It is a strange one isn’t it because the the video footage is there we’ve all seen it as you’ve said it’s on social media, it’s very accessible uh. We all can see exactly what happens so it’s it’s, all substantiated, if you like um yeah, so it’s very bizarre that it’s taking so long and i’m very interested to hear what that conversation you’ve had with the referee, which will be coming up a little bit later. He’S very passionate, he’s speaking out on behalf of other referees, who suffer a similar fate, and he said you don’t want to be in my shoes here, because predictably natalie, he’s, saying and and the producer of our show young joe, is a referee himself, and he says He sympathizes with him completely. He heard the interviews, we did it with the ref this morning, but the referee – maybe unsurprisingly, simon, is saying: do you know what refereeing yeah you can keep that for the time being? Oh, no! It’S disgraceful! I mean the the issue with this situation. We had a situation a while ago on this show where we were talking about a younger kid, refereeing and being abused by parents not being able to stand up for yourself, yeah and not being having. You know the character, not so much the character, but the experience. The life experience and know when to stand up for himself or or what to do in this instance. This is a this is a player and the referee’s been clunked by a saucy sort of a player, that’s being but that’s being dealt with.

I mean personally, i think he should have abandoned the game. I think he should have turned around and got no i’m, not having that there’s no need for this yeah. They did that yeah yeah yeah yeah. I didn’t see that well that’s right yeah, but simon. What about this? We also hear the attackers been messaging, the referee to to offer to cover him financially for days lost at work. I mean the guy’s cute behind the scenes sure, but the referee himself still is insisting no. I want to speak to the police sure so i mean i’m assuming we will speak to the referee, but i mean he can press charges against this individual can’t. He he’s got video evidence i’m sure that will be next yeah, not a pleasant scene. Nothing nothing compared to what you went through, mr jordan, totally and utterly inappropriate, it’s outrageous. You know the difficulty that we’re try that we have is trying to encourage referees at all levels to want to see this as a meaningful profession and seeing something that’s worth doing. Often it’s been something that’s ridiculed now you’re getting refereeing to be paid properly at the top end, which will filter down yeah, but you can’t have this. No, you can’t have grassroots football in any shape or form sanctioning allowing or even paying any sort of lip service to this sort of behavior no he’s a 28 year old referee satyam turkey. If you get the chance it’s on social media, natalie isn’t it i mean simon i’m, so glad that someone videoed it yeah.

They must have thought aye, something’s gon na happen here and got in and got recording, because without that, this little nitwit needs to get his collar felt. He does he’s the guy that’s hit the referee. He needs to get his collar felt. He needs to be put in his place, never mind. I don’t know how he’s got the referee’s mobile number, but never mind him contacting the referee to get in touch with him about giving him a backhander for any aggravation he’s caused. He needs to get his collar felt well there’s. A little gentleman in sweden, who’s had his collar phil and we can thank manchester united defender victor lindelof, for that. Have you seen this natalie swedish police, simon of thank lindelof. He caught the thief, who robbed an elderly woman, apparently some character, riding a bike: snatched a bag belonging to the woman in her 90s she’s in the 90s. This was in vaster ass in sweden yesterday and thankfully, for the elderly woman’s sake, victor lindelof was on hand. He ran after the suspect and held him until the police arrived. Do you know it’s? How good is that it’s lovely to hear stories like this it’s great to have gumball on the bike positive stories? Because you know yesterday we were talking a little bit about harry maguire, obviously that’s an ongoing situation, so we won’t go into details but it’s nice to have such a positive story. To talk about, and and wonderful i mean i could be mean, spirit and facetious and stuff so quickly.

