It was all about discipline, resilience, fights and then how lethal can we be when chances do present themselves and – and we were thankfully aubameyang – delivered to two lovely finishes when when when we really needed them so yeah now this tonight was a triumph. I think for mikalateta to get the better of pep guardiola, the guy that taught him so much at manchester city will feel so so good, but but the players they did it for the coach tonight. They went out and executed his instructions perfectly. It was a joy to watch loved it yeah and we’re, seeing uh pictures at wembley still nicolas congratulating or taking congratulations from all of his staff uh and just a few moments ago there was pictures of david luiz uh. It looked like he was coaching at ainsley, maitland, niles um. Obviously you know he’s a the senior statesman in that defense, david luiz he’s been around the block uh and he’s. Given the youngster a little bit of advice. Well, yeah yeah, just you couldn’t put the ball away. I guess, but though david louise tonight was was immense, no doubt about it, david luiz had what did he have? He had a a one or two out of ten against manchester city at the etihad stadium. A few weeks ago tonight it was a 10 out of 10.. He was, i think, that’s the best performance i’ve seen from him in an arsenal, shirt and maybe in several seasons.

He has got these inspirational displays in him, the brazilian and tonight he just put his head on everything and he blocked everything and he was brave. He anticipated it was. It was stellar from him, but not just him from from from everybody, really yeah, so so good we’re, seeing the uh the wembley arch lit up in red, and that is exactly what i wanted to see this evening. Uh arsenal heading back to wembley for a cup final it’s not going to be uh easy, though manchester, united or chelsea in the final, but we can sing she wore a yellow ribbon. Even though it’s not the merry month of may uh, it has to be said because of what’s happened, it’ll be the merry month of august. Will it be yeah it doesn’t even rhyme? Does it yeah it’s not as good uh right and what we’ve been doing uh since the restart is we have been uh discussing three things that we’ve learned from each of our performances and tonight uh let’s start with thing number one that we’ve learned from today’s game And it is this: granite: jacker produces a career, defining performance in an arsenal, shirt a great game for granite this evening and yeah it didn’t go unnoticed. Online granit xhaka has been phenomenal tonight, he’s, so crucial to the way we play and so underrated by many arsenal fans that’s from now arsenal, um, afc, amden or afc camden, one of the two.

I always get this one wrong cause. It could be many uh. Jacques positioning has been elite, absolute monster yeah. He had a great game tonight, adrian yeah, truly great performance from granit xhaka. His positioning was perfect. It really was. He got himself into the right areas. Every single time anticipated things he he defended. Like i said, a half when we needed him to, but he also unimpressed and won the ball high up the pitch and his passing was exemplary. I think he only gave the ball away once in the whole match and when you’re playing against manchester city. That is near on impossible to achieve so. Granit xhaka was a monster tonight. He was brilliant and and and it’s a triumph for him as well as michael arteta, because he’s come back from a position where he felt that he was being effectively handed out. The club, by a section of critical supporters, he was given a second chance and he has grabbed it with both hands and he’s, a better player now than at any other stage of his arsenal, career he’s, he’s, a leader, and he and he doesn’t, wear the armband Anymore, but it doesn’t matter because he’s got the right attitude and, and tonight he he led by example, it’s just a real shame. You know, based on you know what happened the unsavory scenes we saw at the emirates when granit xhaka was being subbed off on that it’s. Just a shame, since the restart – and you know his um rediscovery – i guess of this – this form and and how well he’s playing it’s a shame that the fans aren’t there to show him some appreciation.

Because let me tell you on social media. It is full of praise for granite jacob yeah. He can unblock all those people. He blocked it. Back back in late 2019, carny granite jacket, it’s safe to go on social media for him now for sure look he deserves to laugh and i’m sure that he will get to hear about about what’s happening online and but but look i said at the time i Said there is a way back for granny jacka he’s got to get there onto the pitch and play to his potential and and play for the badge play for you play for that badge like he did tonight and and the fans will love you and, and they Do again it’s brilliant yeah, didn’t tony adams? Have that famous quote you play for the name on the front of the shirt and they’ll? Remember the name on the back, so we’ll have to see what happens there right point number two that we’ve taken from today’s game. Then is this: our most challenging season in recent memory could still end with silverware it’s a big could, but at the end of the day you know lots of people showing some love for mikhail arteta online. For what he’s getting out of these players, uh b rad, saying arteta has taken the liver performance performance and added better transitions. It’S such a good thing to see progress, progress, every game now essentially uh and i think we’ve got one more to see.

Before i hand it over to you ad um from afc thoughts, we’re playing some lovely football, the philosophy is clear: in our tetter, we trust yeah, you i think you mentioned it in commentary didn’t. You dan asked you, did you prefer the liverpool performance or the man city performance this evening? Uh and the man 61 was better, but we did basically we again. We mentioned this after the liverpool game, used it as a blueprint for tonight’s game. It was perfect practice. It was, it was a 45 minute, workout wasn’t it in the second half against liverpool that readied the team for for what to expect against manchester city, and they were even better tonight. It was. It was perfect in the in the way that the team defended as a unit absolutely glorious and mickey lotte to deserve so much credit. He has made progress game on game you’re, not going to always get the right result, but but as long as you can see that things are heading in the right direction and i think most people can. I did an interview recently on american radio with rodney marsh. Obviously a legend of english football and – and he said to me basically he was saying that arteta is not all that he’s bland he’s not got much in his locker. He labeled arsenal a mid table team. I think maybe he was tongue in cheek. I don’t know, but i i stuck up for a second i said, come on guys.

