You know that is uh. I believe right now currently orbiting earth, but uh yeah guys just kick back. Relax enjoy kind of a relaxing video today, but look at that. Isn’T that incredible amazing, you know uh, probably i don’t, know space debris, stars dust who knows i don’t know you tell me. I know it’s very cool to look at you know, so i thought i would share it with you guys and i did find some weird anomalies and we’ll go over them in a little bit. I got about four video clips that i’m going to show you guys, but look just how beautiful is that you know you see the uh the earth and the sun coming in. You know so we’ll kick back we’ll watch for a minute. Truly, truly amazing right, i mean to think how far we’ve come with our technology. I watched about. Probably i don’t know. Maybe i don’t know four hours of uh the live feed. You know to find all all the anomalies that i did find and uh yeah. I was pretty much blown away. How cool is that you know, and i wonder how long can um you know the tesla last out there before it deteriorates or whatever, but all right guys next clip here we go now. This particular video clip is really cool because you’ll see the tesla kind of change orientation right it’ll, i guess it’ll rotate a little bit and you can see the earth and the sun.

You see how it gets a little bit dark right there i mean how cool is that i mean i would pay a a million dollars to be able to to go around and you know cruise around a space, but look at this guys. Look at all these weird anomalies, these flashing lights. I mean you see this little. You know dot cruising across the the sky space. I guess it wouldn’t be the sky Music. But again you know i want to point out. You know you watch a nasa live feed. You know something to or any live feed for that matter, and you don’t get this kind of detail so for all you ufo researchers out there you know, go to the tesla live feed. I mean you see right here. Look at this weird object floating right over over the the car there like. What is that is that a planet is that the moon could be the moon. I don’t know how crazy is that right, and you see these weird flashes out there, like, i didn’t, think anything really flashy right there. I didn’t think anything flash like that. You know in space i mean i know it does, but you know not near earth orbit right, because the tesla isn’t really that high up lower earth orbit – it’s, probably all the well. No, it couldn’t be the star link. You know there’s a lot of people complaining that you know the satellites are polluting the sky, a lot of people that you know uh.

You know, study the skies and everything they’re complaining that it’s, causing all this light pollution. They had a picture of a really cool comet, you know shooting across the sky, but you couldn’t really see it, because all of these little dots are up there. So i don’t know guys leave a comment below what do you think all right, guys, one more video and i’ll? Probably let it play through again you guys kick back, relax, take a deep breath. You know the world’s been through a lot lately play a little bit of relaxing music, enjoy the video very cool, very, very cool, don’t panic. I like that don’t panic all right flat earthers. That does not look flat to me. Just saying just saying, Music see a few little weird anomalies back there look that’s the you follow. Just in me. You know i don’t look at the car. I look at the blackness behind it. You know i’m constantly searching. You know the night sky, even when i’m driving walking doesn’t matter i’m. Always looking up you know, a lot of people are too busy looking down at their phone i’m, constantly looking up all right, guys, we’ll, let it play through Music, Music, all right you’re, going to see more of these. I don’t know guys what are they? I mean space debris obviously, but it really shows you how much is actually out there. You know you watch a nasa live feed and you don’t see this kind of detail.

You don’t see you don’t, see the these anomalies right, it’s. Why? I love going to the the tesla live feed. Amazing. You know i was watching earlier and a few of them actually hit the car you know. So it makes you wonder about you know like the space station they talk about. You know how they’re worried that uh, you know little little debris and things like that will hit. You know, hit the you know the station and cause damage Music. Now, if you look in front of the uh, the car you’ll notice these little weird orbs of light. They kind of appear and disappear and uh you know kind of move around. You know and i did find some of them that seem to be changing direction. But but you know there could be a perfectly. You know scientific uh. You know explanation for that. You know. I’M not saying we’re. Looking at a you know a fleet of ufos but i’m, but i am saying we’re looking at a uh, a fleet of ufos right. No sorry, he’s like it could be aliens. You know i don’t know guys. No, all! Joking aside, very cool sighting hang on my air conditioner just kicked on that’s annoying right in the middle of a video anyway. We’Ll keep rolling we’ll keep going. If you guys wonder how i make my videos um, well there’s a ton of ways actually, but as far as the audio goes it’ll pick up any sound in my house, you know it’s quite annoying actually but anyway, very very cool.

Look at those little dots! I mean what are they you know, could it be ufos? Could it be stars? I don’t know now it’s pouring down rain outside speaking of audio issues. Listen to this guys. You hear that i’m in texas we’re in the middle of a tropical storm anyway, back to the video kick back, relax enjoy.