I just it’s not what i do, however, i’m not going to talk about it today. However, i want to share with you. This is from business. Insider i’m running it right now. Trump says he told elon musk to build tesla factory in texas, now again i’m, not talking about uh. Now, first of all, am i happy that tesla is building a factory in the united states? Of course, i’m happy it’s great there’s, one in california, there’s one in nevada, the giga, the giga one for the battery there’s, one in upstate, new york in buffalo, upstate, new york for the solar stuff and that’s going to be one in texas, the biggest one in The world, and hopefully in oklahoma, later on, even though they lost on this round and on and on you go i’m all for build in america. I love american stuff, i always buy america and i have a chevy volt made in america. Tesla’S don’t. You are storming to an open door, however, let me so in an interview and in a tweet he said uh that he told elon musk. He told elon musk to build the the uh factory in texas uh. Let me read to you uh. This is a quote from an interview we did. Last week i was with elon musk trump told fox news host sean hannity. I said ilan build the factory in texas.

He just announced that he’s building in texas uh his auto plane and it’s going to be in texas uh we are going.

This is an i’m quoting we are going to make things here, we’re going to make them here, trump says and on and on and on. We go and then he double down as trump usually does, and he tweeted the following great job by at elon musk in agreeing to build uh in texas, all caps uh. What is expected to be the largest auto plane anywhere in the world? True trump said he keep, he keeps saying he kept. His word to me, texas, and at tesla, are big winners made in you in the usa. All cup now all is great. All is let’s, say, it’s, true, okay, all this great holy story, except for one thing that it comes from trump trump. Who said that a windmills give you cancer, he doesn’t he’s a big time, a a climate change denier. He is a big oil and fracking and gas supporter and coal supporter. He said many times. We shouldn’t go electric cars, it’s uh it’s, not the way we should do, we should go. He is the biggest supporter of the oil industry and the gas industry, and all that he hates alternative energy hates it which tesla cars, what it is. So i have no problem with the message. I have a problem with the messenger. This is a guy who never ever support anything renewal, exactly the opposite.