Welcome back dear friends, this is armin haryan from talknews.com, i hope you’re having a great day if you are here for the first time. Please look around our channel subscribe to our channel and also ring the bell, so you may be notified when i upload our next story. It is well known in the electric car community that elon musk detests traditional advertising. The tesla ceo has emphasized for years. That tesla does not advertise or pay for endorsements; instead, the company simply utilizes its resources to ensure that his products are great. If a recent comment is in indication, however, it appears that elon musk may be softening up a bit when it comes to his stance on advertising and may have changed its mind. The ceo comments were recently related as a response to an article from fellow electric vehicle news outlet, clean technica, which covered the recent price reduction of tesla’s solar solution. After commenting that it’s still better to put the money into the product than sales and marketing elon musk noted that eventually tesla should probably do some advertising to support what he says quote: high quality media. This is quite a statement from the ceo who has been anti advertisement in the past in that article by cleantechnica. The author writes, i called sandron and had them come and come out to my house and they use some software to design a system to replace my electricity use.

So this is the system and others they use, and this is the system they and others use.

First, advertise to get leads that’s. How probably this person got the leads second design a system to meet your needs and third pay commission sales representative to sell you on solar products. I didn’t find the sales tactics of the non tesla companies, bad or dishonest, but they definitely add a lot to the cost of solar in the solar energy industries association. A cia report last updated june 11 2020. The supply chain overhead and margin are listed as over. Half of the average industry costs of 2.83 dollars per installed. What elon musk’s references about supporting high quality media advertisement open a lot of opportunities for the electric car maker. The ceo, after all, is a known supporter of non traditional media sources, as evidenced by his overt support for prolific podcaster, joe rogan, whose approach to information dissemination is quite different from mainstream media. References to art and entertainment also invoke past programs from the company, such as project love day, where the tesla community was tapped to create compelling videos featuring the company’s products. So clean technica replied to elon musk tweeted writing, but but if you ever do put it into sales and marketing, we know a good media site for that. Elon musk responded and wrote at some point. We should probably do advertising as art communication entertainment and to support high quality media. The topic of tesla advertisement has been expressed for some time now at one point being discussed directly at an annual shareholder meeting during the event, some tesla shareholders, even voluntaries volunteered to utilize their own resources for the company’s advertising.

Push musk, for his part, stated that he has reservations about advertising due to the level of trickery that usually goes with the practice of advertising. Nevertheless, the ceo did admit later on on that. Tesla could have advertising for information to refute misinformation, and here lies a key reason behind the push for tesla’s advertising efforts. The company is in calmer borders now compared to last year, but there is still no shortage of negativity surrounding tesla and elon musk. A lot of the negativities, such as the perception that electric cars are more harmful to the environment or that tesla vehicles start at over one hundred thousand dollars or that elon musk is a fraud are surprisingly prevalent until today. The majority of these are easily debunked. If tesla has a serious anti misinformation campaign, what is quite interesting is that tesla does not really have to advertise itself in the traditional sense, the company could simply focus on setting the record straight with regards to the negativity that surrounds it. Examples of these could include the proper utilization of autopilot and the full self driving suit two of the company’s products that attract a significant amount of ire from critics. These little campaigns could go a long way in ensuring that the right information is available online and out in the open. Tesla is now at a point where it has two mass market vehicles that could compete with other reasonably priced premium. Vehicles on the market model 3 and model y, and if reports are accurate, it appears that the company is looking to release an even more affordable vehicle in the future, and i have report on that that possibly in in india tesla is now the largest automaker in The world by market cap and its growth and its growth is unlikely to stop any time in the near future.

With its mind, with this in mind, it might soon be the right time for the company to push forward even more, even even more, even if it has to advertise in the process. Tesla has always been a polarizing polarizing for mainstream media, though it is difficult not to notice that the narrative surrounding the company has gotten more negative over the past few months. A prevailing negative slant form from mainstream coverage has become notable lately, as is a dismissal of breakthrough from the company. A perfect example of this could be found in the little coverage being given to gigafactory 3 potential record setting uh build out in shanghai and close coverage. Given to every tesla fire or accident, or even kika, berlin, like i like how many uh companies or media outlets in the uh traditional sense cover the giga burning it’s said, but these add to misconception that tesla is consistently a hot mess or that it its cars, Are equally bad or that the company is being led by an unstable leader who’s, but a few steps away from being mad. These are, of course, untrue, but it would take the layman a lot of effort and research to reach this conclusion at this point. Tesla needs a way to battle and correct the misinformation surrounding itself, and the perfect way to do this would be through actual advertisement in this slide adds promoting and explaining autopilot, for example, could be at the forefront of this initiative.

Tesla has to go beyond word of mouth friends. Overall, word of mouth is an incredible powerful tool and it has served tesla well with the campaign entering the mass market with the model 3 and later on. The model y. The time might be right for tesla. To start adopting, at least to certain degree, information campaigns that are effectively used by its competitors. Tesla vehicles are among the safest, most advanced, most fun vehicles on the road, but until the public becomes fully aware of this, the company’s electric cars will mostly remain as niche vehicles with the right information with the right advertising. Perhaps the public will finally perceive teslas the way they are meant to be perceived as vehicles designed to accelerate the shift to sustainable transportation. Think of it, this way, tesla’s brand, has reached this point with word of mouth alone. Just imagine what it could do with a boost from smart, targeted advertising campaigns, and also i wanted to add that, for this upcoming shareholder meeting, the shareholders had a proposal for tesla to add budget for advertising. The shareholder proposed budget was that tesla could add 50 dollars per per car on advertising and marketing and promotion tesla makes about 500 000 cars a year, so maybe the the shareholder proposal is to set aside 50 million dollar yearly advertising budget, and we don’t know whether Tesla will be able to do that, but when tesla released, the questions and topics for shareholder meeting said that the management at the time this was two to two months ago or so that at the time the management was against this proposal.

But the shareholders are also going to vote for it, but uh it looks like elon. Musk now is softening his uh. His stance against, in terms of when it comes to tesla advertising and let’s, see how it goes. Maybe this will be one of the cases where the management is against something tesla management is against something, but tesla management has also softened its position on advertising and with tesla stock being that high and tesla having so much cash um in in its account. Maybe they can set aside 50 or 70 million dollars or so on, advertising to change the public’s perception about tesla cars – and i say this with uh with a little bit disclosure because uh my channel probably will also through youtube um benefit from tesla advertising, but i’m. Not saying that in mind, but also for tesla um to benefit like i said, uh going word of mouth is a great thing, but imagine what tesla could do if it’s that they did little advertising push to high quality media and that’s already for tesla’s marketing department To decide where they will do their advertising. Well, friends, let me know what you think about tesla advertising should tesla do or should not. What are the pros and both cons, and this is armin harian from talknews.com have a wonderful day.