What we’re going to be doing is using this tournament mode right here and you can see women’s international. You can see well just normal tournaments in general. What we’re gon na be doing is combining women’s international men’s international. This is a mixed, men’s and women’s world cup. You can see when we go to the team sheets scroll over to international you’ll, see two australian teams. You’Ll see two brazilian teams: you’ll see two canadian teams so on and so forth, with all the men’s and in women’s teams in the game. The goal is to take 16 men’s teams, 16 women’s teams and put both of them together. So we’ll have both england, both spain, both usa and we’re, gon na go for a world cup, the crown, i guess you would say the best international team in the game and as we load in i i know what people are gon na say: they’re gon na Be like yo, b4, the women’s ratings and men’s ratings are different. This doesn’t count, and yes, this is a very unofficial tournament as we go and type in a thief. No capital letters, fifa, world cup – this is very unofficial like yes, the ratings are are different. A lot of these players should be rated different when it comes to being compared to men’s and women’s, but it’s fine we’re, throwing that all out the window today, we’re kind of just here to have a little fun so we’ll make sure all the settings are good Boom boom boom.

I think yes, no team’s advancing for group two. Okay and now i have to go through and make sure all the teams are good, and this actually usually takes like a decent amount of time, because i just got ta go through and make sure everything’s correct, we’ll be right back all right, so i think i’ve Finished, adding them you’ll see both australia, both brazil’s, both canada, both china, both england, both france, both germany and this, is where it um. It gets a little weird because japan doesn’t have a men’s national team in the game, so i’ve just thrown italy in here who doesn’t have a women’s national team in the game, at least not from what i’ve found. So those are the only two outliers in here, but then it goes to mexico’s two netherlands to new zealand, two norways new scotlands, two spains, two swedens and two united states. And, of course, we have to control every single one of them, because the tournament mode’s weird you guys know if you may be watching my video – and this is the first time you’ve seen the tournament mode. If i just were to control one team and go through with them and we were to get grouped and lose, the tournament would end you don’t even get to see who wins it, which is so dumb and we’re. Just gon na sit here and randomize the groups and i’m gon na do it until there isn’t duplicate nations.

In the same group like i don’t want both spain’s in the same group. I want everyone to be different. Okay here we are into it. Let’S check out the groups and i’m gon na struggle with knowing who is who, if it’s men’s, if it’s, women’s that’s gon na, be the big learning curve that we have to come across. Because you can tell some of them by the stars above their badge. But some of them don’t, so it they like they almost all of them – have the same exact logo. So yeah bear with me here: japan, france, netherlands, new zealand. Oh my god excuse me: germany, australia. I definitely know that that’s the women’s usa team, because they have all those stars – the men’s team has absolutely zero stars because we suck brazil, norway, spain and china, mexico, china, oh no, two mexicos in the same group rip. I thought i checked it clearly. I guess i didn’t, i hope, that’s the only one – scotland, france, netherlands, canada, brazil, norway, italy, scotland, spain, england, sweden, usa and then england, canada, australia, germany, so again, it’s going to take us a little bit of time to figure out which is actually which, but one Of the ways i can tell is when i simulate the games, you’ll see that we actually get the lineup, so this is obviously the japanese women’s team against the the dutch men’s team and the winner in game. One of the tournaments is, it goes to the dutch men’s team, all right so like at least for the group stage right here: i’m gon na sim through them off camera, like i’m, just gon na be here going like this all the way through nil, nil right.

There this actually usually takes a good amount of time, which is why i usually do this off camera let’s see who wins this one? This is a big one. The usa women’s team just beats the german men’s team. Oh, my god, we’ll we’ll we’ll be back when the group stage is done with we’ll see in a second wait. Wait wait hold up. We have to see mexico versus mexico and then we’ll swim. The group hold on hold on. We have to see who wins it. If this is nil, nil, i’m gon na be mad. Okay, the men’s team beats the women’s team right all right after the group stage is done, we’ll be we’ll, be right there, oh, my god. Yes we’re done. Oh you guys don’t even realize how long it takes to sit here in sim every single game it’s, so annoying all right, spain and australia, making it through. Okay, oh yeah, and i guess before we even check out who made it here are the goal. Scorers raul jimenez is number one that’s kind of shocking low key. We got griezmann proms heath of the usa, women’s team i’m, not gon na lie as well. I am not really familiar with a lot of the women’s players outside of the usa, so bear with me. I yeah, like i don’t, really know if you guys can help me in the comments. Please be my guest let’s do it. We have the netherlands and france and japan not making it through yo.

