Okay, so this lesson says uh where he was born his originality and everything. So he was south african and he has a long history in africa that many people are that many people don’t talk about so he’s. Here he was from a well reputed family. His life was fantastic until his parents divorced and he became awful. So he decided to go to silicon valley where his great uncle lived, but when he went there he uh he realized that his hunger was not even there. So without any money left, he decided to start a business for his own good. So he started a business with some colleagues and he named the company zip2. So basically, this is sort of like a search engine for newspaper makers and stuff and their business took off after some time and it becomes successful and he was able to make some money for his escape. And so, finally, after he made some money, he got out of his financial pick, and so he decided to invest something else. So he got a bunch of good friends and they decided to make an online banking solution.

Okay, guys, you might, you might know what i’m talking about okay, so he finally named his company paypal after one of his friends and the place where he started his business pay and pal right it’s, not like uh it’s, a pal for paying not not like that. In case you didn’t know that was awesome, okay and then finally uh the government sued against the test uh this company saying that it is some sort of legal uh violation, but when elon filed it against him, he elon won the judgment.

So he got out of that too. It was the biggest risk he ever took for his company, but he don’t want so elon got a lot of money. He made millions and millions from tens of millions to hundreds of millions. He got so rich that he bought one of the 62 mclarens in the world and he showed it off in front of everyone, but that was awesome. Then he thought of going to space. Everyone loves going space right so does elon musk. He was no exception. He was a great scientist too, as an entrepreneur like an entrepreneur, he knew many things about science, how automobiles worked and stuff, so he decided to bring begin this legendary company spacex. So one of his aims was to go to mars. We do all know that the first moon travel was in the 19th right uh. Neil armstrong was the first person to step on the moon right, so elon wanted.

We wanted to be the first person to step on mars and he is currently working on it right now, and so he decided to spend my space and sample. He took many years for this to invest on it because it was an expensive project. And finally, when it was the right time to do it, he failed because one of the bolt nuts that was carrying the fuel exploded, that was a tragedy so um that was so tragic that elon almost gave up, but he never gave up.

That was. That is what i like about him most. He didn’t give up and he decided to invest in again and so he invested and invested until in 2007. He launched – and it was successful. Elon got a lot of money from this and he finally decided to start another company. You guys are gon na, have a shock. Okay, so, like i said, elon was into automobiles right, so he decided to make an automobile company which we all today know as tesla motors, but this company has behind the scene, has a bit of the bts behind the scenes. It was not as successful as it as it is today. First, this company started working on a car named roadster, but this car had a lot of failures. It heated up too fast. It is, it was too fragile. It could only carry two persons, so that idea failed and elon lost millions, so he decided to reinvest again.

This was the second third discovery slap, i guess and he risked and he won again this time he made a car named model as seed this time. It was awesome, it drove by itself. It was completely automatic here. We could drive it, but it can be controlled by mobile phones. That was really good. Okay and the best thing is it doesn’t use petroleum. We know it right. Electric cars don’t use petroleum, as this name suggests it uses electricity. So this car became a great success and this is one of his biggest assets for today and so uh.

Now here there he is one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world with a network of 60 to 61 billion or something u.s dollars, that’s a lot. If you ask me and he’s still working on colonizing on mars, he’s such a great man who never gave up, even though the odds was unlimited, so if there’s one thing to learn from him is that don’t give up and the biggest risk in life is not Taking any risks so guys, if you find anything helpful in this video, be sure to share this video to your loved ones and comment.