What i’m going to share with you today is another set of life, lessons from a very popular person, and he is no other than elon musk and before we dive into it. Let’S play this good morning. Once again, my greeters elon musk is a very interesting person. He is an engineer, industrial designer technology, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He was born in june 28 1971. He is 49 years old this year and his net worth is actually 69.2 billion dollars. That’S a huge sum of money, elon musk is famous because he was able to achieve his dream of learning a human on mars, which means that life for the first time in 4.5 billion years, was able to physically transfer from one planet into another. And that is unbelievable, that’s invincible. He is also famous for spacex for paypal for tesla before i’ll share with you, the top 10. In terms of the life lesson, i was able to get from elon musk. Please do subscribe to my channel and if you want to get notification whenever i upload any contents, i usually upload on a weekly basis. You may hit that bell button. Okay, so let me start with number one number: one in my list is actually challenge and expand. The current perspective – and he was able to deliver it in caltech caltech – is the california institute of technology.

Nothing great is ever achieved by doing things. The way they have always been done.

The challenge status goal is to expand the current perspective. We have to face our fears. We have to take risk, we have to be fearless. We have to be bolder in terms of our actions. We have to make that decision and to create something meaningful. We have to create significance. I came to the conclusion that if, if we can advance the the knowledge of the world, if we can do things that expand the scope and and scale of consciousness, then we’re better able to ask the right questions and become more enlightened and that’s. Really. The only way forward, number two feedback is a gift. Definitely feedback is a gift. If it’s a gift, then you don’t have to resist. Whenever someone gives it to you, when someone gives you a feedback, you have to be thankful of that just say. Thank you. It’S up to you, whether you want to listen to that feedback or it’s up to you, whether you want to use that feedback so that you can be better and whenever we show show the system off to someone. Uh we’d show the hard part, which was the um, the agglomeration of financial services, which was quite difficult to put together. Nobody was interested um, then we’d show people email payments, which was actually quite easy and everybody was interested. So this is, i think, it’s important to to take feedback from your environment.

Um. You know it’s it. You want to be as closed loop as possible, um and uh it’s.

So we focus on email payments and really try to make that work and and that’s. What really got things to take off um, but if we hadn’t, if we hadn’t, responded to what people said, then we probably would not have been successful, so it’s important to look for things like that and and focus on them when you, when you see them, and You correct your prior assumptions. Number three maintain optimism, it’s, really important that we have to be optimistic, looking at the brighter side of life, and it has a lot of benefits. Did you know that optimists are happier and less stressed as compared to those who are not, and they also tend to have healthier hearts, and did you know that the university of illinois did a study about it, they’re able to find out that those who were the Most optimistic were 76 percent, more likely to have health scores in an adl range, it’s, really uh, it’s, somewhat of a tenuous existence that that um civilization and and consciousness as as we know it has been on earth and i think um i’m actually i’m – actually fairly Optimistic about the future of earth, so i don’t want to. I don’t want to sort of people to have the wrong impression that i think we’re all about to die um. I think i think we’ll.

I think things will most likely be okay for a lo. For a long time on earth, but not not for sure but most likely, um um, but but even if it’s, if it’s sort of 99 likely one a one percent chance.

It’S still it’s still worth uh spending a fair bit of effort to ensure that we have um we’ve, backed up the biosphere in a planetary redundancy. If you will – and so i think i think, it’s really really quite important number four – we are the magician of the 21st century. We are limitless on what we can do but um. I i think the the overarching point i want to make is that um, you guys are the magicians of the 21st century. You know um don’t, let anything hold you back. Uh imagination is, is the limit and go out there and create some magic number five? He was able to share it during the sx sw, 2018 or the south by southwest conference in 2018.. He mentioned that life can be just about solving one miserable problem after another. There are so many things that we can do in life: um uh that there’s a mission there’s a larger mission there and uh i’d love. If you talk a little bit about that, oh sure, we’ll stand actually Music. You see me yeah, i guess: okay, um yeah! So as as jonah was alluding to, but there are a lot of negative things in the world there’s a lot of terrible things that happening all over the world all the time uh.

There are lots of problems that need to get solved. There’S lots of things that are yeah they’re, miserable and kind of get you down, but that life cannot just be about solving one miserable problem after another can’t that can’t be the only thing.

They need to be need to be things that inspire you that make you glad to be to wake up in the morning and be part of humanity that’s. Why we did this this guy called cielkovsky one of the early russian rocket scientists. The great saying earth is the cradle of humanity, but you cannot stay in the cradle forever. It is time to go forth, become a star faring civilization, be out there among the stars, expand the scope and scale of human consciousness. I find that incredibly exciting. That makes me glad to be alive. I hope you feel the same way. Applause number six never give up. A lot of people are saying this, so don’t give up in a row. Did you think i need to pack this in? Never, why not? I don’t ever give up, i mean i’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated. Eight weeks later, musk bet the company on another flight. We have liftoff and this time around everything worked perfect. If that fourth launch hadn’t worked, that would have been it um. We would have not had the resources to this number. 7 is very important, which is like whatever it is, that you’re doing you have to love it.

Just like what steve jobs mentioned right in our previous episode, that we have to love that something that we are doing really liking, what you do whatever area that you get into um, given that you know, even if you, if you’re the best the best there’s, always A chance of failure, so i think it’s important that you really like whatever you’re doing, if you don’t like it, life is too short um, you know i’d say if and and also if you, if you like what you’re doing you think about it, even when you’re Not working, i mean it’ll just it’s, something that your mind is drawn to um and and if you don’t like it, you just really can’t make it work.

I think number eight. We have to work hard and even according to jackman, he mentioned that we have to work harder. I think the first is uh. You need to work if, depending on how well you want to do, particularly if you’re starting a company, you need to work super hard. So what what does super heart mean? Um? Well, when my brother and i were starting our first company uh instead of getting an apartment, we just rented us a small office and we slept on the couch and we we showered at the the ymca and uh we’re. So hot up we had just one computer, so the the website was up during the day and i was coding at night seven days a week, all the time um and i i sort of briefly had a girlfriend that period and in order to be with me, She had to sleep in the office, so i work hard like i mean every waking hour, that’s that’s, the the thing i would i would say, if you’re, particularly if you’re starting a company number nine, take risk and be bold, um and uh anyways, so that’s and And then i think the final thing i would encourage you to do is now is the time to take risk.

Uh you don’t have yeah, you don’t, you don’t, have you don’t have kids uh your obligations? Oh probably not. Kids, um the the the the uh, but but as you as you get older, your obligations increase so and once you have a family, you start taking risk, not just for yourself, but for your family as well.

It gets much harder to do things that might not work out. So now is the time to do that before you before you have those obligations, so i would encourage you to take risks now. Do something bold, you won’t regret it and number 10. He was able to share it during the world government summit. He mentioned to try to understand what the right questions to ask. It’S really important to ask the right questions for us to arrive to significant solutions in terms of the motivations uh. I guess the the law, this sort of kind of a long version of the explanation, but uh essentially the when i was a kid. I was wondering kind of what’s, the meaning of life like. Why are we here what’s it all about and um? I came to the conclusion that what really matters is trying to understand the right questions to ask and the more that we can increase the scope and scale of human consciousness and that’s it for today.