In my opinion, oh fascinating, okay that’s great, so he continues. I want to be fair, i’m going to give you all of the tweets in this thread. So all the elon musk stands don’t have a temper tantrum with me. He also says, as a reminder, i’m in favor of universal basic income goal of government should be to maximize the happiness of the people. Giving each person money allows them to decide what meets their needs rather than the blunt tool of legislation which creates self serving special interests uh. He also says uh. These are jammed uh. These are jammed to gills, with special interest, earmarks it’s fascinating that he’s complaining about that. He also says: if we do a stimulus at all, it should just be direct payments to consumers. Now look. This is a small thing, but i have to mention um that his use of the word consumers is important when you want to understand why people like him and why. A lot of these silicon valley ceos love the idea of universal basic income because they see the working class as consumers and in order for them to stay afloat, consumers need money, but at the same time they often also advocate for gutting the social safety net right. So medicaid, for instance, or social security, and they want to simplify everything by maybe handing everybody a thousand dollars a month or whatever.

The number is um, with the hope that that’ll keep people satisfied enough, so they don’t riot.

But anyway. Let me tell you why i have a problem with this argument, because the way that he has presented it might seem awesome on the surface, but in reality these stimulus bills, aren’t just about giving money to corporations or giving money to average citizens. We were clear in our criticisms about previous stimulus bills. I did not like the fact that there was a lack of transparency when it came to the 500 billion dollars that steve mnuchin could hand out to all his corporate buddies. I do not agree with the federal reserve, printing money and bailing out big banks who then turn around and refuse refinancing to average americans who are looking to tap into lower interest rates. So there are there’s a lot of criticism to go around, but the stimulus bill actually provides funding for all sorts of things that we desperately need, including funding for hospitals, funding for desperately needed ppe for these hospitals. Even the republican draft for the upcoming stimulus bill provided some funding for mental health care and suicide prevention, which is incredibly important, uh right now, considering how many people are suffering from anxiety, depression – and you know, people have committed suicide in the middle of this pandemic. It’S a serious problem also, it includes assistance for small businesses, or at least it’s supposed to include relief for small businesses and that’s important, because there are people who have spent their entire lives, building their small business, whether it’s a hair salon or a restaurant.

And they have been negatively impacted by this and they’re likely to lose everything unless congress acts so to just simply say, like i don’t agree with the stimulus bill, i think it’s all about ear marks, i think, is ridiculous because that’s not really the case, but if You have nuanced criticisms. I would love to hear it. So the folks who say a small government is what we need. Really. I mean that’s, so unsophisticated small government for what what’s what’s the project. So if you say you know, who’s for small government progressives who want to defund the police right that is smaller government progressives are in favor of a smaller government when, because we don’t want endless wars in the middle east or all over the world, what is the Job at hand, so if we’re trying to rebuild the energy infrastructure of this country, then we need a big government or when eisenhower, both in world war ii and rebuilt and building the highway system in this country needed big government. Sometimes you need big government. Sometimes you need small government and what you always need is a brain to figure out which is which so these simplistic ways of looking at it are unsophisticated to say the least and it’s disappointing to see elon musk who’s, very smart in other ways, be this politically Obtuse, let alone hypocritical so when he says in that tweet uh legislation is a blunt district instrument. Universal basic income would also need to be legislation so that doesn’t make any sense at all.

The question is what should be in the legislation. So are we concerned about special interests? There’S literally no one in the country who’s more worried about special interest than we are. I started a whole pack called wolf pack to get money out of politics, because these guys are picking us apart and all the politicians serve them, but that doesn’t mean you should never pass any legislation to help. Americans please, for god’s sake, use your brain now. Let’S get to his hypocrisy so of course he’s a hypocrite uh, because he’s received so much in government stimulus in order to launch his businesses, his multiple businesses, but there was a story out of buffalo new york that really caught my attention. I want to share the details of it with you: it was written in 2019 um and the headline is tesla’s. Buffalo plant gate gets 884 million dollar right down huh. What does that mean? Well, it turns out that the state of new york actually offered tesla a giant amount of money to build its plant and then later uh. That plant was appraised, and let me give you the details on what the appraisal indicated. New york state spent 958.6 million dollars to build tesla’s a solar panel factory in south buffalo and buy a big chunk of the equipment inside now, auditors are saying the building and all that equipment is worth just under 75 million dollars or just eight percent of what The state put into the river bend factory, but we’re not done it, gets worse.