Well done him yeah! If, if you’re gon na get your bag whipped by somebody in the street, make sure victor is on the street corner. Well done victor lindelof! Uh chelsea simon catching the eye, not for the first time we’re gon na speak about uh the impact of that football club that roman abramovich has made, because chelsea are on course this morning to spend more money than in any previous transfer window and remember. This is a longer window than usual agreed deals to sign and thiago silva, and we brought the news in chiago silva yesterday on this very show. It’S now being reported this morning that uh a 50 million pound deal has been agreed with leicester for ben chilwell uh that should be completed in the next three days. It would be a five year deal chelsea, setting the benchmark for the rest of follow we’re, going to look at that next it’s, jim natalie and simon live on talksport the face of football in this country. One was yourselves or sky, and there uh their revolution in 1992 and then abramovich landing in 2004 changed the whole dynamics and we had just got promoted in 2004. So it was bloody ironic for me that he drove the price of everything up at that particular time. Yeah and the first uh he came 2003, but the first game that was played under his ownership was a pre season friendly between palace and chelsea, and trevor burch was his chief executive at the time.

Ranieri was his manager yeah, and you saw this momentum starting to build. You know i tried to get john terry on loan was told to sling my hook at that time, but but but by the same token, what he’s done is driven a new dimension into the premier league that sheikh mansour has picked up. In 2008, tier 1 archer tried to do earlier than that manchester us raised, or certainly brought the bar to a certain level. So i think his contribution to chelsea is immeasurable because, with respect to chelsea, they are, they are a manufactured club to some extent like manchester city, that it requires immense owner influence and wealth to drive it to the next level, whereas there’s a natural level that the Manchester united’s of the world can achieve and the liverpool of the world can achieve that. Don’T require this immeasurable amount of money being fired out of russian tanks or middle eastern or oil wells. But but the notion that he’s he’s a force for good for chelsea has he been a force for good for the economics of football? Probably not, but they would. May well have gone that way anyway, so i think abramovich’s but his sustainability, his longevity. Yes, people thought this was a vanity play. He’D flown over london was going to do a deal with levy and didn’t. Do that because daniel wasn’t was at the wheel at that time, anything? But you know, and for chelsea you look at him and say, despite the jose mourinho’s best intentions in 2007, of trying to drive a rid, you know a wedge between the fans and roman abramovich, because mourinho couldn’t get what he wanted when he was there.

First time around and departed after losing to mould or whatever it was sure in the champions league, i think he’s been a force. Well, let’s come right up to the present, then simon i’m glad you’ve said that i’m very keen to pursue this, because let’s let’s check out what they’ve done natalie werner is in ziak is in uh and on the way, of course, we now know kai, havertz and Thiago silva and now in the last few moments, this 50 million pound deal has uh reportedly been agreed with. Leicester for ben chilwell could be completed in the next three days. That would be a five year deal so chelsea, and the goings on at chelsea were interestingly debated on drive yesterday between annie goldstein and dan goff. When you look at the chelsea side that finished fourth and when you look at the players, they’ve brought in werner and ziek and the players they’re being linked to chill well, which we’ll talk about in a moment, kai habit, santiago silva minimum expectation for that chelsea side. Next season has got to be at least a challenge and a trophy isn’t: it he’s to bridge the gap. They are so far the money to build they’re so far ahead of manchester united as well liverpool and manchester city. They are but okay it’s hard to accept it. I think, if you’re a fan of those things united spend 200 million and it’s you’ve got a challenge. You’Ve got to win it: 200 million you’re.

Still not. Why have chelsea spending there? Listen if they win it next year, yeah salsgaard deserves desserts, but united states. That would be brilliant. But when you win 200 million pounds i get people phone up, sports bar or even drive, so he spent 200 pounds should be challenging. Why did chelsea get a free ride? Are chelsea getting a free ride? I’M, not i’m, not sure where he was going well. I think it’s important to get opinions from an alice, alice band wearing disc jockey and uh a dancing cricketer, no i’m. Joking there you go. Listen, i think that’s silly of andy, because manchester united have had it on their toes this year, because they’ve spent 200 250 million quid and nobody ramped up the narrative about what manchester united should achieve. In fact, everybody looked at it and said how wonderfully they’ve achieved by scraping into the champions league on the back of a bit of form after fernandez arrived and getting knocked out of cup semi finals, i don’t think that’s a fair comparison. I think chelsea are doing. Probably no more or no less than all of the elite or the big six will will do the morality of it. When we’re talking about wanting recessions in football and we’re, wanting to look back at the last six months and say, did we learn anything? Did football learn anything it showed the world its backside showed it couldn’t afford to pay its players. Yet, all of a sudden when it looks like there’s a a a change in direction that football can open for business again back.

