Oh short, arm jab short arm jab for four full delivery, that’s a throw down that really is a throwdown it’s, a good punch, you’re going to get boundaries. If you play straight here at cardiff Applause there he comes out of his bunker gone. He has his first odi wicket, eventually, Applause all put down just pulled. It was high way to the right. Let’S pour drag down roots quickly onto it, that’s exactly what johnny bastog can do. It’S, all brilliant bit of captaincy got the slip in place. That’S it one that should be taken, it’s going to be comfortable, it is that’s into the gap and a well struck has been dismissed. He gets it over. He gets it over that’s his risk option. All Applause that’s beautifully played vacant area deep and wicked in the air this could be taken. Fielder makes the odds brilliant in the end, absolutely brilliant. I think it was doing just a little too much as rasheed scrambled to the non strikers. Then i think he’s in trouble. Applause straight up in the air stokes uh should be gone from hassan ali Applause. Man out there will travel backwards and takes the catch. Applause and england’s innings has come to an end. They’Re 211. pakistan required 212 runs to win top page and it’s gone. The whole way i think, use of the feet hits it square. This could be a boundary Applause, oh nice, off the back foot punched through the gap and fought best.

Oh wow that sounded good and result is good high in the air. Has it gone all the way? Yes, it is you betcha down the pitch. He goes what a strong shot. That is, one bounce four Applause pulled firmly in front of square. I think this will go for four Applause: another wonderful innings at the top of the order; Applause it’s, a very, very good, shot, Applause, it’s short and wide and azeraly just helps himself to four down to third man’s 50 for azerally, not Applause. How good is that that’s gone let’s enter the gap and we’ll go and hit the fence all dragged on slower ball ball into the pitch up and over. Is it good enough to go all the way yeah? It is Applause the three hit to dealt with and dealt with firmly down the ground. I think they’re going to come in a rush as well. Applause, Music Applause, pakistan have crushed england here in cardiff and have put their place in the final and england are out. Pakistan getting home with 13 overs to spare everybody, and thanks for joining us, we are all set for the first day of the cricket summer in south africa. It is the first sunfoil test that is obviously south africa versus bangladesh nicely played no one down there. Good work from d naught: i don’t think he wanted her to go for six, but he’ll certainly make that no one down there, no protection whatsoever.

So why not play that shot good stuff from elga that’s a safe shot? I mean up on the leg side. Full angle down. All you have to do is get a bit of bat in it i’m with you. I don’t think you meant it to go that far, but the ball travels yeah, that’s, good, batting dean olga. He knew it was a low risk shot, especially with the ball angling down the leg side quite get all of it. A little bit of a top edge, but you’ll be happy with that. Dude beautifully played use of the feet, gets to the pitch and that’s the inaugural second, six of the day. Applause plays that shot. Well, dean elgar picked the right delivery as well. He didn’t try and overheat the ball.