The thing bernie sanders came out and blasted the dude, and so is everybody else, because he’s flailing and failing to defend himself going out there saying oh we’ll coo, whoever we want well isn’t that nice removing the veil pulling back sheet lifting the mask that’s, exactly what You did you’re a class antagonist, a classical classist in an ignorant imperialist. Just like the rest of these knuckle dragon, mongrels you’re, a caveman, okay here’s, the thing i don’t dislike elon musk, because he’s unintelligent. I think he is intelligent. I don’t dislike him because he’s unattractive and unathletic those things may be true. I don’t dislike him because he’s a sissy or a mama’s boy or a back alley, bum those things may all be true. They seemed it seems to be so. Okay, he doesn’t exactly have the best logic and reason and rationale behind his arguments: he’s a little reactionary, that’s. My issue: the reactionary nonsense, the mindless contrarianism, okay, the actual class antagonism that he’s engaging in he is a trust fund chump whose family got their money from apartheid; a trust fund chump in a union busting bum, okay, a silver spoon fed bully who should have had His ass whooped a long time ago, if somebody would have kicked him in the head, 30 or 40 times about 30 or 40 years ago, he might have been a halfway. Decent individual might have been a half way decent human being, but it may just be too late.

Here’S the thing i’m going to read to you what bernie sanders had to say to him, then we’re going to go from there. We got a lot more to cover. Now bernie sanders response to elon musk. This is elon musk. Yesterday. Another government stimulus package is not in the best interest of the people. In my opinion, really not in the best interest of the people. You need a government stimulus package fully focused on the people. That’S what’s, in their best interest, you need to make sure that they are getting their unemployment they’re, getting their unextended unemployment, which they still aren’t because of our antiquated systems. Our pathetic infrastructure are under manned institutions that are supposed to serve the people. Whenever you have an institution that’s supposed to brutalize people, it’s always well funded it’s, always well mannered, whether it’s freaking the prison system. Although they kind of leave the ceos hanging out there or it’s the police or it’s the military or it’s, the surveillance state, you name it bloated mess, oh, but when it’s something for the people, so that we can get out stimulus checks on the first and fifteenth Of every month, or so that we can get out, people’s unemployment claims. Imagine thinking that people do not need a stimulus when they can’t even get the money that they are entitled to. Unemployment insurance is insurance. You paid it that’s your insurance. That stimulus money is yours. Anyways let’s keep it real.

If you want to get right down to you, pay local state, federal taxes, sales taxes license on everything you help fund the debt you’re, the ones that keep the country going around with consuming and working, and that is your money. So when there’s a pandemic and there’s a recession, it must be given up to you not the crooks on k street and not the freaking wannabes on wall street now here’s the thing for 18 weeks in a row over a million people have filed for unemployment insurance Over a million people have filed for unemployment insurance for 18 weeks in a row for the first time. Imagine that not 18 weeks in a row, a million people for the first time and then they will exhaust their benefits and things of that nature and they’re. All in arrears right now, it’s all in our rears they’re all waiting on their freaking money. I know a pile of people waiting on their money because state governments can’t get it done. The federal government can’t get it done. None of y’all can get it done. You’Re, derelict of your duty and it’s a joke: i’ve been laughing since you’ve, gotten power, trust von chump i’ve been laughing since the right wing took back power, not that the center right was doing very well either they were doing a pretty pathetic job. If you ask me, so you have 18 weeks in a row of that 32 percent of americans could not pay their rent in july before the recession started in february, which was before the pandemic.

You already had about 20 million people without health care. Now you have 20 million more. Without it, people can’t afford to live, they haven’t been able to pay their rent. They were living paycheck to paycheck. Anyway, before the recession, they couldn’t afford a thousand dollar emergency. Before the recession. They were on edge before the recession. It’S. A disaster – and you want to talk about people don’t – need bailed out, you’re a mess you’re, a mindless idiot. How dare you sitting on that bank of stolen money? You union busting bum trust fund chump that got your money from apartheid. Now let’s see what bernie sanders had to say what a hypocrite, elon musk has received billions in corporate welfare from u.s taxpayers. Now he wants to stop thirty million americans who lost jobs from receiving six hundred dollars, it’s just six hundred dollars a week in unemployment benefits, while his wealth has gone up by 46.7 billion over the past four months. Pathetic is right. Pathetic is right. Thank you. Bernie sanders i haven’t been very happy with you recently. I don’t even follow you online anymore or anything like that kind of got sick of hearing about it, but that you’re damn right right there. That tweet got 341 000 likes in 82, 000. 83. 000. Retweets love. It expose this every chance you get every single one of you with a platform. I don’t care. If you got negative 12 followers like me, exposed this bum.

