So welcome to the switch world of cadbury in this presentation. We are going to explain about the success and the founder of cadbury, john cadbury. So john cadbury is a founder of cadbury, a man behind a tea seller to a successful entrepreneur. They launched a 100 of rarity’s products and become the world’s largest confectionary brand. Finding a place in the homes and hearts of million people success does not demand. Where are you from and what’s your family background? Success only demands self confidence, patience and hard work ranjit. That is a superb and extraordinary presentation. Man, i loved every line of yours. The poise, the confidence, the language, the delivery, you made a good presentation good afternoon, myself, vanilla and now i’m going to explain you about the company profile very good afternoon, myself, vasantha from third year good afternoon. Now from my friends, we have reason that how the t seller john cadbury, has become a successful inter entrepreneur. Now we are focusing on what factors that contributed him to being that a successful entrepreneur. Just take a look, the positive thinking he has a positive thinking, although he had lost his money it at first business. He had never give up because of his positive thinking, his hard working nature, his foresight and he learned from his mistakes. Whatever he learned again and again, he’s trying and developing new recipes like that, he learned from his mistakes and risk taking he take a risk that uh.

I think this is the first chocolate which mixture chocolate with milk, so he take that risk to became a new change so that – and he said his confidence he self moted when he lost his mother. Also, he moted himself and became and continue his business like that and courageous and tactful. So all of you yeah, looking into the successful successful entrepreneur, we should have all good afternoon myself the things learning from this activity. First of all, building confidence and self esteem believe belief in our own ability, skills and experience, and next one is sharing. Sharing everyone, ideas and listening skills is important. Listening is is a key to all effective communications without the ability to listen effectively, messages are easily misunderstand and the next one is to improve our vocabulary and also dividing complex parts in into the steps from this activity and, finally, the planning and time management. Thank you. So much i’m, so much impressed with your presentation. Today’S work, especially for the choice of the company that you made. It is a 160 plus years of existence right, oh my god. That shows that is a company built to last forever forever. The brand can’t worry, but maybe lacks of crows. I have noted that you went in depth you study, who marketed which brother marketed what they did, what were their failures and how they bounced back, what kind of recipes they made and what risk they took and how beautifully presented.

I want to give a big round of applause to this team for making such a wonderful presentation, great work, ranjet, vinila basantam, congratulations to you now. Let me welcome the second year. Students graffon sir, and everyone present here myself and my other teammates – are prana project and other second year friends, we are going to present ppt on entrepreneurs on the behalf of second year students, especially now entrepreneur on so as we can see under his watch. Tesla has become one of the world’s most popular and cohorted car car brands and to the people who don’t know what is company tesla and spacex are tesla is a company which makes electric cars which run on lithium ion batteries, and his company spacex is a completely Private organization which works with nasa and makes rocket engines so simply speaking, nasa works with spacex for its rocket engines, so he is in such a state of providing engines to the nasa nasa takes his help. That is his greatness and we all study about alternate energy resources, but this guy brought in a product of alternate energy. He wanted a change in the world. He didn’t just wait for a change. He was the one who changed the world. That is the most important quality of an entrepreneur and he himself stated that he had to work more than 100 hours a week and there is a quote which i would like to state here. If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it that’s.

What sir was telling yesterday about risk taking? He took all the enough risks which were to be taken, and he is in such a position right now and simply saying he loves what he does. So he just enjoys his work and he does whatever he wants and he is still getting paid for it and, as my friend said, he is one of the most richest person in the world fantastic and i would like my friend to continue the presentation. Thank you. Dv, fantastic, superb man! I am talking about achievements of elon musk. He in december 2016 he stood 21st place in forbes list and most you know, and most you know first first place in most innovative levels of 2019 lovely. Thank you ananda for your keen listening. Thank you, Music, fantastic that’s, a great presentation, great choice, your mask, my god. What a choice you know the first team took an organization which is 160 plus years old. It was built on strong foundations. His last thing now and you chose the most modern, most innovative entrepreneur, uh eon mask and he is like a species man he thinks beyond. You know he thinks beyond imagination, i’m. Very much inspired. I can tell you this training webinar of three days would have been deficient, would have been deficient without these two presentations. I learned so much from your presentation, talks and entrepreneurship and success stories.