I don’t think you’re watching closely enough. Arteta is making such a difference to to to individual players, he’s improving them and uh he’s he’s brought in a lot of discipline to the team and the way that they operate and tactically we we are more complicated now for opponents. They can’t quite get a grasp on what we’re trying to achieve and and trying to. Second guess on our set aside is, is not an easy thing to do. It gives us an advantage so yeah. I i think this is a young coach that to be proud of really and i’m excited for the future. Yeah and he’s definitely hands on. As you say, you can hear him because you know we’ve got the the the stadium atmos without any of the fake crowd. Noise or whatever you can hear him coaching certain players through pretty much the whole 90 minutes. Danny ceballos is on the receiving end of arteta instructions every five seconds. Oh i do he would do my head in yeah. He should wear headphones or something and he survives but yeah or earplugs, but uh. He obviously can handle it and that’s fine, because yeah but look he’s just he’s got. He has got the passion there. He’S he’s he’s, a very enthusiastic coach. You can tell he’s a coach he’s, a coach, but also a good, a good with people, he’s he’s, a very likable person, i’ll tell you, and it feels to me from the outside.

Looking in that the lads really like and respect yeah very much so and it’s. What a lot of arsenal fans wanted to see? You know after having arsene wenger at the club for many years, he wasn’t necessarily, you know the uh, the most vocal on the touchline or handing out the most instructions. Now we’ve got a man who is relentless he’s non stop, so you know i’m looking forward to seeing what arteta can produce out of these players with his hands on approach right. The third and final thing that we’ve taken from today’s game is this: with our backs against the wall, our defense stands tall. It rhymes, i don’t know if it was meant to rhyme but um great defensive performance. Today, mustafi and louise look so much more comfortable defending this way, there’s, no more we’re arsenal. We should be dominating games. We don’t defend our own box attitude about them now, they’re, looking measured, intelligent, confident in their actions, really good signs from the tactical times there and amarka says arsenal playing and defending like an elite club, great defensive performance tonight, adrian for the defensive purists. That was that was uh lovely stuff. It was epic really silly wasn’t it in terms of everything that we did defensively was was how it should be. I grew up as a young boy. You know in the junior teams at arsenal watching george graham’s arsenal, and i ended up coming through and playing once under george, but it was about grittiness.

It was about good organization fight character. Those are the traits that that set arsenal apart from many others. At that point – and it was the platform for which arsene wenger kicked on and transformed us in terms of the style of football. So so it pleases me and i think, a lot of people of my generation to see arsenal go back to those values. Those traditional values and and look we’ve still got great players going forward and we can still play swashbuckling football when it’s on to do so. Look at the goals we scored. No one can tell us that that wasn’t good football, but but you can always you don’t – have to sacrifice great defending or a focus on defense um for great football. You can have both and and arsenal tonight displayed those qualities and uh i’m sure every gooner out there is just bursting with pride at that performance. It was. It was so good to watch yeah speaking of every gooner out there right now, um. We should launch an appeal on this show for them to all chip in, so we make sure we keep pierre emerick aubameyang at the club. He is just so important for us isn’t. He he is yeah, look i’m sure he loves it here i mean you know. I get that impression, but but you only have one career don’t, you and it’s a big decision for him to make um, but we we love him and and yeah.

He can etch his name in the club’s history can’t. If he sticks around and – and hopefully a night like tonight will just make him feel that okay, we might miss out on europe, or we might not be in the league position we want at the moment, but under this manager i think actually it’s worth sticking around For and i think that we can challenge for silverware and look, he could lead, he could win silverware um in august couldn’t. He with it with the final chelsea against manchester united look on paper. Neither side are as good as manchester city so so in my mind, we’ve we’ve got at least a 50 50 chance of of winning the cup for the 14th time. How good would that be we’re, no longer joint record finalists by the way we’re into our 21st final? No one has been in as many as the arsenal, so um yeah it’s another another little tick for us. What a great performance this evening – and i agree with you, lady, i think we’ve knocked out the favorites uh this evening. So therefore by the the rules of how me and my brother used to play games when we were younger. That makes us the favorites makes us the favorites for the fa cup and the the premier league champions, because we beat liverpool the other night. So absolutely look it doesn’t, really matter who play i. I would actually quite fancy this against either um.

Both are dangerous. Clearly, um chelsea we’ve had a cup final against them not so long ago. So personally, i’d probably choose united and – and i think they’ve got a tough attack to handle, but i certainly think we can score goals against manchester united yeah we’ll watch. This space uh we’ll, of course be with you on the breakdown live four cup final day. Adrian. Thank you very much as always for keeping me company this evening and thank you uh for watching the breakdown live here on We will be back for our next game we’re here for every single arsenal game, our next game. We travel to villa park to take on aston villa two more games left in the premier league season. We need maximum points really catch us. As i say, on arsenal.