Now, for all of you guys that don’t necessarily know solid state batteries are basically the end all be all of battery technology, at least for our shorter term focus they’re very powerful. They have high energy capacities and honestly they’re, basically the best battery that we can get with our current technology. Essentially, they can triple or quadruple the range of current batteries. They can last a lot longer they’re, very durable. They have a lot of added benefits that you know our standard batteries just don’t currently have okay, and I think that honestly soon Tesla could introduce batteries that are solid state on a scale that we’ve never before seen. Okay, so I want to go and talk about all of that, because of course it is a big topic. You know and I’m gon na try to keep this video relatively brief, but it is a serious discussion. You know solid state batteries, there’s some serious technology. You know this isn’t, your grandma’s battery, okay, it’s, very, very complicated, but also it holds a lot of potential, especially for EVs, as we head into the future. So anyway, with that being said, guys, as always all my breaths out there go ahead drop this video like subscribe, to, become a brought today share with your friends. I also want to say your support lately of the channel has been amazing.

You guys are fantastic and seriously. It is amazing to be part of this community seriously and with that being said, let’s go ahead and move on now.

The topic of the video okay, so let’s talk about solid state batteries. Now the first thing that I really want to go ahead and bring up first and foremost, and I think that this is extremely important to recognize, especially because you know a lot of people out. There have a perception of solid state batteries as they currently exist. A lot of people view them as sort of an intangible object. I want to say that first things: first, solid state batteries are constantly portrayed by the mainstream media as something that is a lifetime away. This is a pretty consistent thing and you know they’re constantly saying: okay, solid state batteries, you know we’re, not gon na, have that you know for another 50 years, 60 years etc, and the timeline is always pushed back, because obviously a lot of people right now don’t Want Eevee’s to have solid state batteries, you know for a lot of business interest, solid state batteries and EVs is not necessarily a good thing. You know all of us. Looking at this from our angle, we recognize really that solid states would be a major push in the right direction for future vehicle technology. You know making us transfer basically from gasoline diesel and conventional fuels to electric pretty much exclusively. Okay, solid state batteries are an important step in that process and a lot of businesses don’t really want Eevee’s to benefit from having that solid state battery capacity or the other technology benefits that solid state batteries really bring to the table.

Okay, and for that reason you know they try to play down solid state batteries, they constantly go. Okay, don’t expect these anytime soon, you know, expect them. 50, 60 years from now et cetera and, like I said that time frame is always being pushed back if in reality, okay, you know from research that I’ve done and that other people have really put a lot of time and effort into. We can see that this is simply not the case. Solid state batteries for EVs and large scale applications they’re, not a distant dream. Okay, this is not technology that simply exists in a sci fi world solid state batteries are already being used, believe it or not. They actually are they’re being used primarily for medical devices and wearable electronics. Okay, for example, pacemakers that’s, a device that has in fact employed solid state batteries. So we already know solid state batteries are out there they’re already in use okay and when you’re already using the technology. That means that it’s not 50 or 60 years away. Yes, we have to do a lot of work to make sure that this can scale upward. Yes, we have to make sure that you know we’re putting the effort in to make sure that this is a viable thing, but when you’re already using the tech it’s, not something that’s, a distant dream, it’s, something that already exists and is already being used. Yes, it’s. Currently being used for more high intensity devices that you want to make sure never fail.

Okay, that’s, incredibly important, but at the same time we could see, I think commercial use for solid state batteries. I honestly think sometime comfortably, you know in the next five years. I don’t think that this is something that needs to be so distant, and I think that we’ve got to refine the way that we think about solid states. Okay, we’ve got to kind of reconsider what we already know. We’Ve got to kind of rethink everything that we’ve been told about solid state batteries, because, honestly, they are already here – okay and that’s. Something we’ve got to understand, so they’re not really a distant dream. They are something that already exists: okay, so with that being said, let’s kind of shift now and reapply that to Tesla, because how exactly does that fit into what Tesla is doing right now? You know what they’re doing the near future, because battery day is coming up on September 22nd. You know we’re gon na see some really interesting things on that day and, of course, one of the things that we’re going to see on battery day is the progress. That’S been made at the Cato Building that’s, actually near Tesla’s, Fremont factory. Now this is also known as project roadrunner, and basically what the goal of this project is is to produce batteries or or really you know more so than even producing batteries it’s to build a sort of battery production process that can be easily scaled and replicated for Experimental and new technology batteries project roadrunner in essence, is being created by Tesla in a special lab.

