Stephen smith frustrated. He didn’t get over the top of that cut, shot a little bit of extra bounce for the leg break bowler. Maybe and hafiz takes the catch that’s, the bounce, oh bowling, that does the job very nicely. The main warrior is being taken out of the equation: warner dismissed what a big wicket just pulling wider just trying to open the face, and just after after a session one, there here’s a big he o’keeffe and the captain comes running around and takes a very comfortable Catch to finish, the innings have a big appeal. Richard cattlebra has got the index finger up here, clark with a big sigh there big shout this one too, yes, there’s the index finger from rachel, kettleberry, well, it’s all happening. Let’S have a look. Another look didn’t! Even look for review on this occasions: oh did it spin back enough to take the league start, the upper? I thought it did yeah oh he’s caught it. Has that gone into the ground. Is it a bump ball and now up? Oh that’s out that’s uh, pitched yep clipped gon na be gone. There is that eighth one they have been a gutsy 55. aussies are now once oh there’s. A stumping appeal sufferers are made is absolutely convinced there. It suffers very confident and but i’m not knowing along, is any part of his foot behind the line, even a fraction of the foot and it’s not out goodness me what’s nigel long’s decision going to be Applause.

Oh that’s, a beauty, the googly he’d pull the big leg spinner earlier in the over, so you could say tastic bowling inside edge. It just didn’t turn as much as he thought. There’S been a couple of big turners and that’s wording. New gloves on it. It’S gone straight up in the air square leg is under it and takes the catch mohammed hafiz, this magical hundred Music – oh no! Oh, that is unfortunate, but a ball hitting him on that’s. Okay, i just thought an impact. Did it slide on too much? Did it straighten either so it hits in line? Does it go on to hit the stamps he’s been given out high because he is picked up a wicket? Oh yes, it’s another plate on pakistan, red hot he’s done him in length again. He’S got a cross on a ball through his legs hits the leg barrel and more to it. Yes, he has done it again getting nowhere in the end, he tried his hand as hitting at hitting him over towards midwicket, missed it by a long one, hello, everybody and thanks for joining us, we are all set for the first day of the cricket summer in South africa, it is the first sunfoil test. It is obviously south africa versus bangladesh nicely played no one down there good work from uh. I don’t think he wanted her to go for six, but he’ll certainly make that no one down there, no protection whatsoever.

So why not play that shot good stuff from elga that’s a safe shot? I mean up on the leg side. Full angle down. All you have to do is get a bit of bat in it i’m with you, i don’t think he meant it to go.