I got a lot of really good detail here and we’ll go through it, we’ll go through it right now. I mean that look guys. This is weird i know, but it appears to be like some some type of disc. You know very odd and, like i said, i’m gon na go through it now this one here now the the photo um, i guess feature i want to say app that i used it’ll, bring out detail that you can’t really see with the naked eye and and Notice, this weird almost looks like a i don’t know like a computer chip, you know, or some type of weird alien technology right, very, very odd. Okay, we’ll keep going and that’s the beginning of the video right there, where the orb it like kind of drips down and like comes out of the atmosphere – and you see this like weird jelly like motion right there. You know that and again guys i’m just kind of i’m going to run through them real, quick and show you. You know what i did because i like to give you guys. You know every angle here right, we’re, going to look at it from every angle. Now this kind of looked like an alien to me see the i know it’s, not of course, but you see the black eyes and the big green head, but anyway, having a little bit of fun here.

I thought that was really cool. You know it looked like like fire, almost like a comet coming down very cool uh, really cool bluish, looking orb here we can zoom in on it.

You know really close and, like i said when i put these filters on it, i get detail that you can’t, see and right here i just kind of you know, did a little screen grab and put them all on one picture. For you, i mean just an incredible fine amazing amazing find truly truly incredible. You know i mean it’s like the look, but i guess the more i research and then the harder i work at this i’m, finding bigger and better sightings, each and every day very cool, and it takes a lot of time. A lot of work but i’m devoted i’m devoted to the cause and we’ll end it right there guys i mean: how weird is that, and actually you know what i want to end it here. This is my favorite of all. Like i said, this is like some weird compute computer chip. You know, or some kind of like i don’t even know like uh alien craft docking with the orb. Sorry guys, let’s uh let’s continue with the video Music, all right guys, a really cool ufo sighting. What you’re, looking at you’re, looking at the tesla that is currently you know floating around in outer space? I believe it goes around what earth around mars.

You know whatever i don’t know i should know, but i don’t know but check it out, guys uh this little orb. You know that’s earth you’re, looking at by the way it’s going up changing colors and you know – and – and i heard a lot i went to the other videos i found online people are saying what could it’s the moon this that the other? No, no, this object is about 15 times smaller than the moon.

Okay, that’s already been proven, and also i’m gon na have probably a part one part two to the video kind of a freestyle video today guys, i feel like making videos. I don’t know if you guys can hear that rain outside, but it’s pouring down rain, so i’m gon na make a ton of videos over the weekend, but uh incredible. You know changing colors like pulsing and i don’t know what it is um. You know a lot of people said you know, could be some type of balloon, but you know you guys seen it like the gopro videos, when the balloon will go up it and it’ll eventually pop you know. So this is going way too high up in what you know in order to be a balloon, and i have a little smaller video playing over in the left and, of course, there’s. The tesla, in your left, hand, corner and right here, i’m, going to show it again and then we’ll do like a we’ll zoom in we’ll get a close look at it.

I mean guys. What is this truly incredible? I mean nothing should be. You know popping out of the atmosphere like that, because again that’s earth you’re looking at right there, obviously right there, okay, so uh and – and there is two now there’s another one right below that little little arm, that’s shaped like a triangle but it’s very difficult to See especially when i upload to youtube because they downgrade the quality of the video so it’s 1080, and then it goes down to like 720, typically it’s, a it’s, a youtube thing.

Incredibly, frustrating when you’re trying to you know really show detail but uh and you can pay what is it like ten dollars a month and upgrade but i’m not giving youtube my money so anyway, yeah incredible, siding, guys um the video might be a little long. Maybe four or five minutes and we’ll get to you know a closer look and also, like i said i’m going to uh i’m gon na do like a part two. I watched a four hour. Four hour live feed of the tesla right and i found i mean guys incredible, incredible, ufo footage and i’m gon na bring it to you guys so um i was blown away. I was like wow, you know, and the cool thing about it is. You know the tesla, you know to all you ufo researchers out there. They they don’t, really modify it. You know they don’t edit. They don’t crop things out like nasa, like you know you go to like the iss or any nasa live feed for that matter, and typically, you know they’re going to edit everything.

You know the cool thing about the tesla is a lot of. It is original footage. You know see there’s some truly great finds over there, but you know you have to have the patience there’s, the sun rising right there. You have to have the patience to sit there and watch. I, like said, i watched about two or three hours today, literally today’s saturday.

I woke up early for you guys and i sat down and i watched hours and hours and i found this particular clip on another channel. But here we go guys we’re going to zoom in you know, get a better look at the ufo. I mean look guys it’s like pulsating. You see right there like this weird drip like jelly, changing, colors green. You know purple pink and then you’ll see the weird. I guess uh glow, you know around the object, and this is the original video. You know i haven’t done any type of uh. You know enhancement other than zooming in obviously that’s. Why i wanted, to put you know the little window off to the left. You know so you guys can actually see what it looked like in in in you know, in its original format and then i’m zooming in here, to give you a better look, not easy to do by the way you have it’s called a blending, and then you Have to overlay a video if you guys know anything about editing, you pretty much get the original video, then you got ta, go back and blend it and edit and it’s a lot of work like i think, a lot of people out there.

You guys just don’t understand how difficult these videos are to make. They are not easy right here, we’re gon na zoom in even further i mean, like, i said, guys, it’s very beautiful, i think.

But what is it? I have no idea, i mean it’s a look. This is the definition of a ufo, an amazing find and we’re gon na do a part one. Then i got a part two coming with uh really cool ufos. This is probably the coolest, but i got some pretty cool ones coming up too. You know a lot of uh like shooting stars like changing directions, and you know weird orbs and lights, and you know things that shouldn’t be. You know, uh hovering above the earth earth. Basically, so you know very cool, so all right guys leave a comment below what do you think and like like? I said guys.