In a series of contract revisions, the state dropped the provision included in earlier agreements that mandated the creation of another 1440 jobs at suppliers and service providers effectively cutting the job impact from the state’s 959 million dollar. Investment in half hopes that the project would spur the creation of a solar energy research hub in buffalo and rochester also failed to pan out. The agreement also failed to set any type of pay standards for the river bend jobs for nearly one billion dollars in taxpayer. Subsidies, it certainly would have been reasonable for the state to insist that the factories jobs pay well may be mandating that eighty percent of the positions pay at least thirty three percent above the area’s median wage or around fifty nine thousand dollars a year. Instead, tesla’s entry level wage is around sixteen dollars an hour or around thirty 33 000 a year sounds like a great investment good job state of new york. I mean just absolute garbage, i i have no interest hearing any com, political commentary from people like elon musk people who have milked the system for their own advantage, and then they turn around in a moment of crisis. When people need economic relief to argue that maybe a stimulus bill doesn’t make any sense, maybe we can give the monkeys some peanuts and they’ll shut up and they won’t complain anymore. You know because we need consumers. Of course i just i have more but go ahead.

Jank so uh look, we did a fun poll on another tyt show elon musk, yes or no uh. You can vote at, elon or you do just slash polls and you’ll get all of them there. They are so right now, no is winning 70 to 30. uh. Okay, i actually voted yes, and so i think elon musk is a complicated, interesting character. Uh. I i think that too many people button hole him, uh and – and so i think, he’s wrong about this and uh. I i want to be clear. So new york made a major mistake in giving a billion, not a million a billion dollars to that project, and it was money that was wasted, so that’s big government that didn’t work. But the federal government um gave less money to tesla. But at the time that they desperately needed it in 2008 and that did work so at that time, they’d, given tesla 465 million dollars and tesla paid that loan back. The government made interest on it and it wound up helping uh, create a car company that is getting off of fossil fuels on the issue of subsidies and earmarks for special interests. Elon musk, who is a complicated and interesting person, deserves a tall glass of shut up juice. After taking billions of dollars in subsidies, you don’t get to talk about subsidies when it goes to other people. Now i mean if you wanted, to give full context in that tweet and say: oh by the way, i’ve taken a billion from new york i’ve taken half a billion from the federal government.

I paid some of it back. I didn’t others were a disaster. Sorry taxpayers! I totally screwed you on that. I mean i can’t begin to tell you how much i screwed you on that. Okay, but in this case i think these particular subsidies are wrong. Well, that’s, an interesting nuanced position that he would have so you won’t be good subsidies. Man i don’t, like legislation, proves beyond a shadow of a dial that you could be really smart in some areas and a total moron in others, elon musk’s uh. You know, businesses have received a total of 4.9 billion dollars in government subsidies um. So jank you mentioned the 465 million that tesla received from the obama administration um in 2009, but overall elon musk’s growing empire is fueled by 4.9 billion dollars in government subsidies. Look in the post game! I want to give you guys even more context, because the federal government has to spend a lot of money on uh, promoting green energy. Did it work oh i’m, going to give you the numbers? The numbers are actually really interesting and a little surprising. So i i was surprised by them, so the post games for the members slash, join or if you’re, watching on youtube. You just hit the join button underneath uh make sure you get at least the 499 level. So you can get the post games because that’s really important lesson for all of us to learn: it’s, not just about elon musk it’s about what the government can and can’t do so we’ll talk about it for the members, thanks for watching the young.

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