A german organization won a lawsuit against tesla. The organization states tesla misinformed its clients by calling its second level autonomous driving system and autopilot, and by talking about reaching the fifth level by the end of the year, the organization’s attorney added that the fifth level of autonomy is neither technically ready nor legally allowed it’s. Still not clear how this will affect tesla. Speaking of germany, elon musk showed a new gigafactory berlin render. You can see lots of solar panels on the roof, as well as a pool advanced floor and many tesla semi elon also hasn’t abandoned his plans on building a rave cave at the factory. According to the rumors japanese media found out about tesla’s plans to build a new gig factory in asia. They say japan and south korea are the strongest contenders. At the same time, chinese media is talking about this second chinese factory, because tesla representatives met with the representatives of the qing king area. The company says plain met to talk about prospective partnership, which can mean anything, including new service. Centers tesla is planning to expand its service coverage and is looking for locations in different countries. Gigafactory in nevada was in a show called super factories. It’S been a while, since we saw it from the inside. The thing is, panasonic denies producing 13 million batteries per day, as stated in the show.

The freeman factory, on the other hand, will go in a break by the end of this month to launch a new production line and do work on the existing production lines.

Speaking of model 3, a model 3 owner shared a video where his bumper broke off because of the rain. Two years ago, tesla had this exact same problem, but didn’t publish the results of the investigation, their good news as well. A model 3 helped the porsche owner. His carrera 2, which can be quite expensive depending on its condition, got stolen. In spain there was a model 3 parked nearby and the owner shared the sentry mode footage. It went viral and the car was soon found left on the street. No one would leave a car like that, and the owner is sure that it was because of the footage model y is now available for lease. In order to get the car, you should pay. 4. 500 monthly pay is 4.99 for three years. The new tesla car also went off on an exciting journey to new zealand for winter tests about tesla energy tesla dropped prices for the basic solar panel system. Now a four kilowatt system cost eighty two hundred dollars or six thousand dollars after tax credits it’s two thousand dollars less than before, but all other systems are more expensive. Now, a medium sized system costs four hundred dollars. More. A large system got an eleven hundred dollar price increase and extra large now costs 2800 more than it used to.

At the same time, tesla updated its referral award now. People who recommend buying a solar panel to their friends get four hundred dollars and a power wall for 10 friends, a friend gets hundred dollars about boring company.

We didn’t know what the boring company planned to use for moving people inside the tunnels. Before initially they talked about pods, then there have been rumors about tesla cars created, especially for the loop system. Now the company updated an faq section on their website and it seems the boring company will use model s 3 and x to carry passengers. Will they only use teslas in las vegas and will they be self driven? What do you think share that in the comments below while i talk about neuralink elon musk asks those who solve hard problems with phones and wearables like ceiling signal processing, inductive charging and power management to consider working at neuralink? Send your resumes to engineering at neuralink.com and don’t tell me i never did anything for you about spacex, spacex terminal images were found in the starlink website code. A group of enthusiasts also found in faq an empty pdf file with the installation instruction and terms of service. Better users will pay one dollar per month to test spacex billing system. First potential users have already received an email requesting to send the company their address. People cannot say anything about testing to anyone outside their family, but right after that, a spacex lead manufacturing, engineer, jessica anderson did an unboxing of the terminal in her instagram stories looks cool right.

Meanwhile, nasa’s administrator, jim bridenstine says crew. Dragon’S departure from iss is targeted for august the 1st. If the weather is good, bob and doug will be home on the 2nd of august.

During the mission, the astronauts were doing routine work for iss and bob benkin went outside two times together with chris cassidy. They replaced an old nickel hydrogen batteries with lithium ion ones. Seven out of eight units were replaced and should last, at least by the end of the decade, by the way, chris cassidy shared rare footage of crew dragon’s arrival to the iss it’s awesome to hear stuff like what’s up big dogs. From someone doing this important job. What’S up big dogs, how you say: youtube in december space flight inc will launch an orbital transfer vehicle sherpa fx on falcon 9.. It will send a lot of payload to orbit stuff from 16 organizations, including one offering space burial by the way. Would you do this? This will be a demonstration mission since spaceflight wants to be sure the orbital transfer vehicle can deploy as much payload at once as possible, but december is far and an asus2 mission was launched just two days ago. A south korean military satellite we’ve told you about was finally sent to the orbit. The first stage landed on just read the instructions platform and both varying halves were caught by spacex ships, great job about elon musk. This week, elon musk’s twitter account got hacked by crypto hackers he’s, not the only one even bill gates was hacked and offered cryptocurrency a game.

Designer hideo kojima told about his plans to visit spacex and meet elon musk. Of course, elon said: kojima’s welcome anytime too many geniuses per square meter.