He picked the wrong to mess with it’s a fist fight in a phone booth. Right now we are coming to a head. Nothing has ever been like this in our history as it pertains to a pandemic and a recession in working class riots rolled up into one riots and protests and demonstrations against police brutality that were met with by more in escalated, police brutality, it’s a joke people, like A elitist elon musk are a joke. They’Re, a bunch of clowns. You might as well freaking, stick a red nose on them and give them a shoe size. Freaking, 10 sizes too big. It is a mess, and you know what else he said: let’s! Listen to what else this liar, who needs lithium, had to say about the great nation of bolivia, this douchebag, he got responded to when he said that by someone else, okay – and they said you know what wasn’t in the best interest of the people, the us government, Organizing a coup against avon morales and bolivia, so you could obtain the lithium there and before i go on we’re, taking back bolivia for the people we’re taking back bolivia for the workers, you can book it. I said it months ago: i’ll say it again: we’re gon na stomp them in the elections. Janine nani ain’t got a chance, she’s finito. You know what all these clowns are done. Camacho you’re out of here after this election buddy, i guarantee you we’re.

Coming for all you, you stole the institutions of government with the backing of foreign crooks and criminals were taking it back for the people period. Elon musk responds to this like a little punk ass bitch and says we will coo whoever we want deal with it that’s. What we’re going to do elon we’re going to throw war criminals in folks who’s, who absolutely support crimes against humanity like you into a cage and when you’re in that cage being poked and prodded by science students? Maybe you actually will contribute to humanity from once, because lord knows you ain’t done nothing yet boy. You ain’t nigga, tesla buddy, you ain’t, nikola, tesla you’re, just naming your car after him, okay, let’s, keep it real. This guy thinks he’s some sort of genius. Simple minded prick also we get our lithium from australia a little late for that buddy a little late. You kind of admitted already that it doesn’t matter you’re an imperialist, a militarist, a nationalist. You belong in freaking, ward, 5 at broadmoor. You belong in ward 2. At bellevue. You belong in ward 1 of whispering pines. You don’t belong having contact with human people. You really don’t. Well, i don’t know what other kind of people are. Any human contact you’re not just unfit to be freaking in charge of some organization, you’re unfit for human contact. You’Re a mess boy holy let’s, get let’s let’s, see what else elon musk had to say uh.

That makes him such a genius. Oh, my god, 2. 12 a.m. March. 7Th. 2020. The coronavirus panic is dumb. Is it is it what you got to say about that? Now you ever eat crow, you every crow that’s what you should be doing now. You should be coming back and say: no. This is an absolute disaster. I was wrong, i admitted i was wrong. What did i say if you watch this channel? You know i admitted i was wrong. Okay, because i thought it was just going to be another swine flu or avian flu or what have you and, of course, it’s? Worse than all of those combined worse than swine flu, avian flu ebola zika sars mirrors, although this is a sars as well combined worse than all of them, combined throw the seasonal flu on top of there, still worse than them, and it’s only been four months. You’Re. A back alley, bum that you could find anywhere in any village, hamlet, county town, city country. You are a preschool punk unenlightened halfway, an ignorant imbecile and i don’t know why you have like 38 million followers on twitter it’s. Absolutely outrageous. We give morons like this platforms to spew mindless drivel to the masses, while intelligent folks scream into the void and i’m. Not talking about me. Okay, although i guess i i technically count. I have a small channel. I have about negative 27 followers on here. You get the deal but think about it.

You really do have some intelligent folks out there. Chris hedges, george galloway, richard wolf, although they’re getting bigger and bigger people, are starting to realize something’s, going on here, we’re having a shift into zeitgeist, which is exactly what needs to happen, a shift in the lexicon, which is exactly what needs to happen. Idiots like this need to be persona non grata. Okay, he needs to be shamed. He needs to hang his head in shame for perpetuity, but you know what i always say. You know what i always say these folks. These cretans, like elon musk wouldn’t, do things so shameful if they were not so shameless. You know that’s true, you know that’s right guys this guy’s hanging around look at this. I wrote something down here: he’s hanging. He was hanging out with uh jalane maxwell, got busted and then wants to pretend like there’s something wrong with us for pointing it out for pointing out the hypocrisy. The only reason this guy ever acted like a narco syndicalism was cool. Then he trashed, no chomsky by the way cuckoo is because he was trying to outflank people on unionization that’s what he was trying to do now you could say: hey mike, you tried to do that as well, but to be fair, i was talking about tyt. I thought tyt should have did a worker, co op and i do think you should have worker co ops everywhere and even if you have a union, you should have rank and file syndicates rank and file committees all right i’m.

Nothing like this guy he’s, nothing like libertarian socialist he’s, not even a libertarian capitalist he’s, a economic royalist and an imperialist like i said: he’s a sissy he’s, a back alley bomb and he’s, a preschool punk he’s, a fake, tough guy and a wannabe wise guy, guys.