Now, since that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the news now, elon musk’s boring company has confirmed the use of tesla model x model s and the model 3 in its upcoming new loop. Now, with several projects um actually getting closer to reality, the boring company’s vision is starting to become more and more clearer. Now, elon musk has admitted that he started the company as a joke before it actually became serious and secured some major transportation projects. Now the goal actually was always to build tunnels, but the boring company changed its strategy a few times when it comes to the transportation system inside the tunnels. Now, with the las vegas conventional center loop on track to be which is on track to be completed in the next few months, the boring company has been releasing more details about what it has been calling a loop. Now the goal has been to use electric vehicles with autonomous capabilities, enabling them to travel fast inside the narrow tunnels and for the las vegas project. It was already confirmed that they would use tesla vehicles but uh, but actually they never confirmed which ones or even if they would be existing tesla vehicles or they are building a new vehicle, especially for that purpose.

Now the boring company has updated its uh faq section on its website and released about information about the vehicles. It plans to use in its loop now and what it says is that the loop is an all electric zero emissions, high speed underground public transportation system in which passengers are transported via compatible autonomous electric vehicles at up to fire at up to 150 miles per hour.

Through main artery tunnels between stations and the aevs are tesla vehicles, which are the model s model 3 and model x that operate autonomously within the loop system. Now from that writings in the faq section, the startup has also released several new concept. Images of actually three different boring company station designs, surface stations, subsurface stations and even the subsurface open air stations. Now considering these concept, images and the references to model s 3 and x are coming just as the company is working to complete the las vegas project. It’S likely going to be the system they plan to develop for this project. Now the boring company is planning to complete the project by the end of the this year. The 2020. now we’re actually happy and glad that there’s actually images of a full station now and concerning the tesla vehicles to be used. I think that was actually expected from the project. I don’t think any other cars would have been used in the project rather than tesla vehicles. Uh, a more exotic uh take on it would have uh would have been the boring company to inquire for tesla to create a new vehicle, specifically special for the loop tunnels, but um using the the already existing tesla vehicles is, i think, is a more it’s.

A much better um option to take so yeah.