From the early 2000s, it seems the race to acquire money and territories is a regular part of everyday conversation. Now and people are now more concerned about acquiring planets in 2015, when we watched the martian, the survival of matt damon seemed to be a bone, tired one on mars, but extraordinarily little did. We know that this would turn into reality someday, while life on earth observes destruction caused by the kovid 19 pandemic, and people around the world are finding ways to overcome it. There are moguls challenging the destruction at multi planetary levels, improving the chances of human existence on both planets, but before we dive deeper into the race to colonize mars, do give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon so you’ll. Never miss a new treat from us. The eventful year of 2020 will see a lot of interplanetary launches from earth to mars, which include nasa’s, perseverance, rover, the united arab emirates, hope china’s, ghosting, 1 or hx1, and the exomars rover by the european and russian space agencies. Esa and ross cosmos, however, while the exomars rover has been delayed because of problematic parachutes, the likes of other launches are expected to reach mars by early 2021. Now, why is everyone keen for their interplanetary mission to be in 2020? Is it because mars is offering a welcome sale, nope it’s because of a mechanism called home and transfer orbit, which states that the starting and meeting point of the celestial bodies of earth and mars need to be perfectly aligned in order to efficiently reach mars at a Lower cost the launch window is only around two to three weeks and it happens once every 26 months with the latest one being mid 2020.

The race to colonize mars, has already been in the news for a while now and elon musk. The ceo of spacex was the one the oddsmakers bid on while jeff bezos earned its adversary role now let’s find out what’s on their minds and unravel their plans. Elon musk first visualized, the venture in september 2016, when he unveiled the futuristic human colonies on mars. At the 67th international astronautical congress held in mexico by the year 2050 elon musk plans for 1 million inhabitants on mars, and if everything goes according to his plans, the world can witness a mini adelaide in another world at the closing of the third decade. From now and the master plan is already starting, elon musk bets heavily on starship the heart of his space x. The first reusable super hefty launch vehicle has been under development since 2012 and was scheduled to launch in the year 2020. But chances are higher that it will be postponed. The interplanetary transport vehicle can be used to travel anywhere in the world or we can even say anywhere in the solar system. With breakneck speed, the million dollar missile is as tall as a 35 story. Skyscraper capable of shuttling 100 people at a time, elon musk hopes to build 1 000 of these big falcon rockets, and given the fact that it will be used to launch humans to mars, they are made with zero turbulence and can survive the worst climatic conditions. Safety is a priority now, if you feel the transport system is ready and you can pack your bags and leave for mars.

I’M. Sorry we’re, not quite there yet mars, is currently considered the most favorable planet in the solar system, where humans can aim to live, but the red sphere is certainly not yet ready to pull life from its neighboring planet and in case one fine morning. You find yourself 143 million miles away from earth on the rocky planet. Beware of the dust storms jabbing you at 100 miles per hour with toxic soil all around you! Well, if you can survive that i’m sure the scarcity of water and close to zero level of oxygen won’t allow you to live in peace, not to mention the space radiation, which will help in weakening your muscles bones and your immune system. You see a lot needs to be answered before a human can step foot onto the planet next door and musk has a well thought out plan to overcome it. The starship will be followed by two cargo shuttles in 2022 to find the best source of water. There is water on the planet, but it’s confined in ice deposits, deep beneath the scarlet surface on the mission’s success. Another two cargo ships will be launched in the year 2024., this time with an additional two crude ships and the goal will be to build solar panels. Mine and refine water and remove carbon dioxide from the aerosphere to create oxygen. While musk says each starship can be reused 100 times it seems only 10 ferries of 1000 starships carrying 100 people.

Each is enough to reach his goal of 1 million people on mars. The dream is to start with a small village and after that, a town which will later convert into a bustling metropolis. The cost to build this speculative city is estimated to be around 100 billion dollars, which is going to jump into trillions without warning. While there is about a 70 percent chance that he can personally visit the adjacent terran musk is leaving no stone unturned for adding a redder destination to our bucket list. Another contender in the race following his dreams for two decades is the richest man on the planet. Currently and the founder of the american aerospace company blue origin, jeff bezos, while musk is planning to dispatch humans to mars as early as 2024, it seems bezos, on the other hand, has included the mars mission on his long term. Docket and as aerospace company blue origin is currently focusing on the space race. The route might be different, but the goal is the same. The red planet, according to bezos, reaching mars before going back to the moon, is an illusion. The moon is the fastest way to reach mars. The first step make life on the moon, stable, jeff, bezos dreams. One day a trillion, people will live and work in space, he’ll create space colonies where life will be much better and more advanced than life on earth. The second step get supplies to the moon. Last year, bezos unveiled the blue moon lander, created by his company blue origin.

The monster vehicle will help deliver payloads along with human beings to the lunar surface. The third step the mission for mars, is to start from earth. Take a stop at the moon, get the supplies on board refuel the rocket and make its way to mars. It’S that simple bezos says skipping steps slows you down, it’s seductive, but ultimately wrong and it’s, no secret. That elon musk also understands the importance of the moon. As he hopes to build a permanently occupied human base on earth’s natural satellite musk says he wants to reach the moon as fast as possible, and actions speak louder than words. For instance, spacex is planning to reach the moon in 2023, with its first ever tourist flight. The 21st century space race is on while life on the moon by all means seems inevitable in the near future. Both musk and bezos will run for their dominance on mars, but they’re, not the only ones dreaming of a multi planetary species in the future. There are others aligned in their aspiration, which includes nasa and the boeing company elon musk the rabbit with his agile movements seems to be the one in the head in the race to colonize mars, considering his rivals tortoise like movements, but it takes seconds to get things Out of your hand, when you’re out of the blue and the vigilant bezos knows it, the dreams of these tycoons indicate that probably a decade from now, we will see humans conquering both the moon and mars.