I definitely would have thought they did after. I think who did they beat? They beat the netherlands in the first game, but that’s the only one. They ended up winning whoa groupie, no real shocker. Here except the usa, making it through australia making it through. I want to say, that’s the german men’s team that didn’t make it through. That is crazy. The german men’s team got bound wait, no it’s, not no. No, no wait hold on wait. No! No! No! No! No, no! No, that is the german. No! Yes! Yes, it is i’m getting thrown for a loop wait. Did japan beat the netherlands? No? No? No, no! No! What what is happening here! I’M, i’m, so i’m. So confused wait! I feel like a lot of stuff. I just said there was incorrect. I’M. Sorry, if it was my brain is just a mush right now, all right group c, spain in brazil, definitely the spanish women’s team. It has to be definitely the brazil women’s team, mexico and mexico both of the mexican teams right. Fair enough they’re, both making it through france and the netherlands going through, and this one group of brazil against italy, england in spain, of course, the usa isn’t, making it the men’s usa team and then germany and england right there. So yes, um until we actually show you the games on camera, it’s going to be hard to tell whether it’s, men’s or women’s, but look at this france first, france is playing each other that’s crazy.

Both the english teams made it. We saw there. I believe both the spanish teams made it. They did both sure no only one german team, the women’s german team, made it not the men’s usa, italy, both the dutch teams, making it and again like for these games right here, i’m gon na sim through the round of 16 and and then we’ll show you Guys what happens after the round of 16, like we’ll, show you this right here. At the start, the women’s australian team done for they lose to spain, but yeah i’m gon na do all these off camera, except for the mexico. One! Oh and wait. Both french teams were playing each other. I must did i miss that. I must have missed that. No, i didn’t yes, guys. I don’t know what’s happening today. My brain is actually like dead. No, both mexican teams made it but weren’t playing each other. The french teams made it but we’re playing each other i’m, just getting everything confused and the winner here is the men’s team. You know what screw it let’s just show you every match. Here we have the men’s vs women’s here, men’s england, women’s, netherlands. It goes to the men’s teams are dominating in the round of 16 boys um brazil’s team. What, where are all their good players, either injuries, or i think the brazil team is something’s wrong with them. I think they’re just broken in fifa like they never get their best players called up, which is weird and they still win yo.

The women’s teams are just slowly but surely dying off. Okay. This could be the last hope for the women’s team it’s, the usa women’s team against italy. If they lose here. I think they’re done, oh, my god, the women’s teams they did so well in the group stage and they’re just being depleted. I truly don’t know who’s left to save them. Well, we know when one women’s team’s gon na make it through here germany and brazil um. This goes to germany. I really don’t know man. I i think the the women’s teams are just done for at this point. Here we go mexico against spain, women’s vs men’s, and it goes to the men’s mexican team on ben’s bros, the women’s teams. Can’T, hang. I legit think that the only women’s team that remains is the german women’s team, spain, france, england, brazil, italy, germany, netherlands, mexico, a hundred percent i’m i’m, almost 100, that yeah germany’s the only women’s team that remains what is this griezmann? Now your top goal, scorer let’s, get in to the quarterfinals yep, both men’s teams. Here i would assume france, it is france making it through kylian and bappe grabbing himself, some goals. This is it yet another one of two men’s teams squaring off man. What is happening? It’S kind of disappointing, i wanted to see the women’s team fight for this title and this is their last hope: it’s, germany, against italy, who is it it’s, italy, it’s italy, the women’s teams are just terrible, they can’t hang.

I think what we’ve gone on and proved here today. Is it doesn’t matter, your rating, it really doesn’t or i just don’t know i actually thought the women’s team. Would teams would do well? So we have france and brazil here in this semifinal match and i was gon na watch. The final play out live, but i don’t think there’s a need to now. I just don’t the women’s team, it’s it’s not going to be as exciting, because it’s just going to be two men’s teams squaring off and the final is now been decided. Italy wins it italy, a team that shouldn’t even be here they shouldn’t even be here. We saw what happened. They only made it in because japan didn’t have a men’s team and they could actually win the whole thing. It’S brazil, without half of their best players, brazil still wins it. Coutinho is the top goal. Scorer, the closest women player was white. I believe from england i’m not really sure who that is again. I boys that is going to do it for today’s video a bit of a short one today comment section: what are we doing for our next video? Let me know, love you using your guys recommendations and i really appreciate it with that boys catch you guys later: Music, it’s peace, the front of my mind.