He is not a perfect ceo. His companies aren’t perfect. My wife is a tesla owner and everybody on the street expects us to to defend tesla as the best car ever that’s, not i’m, not one of those people i’m, not saying people like that. Don’T exist because they do it’s just i’m, not one of those people, but i always enjoy. When elon gets a little trouble, he gets a little bored. He likes to kick up the hornet’s nest in a time in which i’m strongly considering shutting down my my twitter account. I continually get more and more reasons why i should now last night he had tweeted. I bet no one on rose twitter even has a guillotine. Posers uh now the rose thing is something you’ll often see in a twitter bio. For you know, people who consider themselves, i don’t know i. I know people follow me, have roses in their title or their names and they seem totally normal, but also there’s. A lot of people that have them in there that are basically communists and that’s. I think what he’s referring to here and then he gives a rose twitter sucks. Then he gives a pronoun suck now pronoun suck got him uh a slap on the wrist from the old wifey, but the responses in here are hilarious. I bet no one on rose twitter even has a guillotine. You got cernovich in here they are just cloud chasing.

I personally don’t want you guillotine.

I just want companies to be owned and operated by the workers instead of a plutocrat billionaire like yourself, yeah i’m. Sorry these companies wouldn’t exist, if not for elon musk workers create the value and profit billionaires steal it yeah, except those workers, wouldn’t have a job. If not, for somebody like elon musk call me twitter is one of the dumbest spots you could ever be, and my interactions with them continually leave me losing significant faith in humanity. I’M, not saying that all people on left wing twitter are communists or all people on left wing twitter are crazy. I’M. Just saying more often than not, my interactions with them are as such, uh and then you have uh the other. You know that’s not even too bad. You know, then he goes comedy twitter sucks. I bet. No one even has a a guillotine much better than facebook, though slow drags on cigarette facebook. Haven’T heard that name in years. Oh, my god. How could you not love elon? How could you not – and you have why can’t you tell socialist a joke, because no one will ever get it. I love it. I love it, you know, and then you have rose twitter coming in calculus are living rent free in your head and i love it really rent free, i don’t think so and then, when he, when he really wanted to to kick up the waff’s nest he gives It a pronouns suck now in general uh.

This tweet, i mean hey, i mean he didn’t say what pronouns he didn’t say. You know in particular a particular pronoun, but you know you get you. You are stupid, uh, elon, age, five tipping over a glass of water, so someone will look at him. Ah – and you have dolan dark coming in here. So does child labor uh i’m, not sure that there’s been any kind of uh pushback from i didn’t? I haven’t heard of any kind of claims with tesla or spacex having child labor is that i don’t know uh close your mouth. A whole lot of nonsense is spilling out of it. It’S all hilarious to me, um so much so that uh grimes his wife, uh or baby mama i’m, not entirely sure if they’re married uh tweeted at him to say i love you, but please turn off your phone and give me a i assume call. I cannot support hate. Please stop this. I know it’s, not in your heart he’s just trolling. I mean it’s clear to me that he’s just trolling but that’s not how people react on twitter. People react on twitter uh as if everything is a hundred percent. You know accurate and um, and and and and not in just and and mean spirited man i’m talking myself right, i’m talking myself into it right now, hey by the way the quartering has a discord. I would like you to join it. I would like to talk to you on discord.

Discord, i believe, is going to be my new place of talking to viewers um more frequently, as i have uninstalled the bird app from my phone and um and get close to just leaving it all together, which i may do i’m literally talking myself into it. In real time, i also have a live: i’ll be live streaming later tonight. I hope to see you there. Um, probably like i don’t, know five or six o’clock central time um but yeah join the discord. I’Ll leave the link in the description below uh and the pinned comment down below hop in there there’s several hundred people in there, but i’ve, basically kind of left. It abandoned uh, and i promise to correct that. But looking at this article, refrying refi on refinery target all right says: grimes chastises, her boyfriend, okay, they’re, not married elon musk over his hate tweet award winning musician grimes publicly asked her partner, elon musk to switch off his phone last night after he posted a tweet That could easily be dis conscrewed as phobic musk. A highly successful tech entrepreneur who serves as ceo of several companies, including tesla first tweeted, a red rose, emoji and the words twitter sucks. According to mashable, the red rose emoji on twitter often denotes a reference to the left wing political part, the uh party, the democratic socialists of america, okay, so it is communist twitter, Laughter as they were outraged from their 800 iphones built by children in china, uh musk49.

Then tweeted pronouns suck, which many followers interpreted as phobic uh, they weren’t his followers if they interpreted that. As that, i can guarantee you that um uh so it’s a it’s, a rejection of gender, neutral pronouns used by many gender non conforming and trans people – and i know since this video is a spicy topic. It will whip up that side of twitter and say that i’m transphobic and let me be very clear and as anybody who watches my videos knows, i support the trans community. I support you being trans. I support you living your best life, no matter what that means. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else or infringe on anyone, else’s rights, then more power to you, like, i couldn’t be more clear that i don’t care. If you want to say you’re an androgynous tree person seriously, do it now that doesn’t mean i might. I might not poke fun at you, but i would never want to stop anyone from doing that. I would never discourage someone from being happy uh. My issue is had has only ever been with compelled speech. Um many of my followers on twitter. I see their pronouns in the bio thing and it used to be a lazy joke. I used to make back in the day like i have pronouns in the bio i don’t even do that anymore. I don’t care, i literally don’t care uh. My only interest is is, if you try to compel me to use them in some legal way that i won’t do uh.

If you’re my friend and i know you, i use your whatever you want. If i know you but uh, when you start getting into legal, you know issues like that. Then i have a problem that’s it. So you know what be you tree people. I appreciate you uh and i hope you’re not part of the 40 of my viewers that are not currently subscribed to the channel. I hope today will be the day that i earn your subscription there’s a little red button down below it says subscribe. Please consider clicking it um, it helps new people find the channel it helps. You know, make makes it easier for you to find my videos and just it’s a win win. So please consider it. Others pointed out that, if must tweet was supposed to be phobic, it actually failed to make sense as people of all gender identities use pronouns, whether that’s he him she her or they them uh. So you see this is just elon musk being phobic and has no concept of what pronouns are um. Okay, oh wow, elon musk transphobic in a tweet that’s since been deleted. Only after being widely screen, grabbed grimes replied to her partner. I love you, but please turn off your phone. Please give me a we can assume she means call. I cannot support this hate. Please stop this. I know this is not in your heart grimes, whose real name is claire, boucher boucher is understood to have been dating.

Musk since 2018., when the pair uh became a friendly through twitter, grimes announced in february that the couples were expecting their first child and explained why they would not be sharing the baby’s gender saying i feel like their privacy should be protected. However, musk confirmed in may that they had welcomed a baby boy and then grimes shared a very unusual name. Yeah. The name was some symbols or something like that. Um look. I think it’s it’s funny uh to watch people just get totally bent out of shape over this stuff uh. The reaction to it, though, is just more indicative of just how much of a cesspool twitter is.