My personal favorite overlord right here you know, really love his style, always drunk always high, always saying stuff, a real overlord, bad boy. If you elon musk is like decidedly extraordinarily cringe, but at least he’s like totally unhinged and crashes, the stock price of his own company over and over and over and tweets, while on acid, about designing tesla booty shorts has a kid. The names name names variables and equations neuralink has described its own ship called the n1, which is surgically implanted into the brain. Using a robot incision, the n1 will be a will say the n word directly into your brain without having 300 000 like frames per second. I love how we actually are in a dystopian bad future, like we really made it to like terminator type. You ever seen that vhs movie remember you got like a cybernetic eye and then he starts seeing dead people and ghosts. That’S what’s going to happen so don’t get the eye. Man just go blind. I need to at least be on the waiting list for and they drop that cybernetic dig like cybernetic dick version 1.0. I have a reservation. I’Ve reserved this six months in advance. To please relinquish the cybernetic genius erection has failed to load, please clear 279 terabytes from my internal memory to maintain an erection. If you would like to remain hard for more than five minutes at a time, police purchased the premium cybernetic penis subscription.

You have now downloaded the camouflage for penis.

You may enhance the colors and the radiance of them with 20, more god, he’s v bucks sleep. Why is he so double cheeked up, though it’s a fusion wrap between corporate overlord freestyle and brain implant? Free implant, all right? So here’s the intro, and then this comes in mark cuban, yes, Music, suck both pushing cyber trucks, microwave interferes, Music Applause think it might be over turn it up. Let’S get some turn it ups in the chat turn that thumb up let’s go Music Applause yeah. He is pinky, i am brain. Overlord is the thing we want must versus suck both pushing cyber trucks with the implant in his brain. Then you two starts playing billionaire in the streets zuckerberg in the geeks i’m, an overlord thick, going overboard, quick. I want all your bitcoin files on your brain shit. Voices in my mind. Advertising me new socks, burger king know the supersize when i pulled up microwave interference hit. My brain was listening to wayne, but it sound like ray charles who the fuck is that george? What the fuck is, this download my whole web file on a disc imma, take a piss and they won’t even notice. My dj, like flying lotus, yeah and i’m about to call an executive order to not let anybody else across or the robot voice. Let’S go over. Lord Music Applause shirt i’m just trying to get the best work; i’m talking trump basils, all big overlords, rock and g fazo cuban roger stone.

You know what’s happening as soon as we acquire homes, yeah, you’re, working overtime, bitch, you ain’t, never getting off, and i don’t give a fuck. If you sneeze or cough ain’t, no days off it’s overlord in the traffic jam, they want to know how he rap a scam and as soon as i get the new shipment of chips, they going inside of your brand. Looking over. My shoulder think it might be over overlord shipping chips on the border shipping brain trips right over the border Music. Looking over my shoulder thinking, Music wow it’s a hit no days off, i don’t care. You must work. What do you say man? Should we just fucking whiplash aggressively to the point which there’s internal hemorrhaging and bleeding to an article so confusing and frightening that people may log out of the mystery school stream yeah some ticks pee all over themselves, while they suck blood they’re like oh, you thought we Fucking sucked what if i told you that we piss all over ourselves while biting you and we’re pissing into your bloodstream, because we’re biting you an exposed wound, an exposed wound is being bitten, so i’m pissing inside of that, while i’m sucking that blood and i’m mixing The piss in the blood together and just rub it all over myself in, like a blood orgy stuff. These little weird fears man in a blow to the steriling reputation of the tick new research suggests. Parasites keep cool by pissing on themselves, yo ticks all my homies hate ticks the kenya mott had a very crazy story about it.

No, i had a tick on my shmi when i was a kid and i left it there for a few hours, because i thought it was puberty related. Then my ultimate gwyneth paltrow reveals goops knew this smells like my orgasm candle shut, the fuck up man i’m. So sick of old, celebrity freaky ass lady selling pussy, since what the fuck is the demographic on these probably very, very dangerously horny super fans – i want one but just for science should i should i order this right now: yeah it’s, a worthy investment. Can you understand the chat while i fill this out? Hey, kids, what do you think about stuff hold on? I know you like this. Okay, there we go hey baby. You know wait till the accountant hears about this it’s like i got a 75 charge from you guys on wednesday or tuesday. You guys bought a vagina candle or something all right chat. Um we have secured the gwen paul, show vagina. Candle twitch fan spends over twenty thousand dollars usd of parents. Money on streamers, the streamers are said to include an nfl player and an nba player, as well as three other super famous personalities on the platform he didn’t even give it to smalls rich people, money yo. Thank you for the five thousand dollars now shut the fuck up and let me play nba i’m gon na need the local school bully to step up and do his job here man.

They said they got no response from amazon’s legal department, so they were like they got shit to do with us. Baby sorry hold that l, my bad baby shit uh. He should have had your son on the leash. He should have been uh watching his activities as he’s on the internet. You should have been keeping watch – oh, my god. Corruption with 30 bucks subsidizing that coochie candle. I i detected into bergamot that’s my pepperoni smell salami two men take guns tools and a nap during brigham city, burglary, ain’t, nothing like a mid afternoon nap after you just completed your first b e don’t. Forget the thomas, the train engine anniversary kit on the floor. Bro we need this. I do imagine that they took a nap like cuddling. Oh no, you’re, tired. I just played with that thomas the train engine kit for 45 minutes i’m booming. We got 10 guns to move man i’m, feeling tired. I want to uh just just cuddle for a little bit say less my boy i’m, just asleepy! Why don’t you go ahead! You play a little spoon. I’Ma curl lottery winner in jamaica claims, 95 million dollars dressed as darth vader, thanks to all of our subs and donations. I had to use this. Are these sample french bulldogs just woofing? Look at the one in the back he’s getting it on it. Then this guy gets upset too over here. Even the fake one is mad.

Let’S go Music, Music, Music cause. You know me as a tripology i’m, the death star. I got a new credit card like a lightsaber and they can’t save ya no i’m. Just not a savior find a death star. I just got my new flooring. It me no talk to mandalorian. You need a jerk with me partners. They try to stop us better. Call up the kappas, my grandson is a bratman named kylo ren and Music Music credit card got ta swipe that just like a lightsaber – and you know we might save yeah me smoke the i agree again higher than being in the space where we are. We are the death star. We smoke the great oh yeah dr eugene is out of prison. Oh my god. Jesus christ, yeah dr eugene, did give me a call after he was released on bail. He got caught with over ten thousand formaldehyde dipped cigarettes in a carton. It’S a class, a felony, but dr eugene does have a very good public defender that was willing to take the case and it looks like he’s gon na be all right.