You know in a special that’s currently being built on and is being very successful. In that regard, I will add, and that really shows that Tesla is working on a big breakthrough when it comes to building a process that can be used to manufacture experimental batteries. Okay, that is the goal of project roadrunner and it’s already come quite some distance. You know fairly recently, Tesla actually applied for a building expansion permit, in which they would be building a lot of additional floor space into the cato building that’s near the Fremont factory, to help project roadrunner actually move forward, and now that space is being built, it’s being Assembled it’s being fleshed out. You know we have cranes on site that are getting supplies everywhere. They need to go which is fantastic, okay, and that really shows us that yes, project roadrunner is working on something big and you know Tesla’s really putting a lot of effort into the project. Roadrunner project – okay, not to be redundant, but you know that would create new experimental batteries and experimental battery systems. Okay, this is not something that once again is sci fi. Okay. This is something that we are on. The cusp of achieving project roadrunner is making excellent, and I stress once again excellent progress and there’s a reason for that. Okay, because the process of building you know experimental batteries that may or may not be solid state is absolutely critical for Tesla’s near term.

Success. Okay – and you might be saying right now, we’ll get into this a bit more in just a bit. Well, you know: how exactly are these batteries solid state? How exactly do you know that they’re, not just experimental and the honest answer, is I don’t okay, but a lot of signs are indicating that the project roadrunner facility could likely focus on building a solid state battery system at some point in the near future. Okay – and I want to move on now with my next note and really say that project roadrunner is working on perfecting experimental battery production – okay, not just regular battery cells. A lot of people have looked at project roadrunner so far and they’ve kind of said: okay well Tesla’s, building on to the Kato factory, building out worthy Kato building near the my factory, I should say, and that means they’re gon na make more cells. You know they’re just building more batteries, that’s what they’re doing nothing fancy nothing exciting. Well, they already have the production facilities to build as many mainstream cells as they want. You know, they’re they’re, already working with lots of different companies. You know like Panasonic, LG, Chem and otherwise to get that job done as well. Okay, Tesla is not simply focusing on project roadrunner with mainstream everyday cells, it’s, just not what they’re doing you know. In my honest opinion, Tesla is not expanding a research and development building. Just so, they can build more mainstream batteries, it’s, not something that I buy into whatsoever.

Okay, and that is also important to recognize. We know that one of the biggest challenges for solid state batteries is scaled production. It literally is scaled production for solid state batteries is tough, and that is the whole point of project roadrunner, not necessarily to produce battery cells, okay, but to design an experimental process for building experimental battery cells. Okay, this is to design the machine that builds the machine – that is the point of project roadrunner, okay, to crack the code on a new process that could potentially make solid state batteries mass producible, okay, that is basically the outlook here, long term production, long term sustainability And the experimental outcome here that Tesla is really hoping for is the mainstream production of solid state battery tech that’s. What I honestly think, because they’re putting so much effort in – and we already know – okay, the Tesla has now developed many technologies that are solid state adjacent. Okay, now, what exactly do I mean by that? Well, right now, Tesla is applying. You know for a lot of patents that relate to technology that are sort of you know they sort of work in conjunction with solid state battery tech. You know, is Tesla currently patenting. Anything that is directly solid state. No, they aren’t. Are they patenting things like tab batteries? You know like batteries with a single crystal cell. You know. Yes, they are. They are working on a lot of technologies that aren’t, strictly speaking, solid state yet, but I think they very likely could combine into a solid state project and that’s something I’ve been talking about for quite a while.

