There is a barely a cloud evident the world and his wife have gone to great lengths to be here for a match of great consequence and massive interest in these parts. Barely a breath of wind, so the football has no excuses for not being at its very best. The teams i know are pumped for this. They are fantastic scenes in the stands. There is a great sense of drama here, a great sense of excitement and expectation, and this must be amongst the favorite arenas of supporters all over the world. It really does have a very special feel to it Music. It appears to be a 442 formation gym. I think it gets a terrible raw deal these days, it’s deemed old fashioned outdated, but in truth with the right personnel, it works just as well as as any other system or formation. Success can still be had with it, and teams are still winning big trophies with exactly this setup. Applause there’s, the whistle jim, who do you reckon, is pivotal. Well, i would say one of the most energetic midfielders you’ll find in jordan it’s. Second son he’s pulled off a fine safe, oh that’s, a sparkling save absolutely sparkling. His reflexes work, ultra sharp Applause Applause hoist it forward sancho displaying his defensive capabilities there, that’s no strikers tackle, i think, it’s great to see that kind of application and desire from a forward who wants to help out his defense. I think you know any good team really.

Your striker should be the first line of that defense and he’s delivering cut out in the nick of time, barclay and it’s played forward and here’s kane sterling driving on. He could shoot here anything out of harm’s way. Well, there’s a lot of movement there wide now. You can certainly see that. Well, i think it’s a move to open the game up more, whether out wide or just getting a runner through the middle. Now Applause now it’s, kane and it’s sterling sterling. Well, i don’t think it was the wisest option peter once he got into that position: it’s not as if he didn’t have people nearby sigurdsson plays it in it’s, a brilliant interception. Anderson drives it forward sterling and it’s chillwell and here’s kane. Oh that’s, a fine challenge. It’S, a very good battle there, terrific to watch, but you could see he was eager to get a shot away, but there was too much flesh and bone in. His path was always going to be the keepers. Applause henderson plays it forward and here’s sterling sterling chance. He’S certainly caught in there it’s a free kick yeah. Well, they were exposed and vulnerable and he knew he had to do something to prevent a goal. Then there could be trouble here for now. The referee is keeping his cart in his pocket. A real opportunity here from a position of great potential he’ll fancy himself from here: he’s gone for the trust bar comes to the rescue and that has been cleared henderson and here’s kane that’s good, defending very good, defending bjarnason and it’s sick torso Applause; okay, sterling! No not quite sterling put absolutely everything he had into that.

Maybe better! Look next time. Applause, Applause, oh good interception forward! It goes – tries to get it forward quickly. Oh well intercepted really alert to the danger promising move that good inroads into enemy territory, but no joy he’s one on one, surely he’s gone down, but the referee just tells him to get back up again and that will be the last act of the first half Of both sides of drawn blanks, they have toiled at times, but it could have been a bad game by any means. Interesting, half just missing goals, so don’t be surprised. If the second half brings a change to the scoreline at the break hill there and the action is back on the way england can feel really happy with themselves and sterling superb goal, and that has only enhanced his already huge reputation, they’re, obviously hoping for an early. Second half boost, but there are a few who can truly make it happen, and this is a very welcome tonic. Now, the time and space of plenty he was never going to miss yeah and teamwork was key to that. A beautiful piece of uh engineering to set him free in the box Applause, so england take the lead. Oh half time has been a blessing for this team. You know what a great start to the second half sancho. He hits it Applause, hoists it forward out to the right chilwell positions himself well and cuts it out. That’S been intercept face to face with oh shooting chance.

No mistake a two goal: lead and they’re firmly in control Applause. He does it all with an air of efficiency and simplicity. Well was there ever any doubt it made it look like he’s done it over and over and over again, and he has Applause so that’s two now without reply. Well, unsurprisingly, peter the opposition looked completely stunned. I’M, not sure they can gather themselves, it’s, pretty clear that he’s being singled out yeah and having played his part in the goal at arcade, with a shot Applause it’s found its work goes for goal. There is some activity down on the touchline. It seems there’s got to be a change, goes to finish off target and by quite a way. Well, he did get himself into a good position, something for him to clinton and it’s k. Sterling Applause nicely controlled sterling place. It in trump has a hit. Oh, that is rather Applause, wayward Applause, england, clearly aren’t looking comfortable on the ball at the moment. Predictability has just crept into their play. Sancho to use this run gets and more and more and more and surely that settles it Applause, england, are really pouncing on any straight passes in midfield we’re talking seconds from interception to the back of the net it’s counter attacking heaven. Applause he’s made it two and no doubt he’s hungry for more Applause. England take a three goal lead and they are romping out of sight and it’s played forward Applause, whistle’s gone that’s, uh, foul Applause, stones, chilwell is charging up on the overlap.

Applause out to the left it goes forward, it goes now, it’s sigurdsson maguire gets it back and here’s kane well played. He saw that coming sigurdsson gets into a dangerous position: Applause, hoists it forward; Applause, good challenge; he just stood firm needed to be better than that, and he knows it. Sancho has made his mark on this game. Applause and here’s kane and it’s chillwell trout, calling for him to shoot into a minimum of four minutes.