Often people like to get quite mad at what elon musk has to say. So, if you’re not aware here, we are on twitter and here is elon musk’s twitter and he put out this tweet just yesterday saying pronouns suck now on its own. If you ask me, i don’t think this means much what what does pronoun suck mean to you personally to me, it’s it’s, quite a vague thing to say it doesn’t really mean much at all. It means he thinks pronouns suck. My initial impression is: he thinks that pronouns as an idea are stupid, he is saying why do we have to address people as he she they, whatever that’s, that’s kind of what it says to me, but again, it’s very, very vague. I don’t quite understand what it means by that. I think pronouns are kind of important in language to be able to address other people, i think to refer to other people. I think they’re kind of important. So for me personally, i would ask: what do you mean by that? In what way do they suck that’s? What i would ask, but i wouldn’t jump to any conclusions. I wouldn’t get upset about this, but some people seem to disagree and maybe you’re someone who disagrees. Let me know in those comments down below what you think, but people here seem to really disagree on twitter.

People on here have made this all about trans rights and about trans people and all the rest of it personally.

I’M, not really sure why people are jumping to this conclusion. I think this is a very, very vague statement and i think it’s very strange to get upset over this very, very strange statement. So, as you can see here, this top comment here, the top response, you don’t hate, pronouns, you hate having to acknowledge trans rights in existence or that people may feel uncomfortable or unsafe, or just not like themselves being the gent or the gender that they were assigned At birth, you know what really sucks ignorant opinions from someone who has too much money to care about developing a complex understanding of other people’s world experiences suck. Imagine a lack of empathy sucks arrogantly pretending, like you know everything because of your status. Sucks um see maybe it’s just me but i’m, a little confused reading that i don’t understand how this person came to the conclusion that this is about trans people. I don’t understand how this has anything to do with elon musk, acknowledging trans rights, maybe i’m missing something i’ve literally only read this tweet, but i see nothing else on his twitter. That indicates that’s what this means. I don’t see this as him saying: let’s, not acknowledge. Trans people – i just personally, do not see how this person has made this into something about trans rights. What does this have to do with trying rights? He just said the word pronouns suck.

Not everything to do with pronouns is about trans people.

I don’t see why. How they’re jumping to this bruh it’s a pronoun? Okay, we should all just use they them by default unless someone has to be called he him, she her, etc. Okay, you can make that argument. I’M, not going to argue with that that’s, not what i’m here to do, but again i’m confused. They them is still technically using pronouns. So if you’re going by what elon musk’s actually saying, then he wouldn’t call anyone by anything. But again this is too vague. We don’t actually know what elon musk’s saying here, who’s to say, that’s what he actually means people you slash, you are stupid, so does child labor transgender rights are important in a free and equal society. That cares about everyone. What the f see i’m just i’m, making this video, because i am genuinely confused. I am genuinely confused as to why people jump to conclusions like this and i see all the time on twitter. Someone will tweet something so vague and people just jump to conclusions. People put words into their mouth and assume that they mean a certain thing assume that they are thinking a certain way saying. Pronouns suck is no statement whatsoever about trans people if it was a statement. If that is what he means, then we can have that conversation, but there is no indication here. Elon did not clarify, he was very, very vague.

So personally, if you ask me, i don’t understand the hate here.

I don’t understand the backlash. I don’t understand why people are upset. He said pronouns suck, it’s a very vague statement. It doesn’t really mean anything. Why are people upset about this people get upset about the most stupid things i don’t understand it. Why does he deserve hate over this? Maybe i’m missing? Something here i would love, if you guys would. Let me know what you think about all this in those comments down below. Let me know: do you think that people are rightly hating on elon? Do you think it was too vague to really come to any sort of conclusion here because that’s? What i think i think it’s too vague to make up your mind if this was a good tweet or a bad tweet it’s too vague, he didn’t explain himself. He didn’t say what he actually meant.