Oh it’s, brilliant isn’t. It guys it’s, absolutely brilliant. That now leeds are no longer the banter club. Other clubs are falling apart. You know, we’ve got captains of certain clubs, you know getting themselves into bother: oh it’s, just brilliant it’s, just absolutely brilliant isn’t. It it’s no longer leads in the headlines because leave united back leave united today i’ve got a player back in the in the england squad after 16 years 16 years, since alan smith represented england, whilst playing for leeds calvin phillips now is in the england squad he’s. Finally, got his opportunity after two years, two years have been absolutely outstanding that in that holding midfield role, he’s now guessing his opportunity in in in the england squad absolutely immense to see that happen and look. You know i think, realistically, in a championship, it was never going to happen. You know no matter how well you play in the championship. Realistically you’ve got to do it in the premier league and now he’s got this opportunity because calvin phillips is representing leeds his hometown club, the club he supports. The club he’s played for all his life in the premier league and now he’s got a chance to play for england at euro 2021, where the final stages are actually in england themselves. Imagine being calvin phillips now imagine being carmen phillips. Just imagine it just imagine being calvin phillips, i mean how can he not love calvin phillips? You know he’s just mr leeds, you know i think, since david batty i’ve not seen a leads player, who’s more leeds that’s, all you can say for cam phillips he’s been more leeds than calvin phillips.

You know it’s just impossible. You know he puts his foot in passes. The ball passion, just everything you want from alicia – is footballer he’s, just perfect in every single way and he’s exactly what this england midfield needs now a whole midfielder who can win the ball and pass the ball just simple. Just simple: you can just do something as basic as that, because that is what the england field lacks: calvin phillips. They lack a calvin phillips. You know you can talk about declan rise. You can talk about harry winks. You can talk about all these players, including the trident holding midfield role, eric dier. All these average footballers are trying to hold in the field troll now they’re trying a proper footballer, a proper footballer in that position and it’s just brilliant to see it’s brilliant to see him get his opportunity and yeah we’re gon na actually try an actual holding midfielder In the holding midfield role, brilliant stuff, um but yeah in all seriousness, fair plays with gary southgate it’s, giving calvin phillips his opportunity as soon as he got into the premier league first opportunities he’s had to put him in the squad. He’S put him in the squad. Absolutely fair play and look let’s hope calvin does a fantastic job and look naturally as leeds fans. We always look for the negatives of certain things, i’ve seen so much moaning on twitter. I have to be fair as soon as i saw the news as soon as i saw the news.

The negative fault comes straight in the next thoughts comes straight in what if he gets injured and what, if he puts a 9 or 10 out of 10 2. Ten or ten out of ten performances in he then puts himself back in the shop window. I can’t help it guys. I can’t help. It i’ve been just conditioned to think the worst of leaf united for so so long, um yeah, i still wake up, but sometimes in the morning forget uh. Marcelo bells and managers is not something like david hogan or steve evans, anymore um, but look it’s, absolutely immense. Isn’T, it it’s absolutely immense um. You know seeing calvin gets opportunity, it’s, not it’s natural, to think of the nexus side of things, and but look. This is positive, isn’t it because the calvin plays well. He gets us off in the english squad and he’s in in the english squad. It means he’s doing well for us and we’re getting results so it’s all positive isn’t. It guys it’s all positive at the end of the day, certainly in the short term and it’s brilliant, to see absolutely brilliantly because for calvin i mean it’s just going to be absolutely top of the world isn’t, the top of the world’s going to possibly the most One of the most important season – seasons of his career so immense stuff, and what really is funny as well is the amount of piss that we have boiled in the last 24 hours, since this news has come out or whatever it is 12 hours whatever it is.