I have a number of different videos discussing you know this new battery technology that is being created so I’m, not gon na harp on this too much because once again, I want to make sure this video is fairly concise, but we already know that that is something That they are doing okay, Tesla right now, is first developing really advanced battery cells. That is their first goal and then later on. I think that they’ll use all of this technology and transition. You know to a solid state battery that is purely solid state. Okay, not just a battery that’s, incredibly advanced, but a battery that does honestly contain or possess all of these solid state battery characteristics that we’ve really been looking for. Okay – and I want to go and stress that – I think that that once again will happen at some point in the near future and we’ve got to understand solid state batteries once again are something that are constantly played up. Is this lifespan away? You know long term outlook thing and really that’s, not the case. Okay, they are an advancement. You know on the batteries that we currently have, but they’re not something that’s incredibly far away. They are something that can be achieved with a bit more research, a bit more development and Tesla is doing that right now, as best as they possibly can they’re using every battery engineer that they can possibly find to make this a very real thing.

Okay and I think that, for that reason, solid state boundaries could be just around the corner. Okay in solid state batteries use a solid electrolyte instead of a liquid or polymer based electrolyte and that’s incredibly important to understand too, because a lot of the technology that Tesla is currently developing. It is once again solid state adjacent okay, we’re, seeing single crystal cells and Tablas cells, we’re already seeing a change to the architecture that does align nicely with what solid state batteries could change as well. Okay, we don’t need to simply make the leap from standard batteries to solid state there’s gon na be some in between, and that is what we’re currently experiencing. Okay. That is something that we’re currently seeing, and that is not a big surprise and it’s, not something that’s unrealistic to sort of speculate on. Okay, you know seeing a transition that’s more gradual is not bad whatsoever. Okay and the next thing I want to go and say – and I really want to make this point as well – these solid state batteries are expensive. Okay, make no mistake about it. Solid state batteries right now are very, very expensive, but here’s. The thing Tesla is working once again with Project roadrunner on making them less expensive on building a process for making experimental batteries that are more affordable, more cost effective in scale more appropriately for the electric vehicle market, so that’s, something that we’re already seeing. You know kind of checked off and then also you know.

Furthermore, Tesla is already really setting up the use of solid state batteries in their vehicle lineup as well: okay, because Tesla right now, as I’ve said before, they have vehicles that are less expensive that are very affordable. You know the model three, for example. The model Y is a good example of that you know we could see another hatchback made by Tesla at the Giga Berlin facility and that’s all extremely exciting, but on the other you know side of things. We have expensive vehicles too. We have the more expensive model. Last Model X, we have the Roadster which is coming out, and you know. Vehicles like the Roadster could utilize a solid state battery, because that vehicle is gon na cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 200000. And you know, people are constantly saying. Oh well, solid state is cool but it’s so expensive. You know, oh it’s, a shame that we’ll never see that being used in anything and, first of all, we know that’s already wrong, because solid state batteries are already used for various applications. But if you have a battery that’s really expensive, why not put it in a really expensive vehicle, okay kind of makes sense, because you could be deriving the benefit and the cost would be offset by the price of the vehicle anyway. Okay, remember more expensive vehicles exist. Is not something that’s out of the realm of possibility? Okay, if you want to make a really expensive engine, for example – and this is something we’ve seen time and time again – we can make a v12 engine, maybe stick it in something that cost two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

For some reason. At that point, you don’t have people saying oh well, that expensive that that engine is too expensive. It shouldn’t exist. No, because people understand that people accept the cost basis there, and I think we’re gon na see a lot of the same thing with solid state batteries. Will they be more expensive? I honestly think they will be, can Tesla pull them off and achieve you know mass production? I honestly think that they can, you know, could it take a little while I think it could, but at the same time, we’ve got to understand that this does make sense, really all around okay from a production standpoint. It makes sense from a research standpoint. It makes a lot of sense from an implementation standpoint. You know putting a solid state battery in a very expensive vehicle. It makes sense. Okay, everything lines up here and really it doesn’t look unrealistic, okay, so anyway, I want you guys to tell me right now what you think about this as well. In the comments, let me know what your thoughts are. Give me your opinions. Do you think solid state batteries are coming? What do you think about that? Let me know, thanks for watching guys, keep right here at a celebra.