really wedge themselves in the market. You know and compete incredibly incredibly effectively. Okay: this is a very new, very innovative model, and it works incredibly incredibly well and i think what it shows even more so um and something that i’m of course really happy about too is this is proving that evs are becoming very mainstream, that electric vehicles are Not just reserved for the wealthy they’re, not just reserved for people that can buy a 150 000 vehicle because now it’s inarguable, that tesla is greatly expanding.

Their lineup they’re building a lot of different vehicles that are priced really across the board and it shows evs are here to stay. They’Re gon na make a difference, and you know they they have a strong representation. Okay, evs in the past have primarily been uh mainstream automotive companies, making a couple of evs mainly to satisfy requirements and tesla is turning that on its head, they’re.

Taking that they’re going we’re not going to have that we’re going to make me we’re, you know we’re going to make evs a mainstay a staple in the market, and that is exactly exactly what they’re doing and more so with that um, something that i definitely want To make note of as well is this is the fourth quarter for tesla in which they’ve actually had you know, profitability, okay, and that makes a huge difference for the the s p 500 consideration as well. Okay, the s p 500, of course, is something that tesla has been eyeballing for quite a while and essentially to enter into the s, p, 500 or or other uh standard indices. You need to basically prove that you are profitable over a certain number of quarters, which is four and then you you need to have a most recent profitable quarter as well um, and you know moving into that criteria. Meeting all of those things and being able to move into the space of the s p. 500. That is a huge deal for teslas and, by extension, you know.

Uh, clean energy, renewable technology and vehicles that are powered by electricity that’s, a massive move in the right direction: okay, tesla being considered for the s p 500 – is absolutely gigantic. It has far uh. You know wider, reaching implications than simply boosting the value of tesla’s stock. Uh because we’ve got to remember at the end of the day, that is a byproduct of all this innovation.

You know it’s a good thing if a tesla, if a tesla apartment, if a company is able to be represented in the stock market and have really good results and really show us yeah. You know this is a new emerging company, that’s, really strong. They deserve to be here, that’s, fantastic, but even more so it really shows that the long term goal for tesla is something that’s very much being met and elon musk’s mission from the beginning was really to make mass market vehicles affordable. You know make mass market evs an affordable thing to provide clean energy and make the earth a better place to live, make the earth better for humanity and that’s not only admirable but apparently it’s effective. Okay. Apparently it is an effective and worthwhile business model. Um. You know a lot of people would look at that and they’d scoff they’d go okay, well that’s nice, but that’s, some some hippie stuff. You know i don’t care about that and honestly, we need to. We need to care about that, because that business model of sustainability uh is really proving to be very effective.

Okay for the long term basis for tesla, you know we’re seeing a lot of growth potential. You know with the stock, but also with the company on the whole, okay, providing technology that is renewable, providing you know, various sources of clean energy vehicles that don’t emit anything vehicles that are clean and last a long time because that’s another point as well: okay, um! You know that i seriously respect for tesla is how long the vehicles last and how uh really low waste they they honestly are and moving away from cobalt batteries is making that even more so and really this is a self sustaining machine.

Okay, elon musk has commonly uh touted that the the gigafactories are the machine that builds the machine and really uh. Tesla is the machine that sort of builds and fulfills the dream. Okay, the dream of clean energy, the dream of making the earth a better place as tesla grows as a company as they gain more value as they propel this entire industry forward. They are sort of able to revitalize themselves as a company as well they’re able to push forward with a lot of new technology. They have funding, they have. You know, and i should say public funding. You know from the stock market um, but really it allows them to strengthen their core positions as well. Okay, it’s, basically uh, really something that that is sustaining. Okay, essentially, their technology uh grows over time. They become more efficient, more effective, and we know that each gigafactory, uh gigafactory, not giga victory, is – is easier to build than the last okay, and that is tesla learning from everything they’ve done in learning to be a more sustainable, more well equipped company for the future And i really wish that we saw more companies like this.

I really wish that we saw more companies taking the initiative to make the world a better place to move forward and say: yes, you know the the world has problems. The world needs more clean energy and actually addressing that. Okay, because tesla doing this, this isn’t a hollow thing.

This isn’t just tesla uh, you know striving for some arbitrary gold. This is something that is measurable and i find to be a very worthwhile endeavor. I absolutely think the tesla is doing the right thing and they’re really pushing forward. Okay, tesla is proving to be a fantastic representation of what can really come from an innovative company, absolutely okay. They are showing us that innovation is not only worthwhile, not only a good idea for the sake of humanity, but that it also can be a you know, an absolutely lucrative venture, i mean elon musk. Now is one of the wealthiest guys on the planet. I think he’s fifth or fourth wealthiest, something along those lines. I’D have to recheck and kind of you know make sure, but he he right now is extremely wealthy and a lot of what he is planning on doing with his private wealth is colonizing mars. Okay, so once again thinking longer term he’s thinking. Yes, i have all this money. Yes, i’ve got a lot of tesla stock, but i’m gon na do something with it. I’M gon na do something worthwhile. Okay and a lot of people are critical of that, because they’re looking at his wealth and they’re going okay.

Well, how is that helping humanity? You know, and we can see that reflected in a lot of his companies in a lot of his ventures. You know he’s actively working to make sure that ai is not harmful.

He’S cutting down emissions, he’s, delivering clean vehicles uh all over the world, which is fantastic, uh he’s, reducing waste from factories, which is another good point, and furthermore, he’s working on a lot of space. Faring technology, you know we’re looking now at the super heavy rocket from spacex with the starship that is being refined, that is being adjusted and they’re, making some key changes. Why? For sustainability for effectiveness, you know spacex as another example: they’re, not making rockets that launch off and then are lost forever they’re making rockets that can be reused, they’re, making things that can be long term. Okay and that long term sort of sustainability is exactly what we need to start thinking about. Okay, as a species, we’ve got to consider that we need to be focused more on long term on making things last. You know when i was a kid even it’s going to make me seem old, but when i was a kid i felt, like things honestly were built better. They were built to last. They were built stronger and i think that we’ve gradually shifted away from that. And now tesla, i think, really represents a move back toward that same sort of standard, okay, building something that’s, better, building something that’s, longer lasting and building something that can make a difference.

Okay. So, anyway, i want to go ahead and say that bit of a rant on my behalf, i will go ahead and admit that, but i felt like i want to address this.

I honestly uh, you know i i wasn’t surprised by the earnings call, but at the same time i think it really does show um that you know honestly. Tesla is very much looking towards sustainability from not only the business side of things which is excellent. You know, of course, but also for the long term perspective, of really making a difference. Okay, and i think that that honestly is admirable so anyway, guys. Let me know what you think about this in the comments below. Thank you for watching, keep right here at tas library. Let me know what your thoughts are and you know subscribe to stay stay tuned for tesla news, tesla, fun, tesla opinions and all that good stuff. I did want to go ahead and record this video for you guys before uh. You know we got too much farther into the day so anyway.