It feels like 24 hours, i think, it’s 12 hours, but the amount of piss that we have boiled the amount of rival fans moaning who the fuck’s he it was, the fox carmen phillips, et cetera, et cetera. He doesn’t score goals. He doesn’t do this. He doesn’t create without actually looking at what position he plays and it’s, just absolutely brilliant, just to see how wound up rival fans get winning when leeds players do well when leads play well, it’s, just so funny, just how obsessed rival clubs are with us it’s. Just absolutely brilliant, it is just absolutely brilliant, but what will be even funnier is if calvin just puts in an absolute 10 out of 10 performance and all the backtracking of oh yeah, he’s, actually quite good calvin phillips there’s. A reason why leeds fans rave about it there’s a reason why championship football fans rave about him and massively rate him. I think he should be brilliant. It’S just be brilliant when he just absolutely bosses it in midfield um and look, i think, for leeds fans as well. It puts an extra interest in england. Again um, you know winning the national team. You know i’ve got to be honest. You know obviously i’ve always watched england. They always will watch england, but i think now, when you see calvin in the squad, possibly even maybe ben white in the future, a couple of players linked to us, etc, etc. Hopefully, anyway – and you know, it’s – absolutely brilliant – it feels like a club level of passion.

You know when you see your own in this in the team, it’s, absolutely brilliant and look it’s. Absolutely superb! You know, i think calvin. In the last two years, his development has been absolutely sensational now, he’s gone through him playing alongside healing okay and to possibly alongside a premier league, winning captain, a champions league winning captain and a future england captain as well and jordan. Henderson he’s gone from playing alongside you know: kane um traffic, all the other places he’s playing alongside luke murphy, et cetera, et cetera, um rather austin. You know, he’s come from playing with players like that to alongside jordan, henderson raheem sterling harry kane that’s. What calvin phillips has achieved and if you ever lose belief in anything you’re doing just look at calvin phillips? Look at what he’s done in the last two years. You know he had leeds fans just giving him stick. He gave him so much stick. He was the scapegoat at times under paul heckenbottom under thomas christensen. I don’t know why i never personally saw calvin as that look. He wasn’t playing his best at the time, but the way he would escape goes to the times was a disgrace to be honest, but to come back the way he has done. The marcello belzer, not just on the marcello beales, because this has to come down to calvin as well, has to come from within too to show the fight he’s, showing to get himself into the england squad never give up never ever give up on anything you’re doing.

If anything sees impossible, just look at what count for this has achieved in the last two years in the last year, he’s got himself into the squad he might be playing for england, euro 2021 and all that, from being the champion footballer, never ever give up that’s A big lesson from this and it’s, absolutely brilliant to say: i’ve naturally gone towards the negatives. What if he gets injured, et cetera, et cetera, but this is entirely positive. Get your comments in guys. Get your comments in and what’s even been. Even funnier is the moaning of filler fans about jack greelish about jack green. This i mean they’re totally different players. I mean. Why are you comparing track leaders to calvin phillips compared to other members of the squad? Who are attack? Minded players? You know don’t compare it to a holding midfielder, you know talking about, he scored six goals, eight assists and he’s got the second most key passes in the league or whatever. It is just focus on the actual attacking players in the squad. Not defensive ones, he’s not competing with calvin phillips from england place, but it is just funny how wound up everyone’s getting about jack really should not be in the squad after one year in the premier league and calvin phillips getting into the squad after no games in The premier league so far it’s, just absolutely brilliant jack, really she’s played the whole season in the premier league and hasn’t got any england squad.

Calvin phillips hasn’t even played any a game in the premier league. Yet and he’s got straight in the english squad it’s. Just oh it’s funny it is funny but third place. Gareth southgate is getting criticism because he didn’t drag coalition, but he’s given opportunities to a lot of players in that squad and it’s gon na be great to see um i’m sure we’ll do a watch longer of the game as well and it’s just reaction to that. Guys it’s just incredible pride um. I heard a bit of a whisper about it this morning. I didn’t really fully believe, but when i saw it, you know a couple more rumors, a couple of more mates, texted me about it. I thought oh, this is. This is interesting: it’s gon na be interesting, um, but brilliant, absolutely brilliant, guys um. If you’re a rival fan watching this he’s actually actually boss. You know he’s, actually absolutely unbelievable. He’S, the yorkshire pillow at the end of the day and he’s going to boss at england, midfield he’s going to boss the lee’s midfield this season as well believe it guys and never give up i’m going to leave it there guys anyway, plenty of comment and content Coming out in the next couple of days, um, i just thought i’d get this one out there, because this is absolutely brilliant news, guys it’s a bit of a um i’ve, not really had much time to prepare for this, as you’ll notice.