You know a lot of people would say: that’s horrifying, not really cool but cool’s. Probably not the right word for it. It’S cool in the aspect that it’s futuristic and you know, it’s it’s, where things are going, but at the same time, like you, said, it’s it’s, horrifying to think about putting any sort of microchip inside your body. It is, but even if you’re horrified of it and don’t like it, you still can’t deny that it’s amazing it is this, is you know, being done absolutely the technologies at this point where we can literally download our brain to our computers? Can you imagine think about this for a minute right, here’s, a hypothetical for you, you plug a usb cord into a little implant that you have behind your ear. They inserted it there you plug it in, like your usb cord, go on your computer. You open up the computer page click into my brain and then you could just sift through years and years and years of memories and and different things, that’s, so trippy and then would you be able to replay them like from yeah? You would pull it up just like a file. Are you sure and play the video that really happened? Pull the file it’d be like they figure out a way to he’s, not sure i said hypothetically for a reason, all right: okay, okay, no, but i but i’m.

Just saying this is where the technology is going, and this is where neurolink’s going to go eventually but think about how freaky.

That is at the same time, because let’s say you are thinking something and you don’t want people to know what you’re thinking all the time. I’M sure everyone has thoughts. They’Re like i would really not like these to be out loud thoughts. Yes, absolutely, then, why would you want that on your brain? You know like what, if someone hacks you, we start having brain hacks. They’Ve read my mind. Imagine me that world is a scary world about, because imagine how much shit would be just slung around at everybody exactly everybody would be like exposing each other. Look at you look at this person’s thoughts. They were thinking this bad thing about someone else, canceled right exactly you know i don’t know it just sounds like pretty scary world to me, but it’s. The same reason that you know it would work the similar way that you know our email isn’t exposed to everybody. Yes, it can be hacked, but how often are is our email hacked and then displayed to the world, but the difference is with your email. Is you are knowingly putting it on the internet, knowing that there is a small chance, it could be hacked. Your thoughts should be private. I think, and that’s like crossing a line. Thoughts are like the only secure thing that we have right, like think about something else that you literally can’t hack into you, can’t hack, someone’s, thoughts right, no, not yet, but watch us do that soon.

Well, do you think that wearable technology is the future? Do you think, eventually, we’re gon na stop picking objects up to actually like communicate with the virtual world? Like our laptops like? How long are we going to have a fucking laptop, i like myself, it just fucking displays. I, like my laptop doesn’t, need to change. I don’t want anything to change. I hate thinking about that or like weird glasses or something or what do my kids implants fuck that that’s insane to me, i can’t imagine, being a teacher and kids have implants. How are you supposed to know if they’re texting in their heads or not, i feel like that’s, probably the least, of the worries but there’s a lot more problems, but this is kind of cool elon. Musk has recently announced that they’re doing a brain implant that they could possibly cure mental illness such as depression and addiction, with now i’m skeptical on that i’m skeptical because yeah. How? How do you do this right, of course of it, but it does sound pretty cool. Well, basically, what he says is you kind of force neuroplasticity in a sense that the neural link is able to change your brain chemistry and the literal physical? You know makeup of a brain which that is proven to fix depression. Anxiety are not fixed, but can greatly treat neuroplasticity, changing your brain chemistry similar to using an sri or ketamine, or something yeah, well, there’s, many different therapies that can trigger neuroplasticity.

But the idea in general is just the fact that our brains can make physical changes at any point in our lives and therefore we should be able to actively work on treating mental illness. So if this kind of is like a thing that triggers your brain to start rewiring itself, then you know it kind of it retrains you to think differently or react physically from the physical sense, because it’s actually in there like they’re, describing it as a a robot Brain surgeon, which that’s frightening to think about having a artificial object just crawling around the inside of your brain, is that what it actually is, you’re fucking, like i don’t, think, that’s. Well, basically, what it is is it inserts very fine threads into the brain, and then the threads are covered in electrodes. That will create a pathway for messages to travel, to and from the brain um, and that you know that kind of already happens with neuro, um, synopsis and stuff like that. But this is like a man made piece yeah. This is, this is not using what we know about the chemistry of the brain and and using a chemical sort of formula to fix, fix what’s happening in the brain. This is literally like okay, we’ll, just rebuild these with physical fibers that we inject into your brain and well maybe that’s good. I mean some people might need that method, isn’t it good to have as many methods as possible.

You know, like you, can even retrain your brain. A lot of people say with meditation and stuff like that. You don’t even need a medication, so there’s multiple avenues. This would just be one of them and more ways to help people god our world is so mentally ill. This would be good, i’d, say yeah, i mean if it’s, if it’s a way to do this. On a you know, a large mass number of people very quickly, then it could be good because yeah, i agree. We have a mental health issue in our country and in the world just in general. Absolutely if there’s more. If this is going to help more people, then obviously we want to help more people. My fear is just how do you regulate this? How do you make sure that this technology doesn’t get sold to somebody? You know who’s got ill intentions of using it before because you got ta always know. People are always gon na. Take something and try to do the opposite of what it’s meant to do, it’s how it works every it always happens. So what happens if, if his neurolink gets in the hands of you know, say a dictator or something like that? What what could they use it for oh that’s freaky, to think about that’s, really true, so i’ve kind of also thought of the fact that, like what, if neuralink kind of gets sucked in by the pharmaceutical industry somehow, and then they turn it into well, you can Have this, but you have to pay a shit ton of money or you know, you’re better than your shit yeah, something like that mental health, oh god that would suck but like what.

If, for some reason, you had to qualify to get and pay a ton of money, so it’s like oh only rich people can get this so it’s like okay, so are the rich just again getting richer and better and stronger, and then the poor people can’t afford Neural links, so they don’t get to you know solve their mental health issues that’s a good point, i mean i’m sure this isn’t going to be affordable and who knows, if, like insurance, would cover anything like this, at least for a long long time i mean look At anything elon musk releases, is it affordable? No, no that’s true! Is it for the everyday folk? Well i mean who knows we’re going to know more about this on august 28th. He’S doing a big reveal on it, which will be pretty cool. I’Ll, definitely be tuning. In to watch that, because i want to know more about how this actually works, because we don’t really know that much about the actual implant itself, all we know is it just it’s a little implant that goes, i believe, somewhere around your ear behind your ear or Something and it’s going to allow you to do a lot of things as well as potentially cured mental disorders stream music right to your consciousness. He’S also saying that it’s possible that it could treat other mental disorders such as parkinson’s, which man he better deliver on that, because those are huge things that i mean.

If he can, i mean amazing, but i don’t know i elon musk. You know he sometimes bites off more than he choose, but i don’t know we’ll see we’ll have to see what happens. You mean yeah, something like that josh likes to say phrases but like make them slightly wrong. I do this about everything in life, pretty much. What were you saying last week that people were just ripping you on on west memphis satanic? Oh man, yeah, sorry about that. I, for whatever reason i know it’s satanic, but in my head i like to say, satanic because titanic, because that to me sounds like more sinister it’s, like just like how you like to say: salsa salsa and assault expresso. Oh yeah he’s like check out this new espresso machine.