You will find that these vehicles are both large in size and weight for their vehicle class. The reason for this is due to their super large battery sizes and despite this tesla’s vehicles are still among the fastest and best performing cars on earth. Now, knowing this, what if tesla reversed course and looked at building a much smaller and lighter tesla sometime in the future, and this tiny tesla would not have the purpose of transporting people from point a to point b. But instead moving things like packages, food deliveries and even emergency medical supplies. To give you a sense of what this tiny self driving tassel might look like in five to ten years from now, let’s say that it is approximately the size of a go. Kart has a range of 150 miles, top speed of 90 miles per hour and costs about five thousand dollars for tesla to build. Now this would be a vehicle. Tesla could manufacture at extremely high volumes at a low cost and likely expect a good return on investment. If approved now, of course, the vehicle must be large enough and tall enough to withstand public roads and be seen by human drivers, but assuming this happens, the upside for tesla would be quite amazing. Now before i go any further i’d like to go over an interesting perspective regarding tesla at the moment, people view tesla as a car company, energy provider and etc.

This is true, however, in the future.

The way i view tesla and the way i believe most people should view tesla is as a robotics company and specifically as an autonomous mobility, robotics company running on clean energies. This is tesla’s destination as a company and what will drive its share price higher and grow. Its formidable dominance see if tesla is to become an autonomous ride, sharing company or logistics business. Every self, driving car or machine built by tesla will be specifically defined as a robot, and the definition of a robot is to basically carry out human movements, functions and labor automatically. So, with this being said, once tesla solves its autonomous driving software problem, people right away need to think of tesla as a company whose job is to manufacture millions of robots per year from its gigafactories and the physical appearance of the robots. Tesla crates. In my opinion will start to resemble a modern day, vehicle less and less over time, and this is why today’s episode is so out of the box, because a tiny, tesla robot would not need to be a traditionally shaped or sized vehicle to deliver. Something like pizzas or packages, the economic and financial pressures would start to mold the most perfect, tiny robot to zip across town and deliver you your new sneakers for a hefty little profit. Now because your imagination may be running a little wild now with ideas of a revolutionary tiny tesla, robot let’s draw up a super small and hypothetical illustration to help show the potential profitability of a tiny tesla.

So for our tiny tesla example, we gave it a five thousand dollar price tag already so let’s give it a 10 kilo hour size battery pack, 150 mile range or 15 miles per kilowatt hour of efficiency and with this 15 cents per kilowatt hour costs in electricity And the tiny tesla does 2 000 trips per year with each delivery earning five dollars in revenue and averaging a 10 mile round trip, and with this the vehicle has a 10 year lifespan and tesla pays 3 000 a year in taxes, maintenance and insurance for the Tiny tesla, so the total revenue per year is 10, 000 minus five hundred dollars in depreciation per year, three thousand dollars in maintenance, taxes, insurance and two hundred dollars in electricity costs. After this, we are left over with six thousand three hundred dollars in profits for tesla and to be honest, i’m quite impressed by the hypothetical example in terms of profits, despite the numbers definitely being incorrect based on future business costs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they come close, because basically, what we’ve done in this example is create a sas business model for the logistics business, but with a tiny, autonomous tesla and the tiny autonomous tesla is cheap and profitable to operate, because, unlike a car, doesn’t need Expensive items like airbags, large, tires and etc. Instead it’s a simple low cost robot serving a simple purpose and it doesn’t create as much risk as a large 3000 pound car, for example.

Now, what if tesla could scale this concept by using say one or two gigafactories and have 20 million of these micro tesla robots delivering small items efficiently? If this happened and each one made tesla six thousand dollars in net income, this would equate to 120 billion dollars for tesla per year in net income. If we give this a 25 price earnings, multiple that’s, three trillion dollars in market capitalization and this isn’t, even including tesla’s, future human right sharing business, energy, business or future endeavors. This is why it’s so crucial to start thinking of tesla as an advanced robotics company going forward because, again, once tesla’s, full self driving problem is solved and artificial intelligence is smart enough. It’S likely the transportation industry will undergo a multi decade, transformation where the roads and tunnels are occupied by more than the typical vehicles we see on the roads today, and the people who see this opportunity coming and exploit the technology’s benefits will reap the largest rewards. Tesla’S main long term, future business model will be in placing their prize autonomous software into all sorts of robots, going forward, whether it be for large semi trucks, suv, sedans or small go kart sized robots with no driver. The skies are the limits, however. The tiny robot revolution may prove to be an undervalued and under researched aspect of tesla’s future business. The liability risks would be less maintenance, charging and logistics would simply be superiorly less in costs with a super small micro utility, tesla robot, but long term.

This would greatly expand the economic efficiencies in society and take us a huge step, closer towards being a world with insane automation and production and all the while doing so in a much cleaner way.