It comes with huge transfer fees, huge wages, everybody gets paid money by the rest of the world, looks in with his nose pressed up against the window. Like tiny tim out of you know, charles dickens saying i want that particular toy. I can’t have it, but when you see this simon, it is no wonder that chelsea fans to a man to a woman, love abramovich. They love him. Look at it now. I know you’ve done some sums in this roughly. What is your estimation of what you spent what’s your estimate of what he’s spent the time he’s been there? Well, i would think it’s, probably in in excess of two billion um, but that’s that’s, that’s that’s. You know when you spend money on player transfers, it isn’t necessarily bad business unless those players become very bad players overnight and you can’t attach any value to them. The chevchenko transfer was a bad deal for for for chelsea, because, ultimately, they paid money for a player that didn’t really perform when they got rid of him. They got rid of him on a free, but look. This is abramovich was being criticized a couple of years ago, or it was being observed that, with the visa situation and his disillusionment with this country, that there was going to be a pullback from him that he was going to be um disinterested in not investing bank 75 million goalkeeper last year not doing very well as it happens, but notwithstanding it, the commitment from the owner was there and lampard is now being given an inordinate amount of backing.

All of these transfers now are starting to fall into the 40 50 million pound branch. Yeah, maybe that’s football saying that’s right. This session is at 50 million now yeah a player, yeah um. I i think chelsea are doing what they you know. Man, city set the blueprint for buying 50 million pound fullbacks, so it’s not a surprise that you’re going to see and manchester united as well, because aaron juan pazetta was bought from my old team palace yeah. So 50 million pound for a fallback i’m disappointed that chill wall is going to chelsea because i think he’s doing well at leicester, and i like the fact that james madison has decided to stay at leicester and you know fulfill opportunities that exist for him. There going to chelsea for chill well i’m disappointed i’d like to see him stay at leicester, but what does frank have to do? What’S success for chelsea how much pressure there’s matthew gould on twitter expectations. All this does is is put massive pressure on lampard. Well, i’m. Not sure about that lampard will welcome this well. Somebody should be what’s going to constitute success. Well, i think you have to build. I think, ultimately, you know they’ve got into the champions league they’ve achieved things with frank lampard, um he’s been given a season to learn his trade he’s now being given an inordinate amount of backing, um and support, and he was any anyway. So i would expect that they want to win something: whether it’s, a cup or it’s, another champions league spot winning one.

I think he should have to and it’s nonsense about it. So if he’s under pressure, he’s a highly paid football manager of an elite football club – and he should be under pressure to achieve things – and it should be in real time – he’s had a year to learn his trade he’s been given an opportunity. He gets an immense amount of goodwill from the chelsea fans, yeah you’re in the business of winning football matches and winning just very briefly saying: he’s got to win a cup. I think he’s got. I think he’s got to win something now. Whether, but is that, like the league cup or is that not good enough? Well, a cup is a cup yeah, winning something win, something is important, but i you know, i suppose you could say winning a spot in the champions league is what we’ve now defined as winning to some extent, but i think you know he was and that’s her Away from winning a cup this year in terms of the fa cup, and, ultimately, you know arsenal took that away from him. I think they’ve got to achieve something more meaningful than participating at the top end of the table, and i think that should be winning something. Whether it’s a league cup, an fa cup, whether it’s achieving something very meaningful in the champions league, i don’t think it’s winning the premier league, because i think there’s a gap between liverpool man, city and chelsea.