Q2 2020 else. He wouldn’t release those shots. So if you see elon dropped us hints from time to time, because he can’t outright announce scc will come after him again. So for those who have been following elon for years, we get it so in this video i’m not going to cover the obvious i’ll leave that for monday for my tesla weekly analysis, there are also other youtube channels talking about q2 earnings. I recommend you to go and watch like tesla, daily or hyper charts in this video i’ll be talking about the not so obvious hints in laundromat and how i think tesla stock will hit 10 000 and also be covering investors being very short. Sighted. Often enough investors are obsessed on what’s coming on the next day, the next month, because their stock goes up for one day, they feel really good, and if the stock comes down for one day, they feel like come on living life like that is dumb right. I did a video previously on the strategy i used to overcome this so anyway for q2, 2020 elon and his team has dropped so much hint. It actually blows my mind so in this video i’ll talk about the hints by the way appreciate an early thumbs up. You really help to reach more people. Thank you often enough. When we talk companies, the first thing that comes to mind is money: can the company turn a profit so for elon it is very much different yeah.

We just want to be in the not bankrupt category. That’S our goal, people that follow elon over an elongated time, will know that money is never the goal to him. It’S just a tool for him to achieve a bigger mission who, in the right of mind with 180 million dollars after paypal, who have thrown all their money in rockets and electric cars. I remember the world making fun of him for over 10 years. It must have been crazy for anyone who go through the he went through his hero. New armstrong thought he was crazy and all fossil fuel related industries. He was up against. I remember his worst years was in 208 and 2018. Not many people could have handled what he need to go through for the first hint. If you know him well enough saying this in q2 2020, it is important to make the car affordable and we will not succeed in our mission if we do not make cars affordable, like the thing that bugs me, the most about where we are right now, is That our cars are not affordable enough. This gives us a big clue on what holds for tesla. First, we know he doesn’t want to go bankrupt. Obviously, and reaches is not the goal, so the future forward is simple, grow as fast as possible, while driving the cost down. This will lead to exponential growth in both revenue and deliveries, as of q2, 2020, i’m. Very confident to say that tesla is out of the struggling stage.

Tesla’S future is secured, while other automakers first half of the year is down on an average of 30 tesla guru year over year. How many companies can confidently say that they grew in the worst possible economic situation? Ever elon also gave us an update on alien dreadnought, the machine that built the machine. The production line is constantly evolving and changing anybody from the production line to the design to factory planning can come up to say and hey look. This is dumb. The very first model s in 2012 to the latest model. S in 2020 is very different, though both cars look, identical, tesla’s, open culture, constant innovation and ability to adapt is tesla’s biggest strength. I and many others have worked for big organizations to know asking them to change. Certain things is like talking to my donkey during q2. 2020 elon dropped another big hint, tesla energy, tesla, disrupted automotive industry. Tesla is now ready to disrupt the next sector. That has been unchanged for centuries utilities i’ll show you the big hint mega pack generated a profit for the first time in q2, tesla energy is profitable. The next push is tesla energy, the segment that will rival or surpass tesla automotive. Imagine we have the capability to own our own micro utility grid. Don’T say i didn’t tell you: this is the next major hint essentially with an over there. Software update, i mean, may go down as the the biggest asset value increase in history as a step change.

Major driver for profits in tesla automotive is not selling the car itself, but is in its software. He didn’t like specifically, say this, but it is what i make of it: tesla cars will get significantly cheaper, perhaps to the price of a toyota and it’s full self. Driving that will drive up the value of the car. Tesla is so far ahead in fsd, fsd alone could bring the value of tesla’s market capitalization to a few trillion dollars and jeff bezos will be jealous in the next one, and a half years will be really exciting. Three continents will be producing tesla, the roar of the tesla cyber truck, the tesla semi, the roadster, the battery investor, the full self driving rewrite and smp 500 inclusion. It is going to be really exciting one and a half years anyway. Talking about the sp500 inclusion. I personally do not think it’s going to like massively pump the price up i’m. Sure the standard employer board is talking about how to minimize that impact. Yes, that announcement will cause a surge in price, but it’s not going to be the factor that pushes the stock pass. Ten thousand dollars, if i do add my years of experience in investing in my opinion as more and more funds like seek you, that means gains and many companies are dying. You see more money being concentrated in certain companies. You can already see that happening within the s. P. 500. Imagine the top five companies making up majority of the index.

It is only going to get worse. One thing is for sure retail investors cannot move big stocks. Only institutional investors can cause big moves. Currently. Tesla’S institutional ownership stands at about 54, i foresee moving towards 70 and that will be the main driver for the search in tesla stock. So concluding this video, i shared hints, elon, dropped, doing tesla’s energy business, full self driving and how tesla will prioritize growth over profit? The growth forward is more than the current automotive business. Also, investors view quarter to quarter results. Frankly, quarter quarter is really short sighted, because companies don’t miss estimates. It is like investors missing reality, though. Tesla had a good quarter, a good quarter, doesn’t mean all good and a bad quarter.