Thank you, um you’ve seen and done a lot with england. Where does what has been part of the sixth highest test? Partnership of all time, uh rank among your experiences, um yeah. I think i just thoroughly enjoyed that partnership with zach um it’s a pleasure to watch him from the other end um. You know i’m feeling quite incredible. Innings there was a pleasure to watch it. It’S ball incredibly hard shots all around the wicket and he’s. A great kid to back with so really enjoyed it great fun, um and i’m, glad that we were able to put together a really good partnership and put us in a strong position in the game a couple of years, since your previous test hundred did. Did you find that actually helping zach along and sort of coaching him, along and being the senior man, did that take you out of your own head and have you less focused on your own milestone um? Maybe yesterday i’d say not not today, really um, nothing. You know spent time thinking about it, um and sort of that on and off period at the start of the day as well was not ideal to sort of get into rhythm, and you just wanted to get in the game and then try and get there really. So um yeah very aware of um, you know i’m, just desperate to to reach that milestone. Um. You know i was probably more nervous than zach was last night, i’d say so.

Um yeah just delighted to be able to get there. Thank you. Dean wilson, please yeah! Uh hi josh well played um, we’ve talked to you many times about sort of tempo of of batting and things like that and the difference between one day batting and test batting and all that sort of stuff. But is it fair to say, and did you feel as though that was probably your most test like innings in the kind of traditional sense of the word? You know really trusting that defense leaving the ball so well. I think you went almost 38 overs without hitting a boundary at one stage i mean: does that feel like real test match batting to you yeah? I think so, and i think um had a really clear game plan um and i think that’s really the the crux of it is working out my game plan um. You know adapting that to any given scenario and sticking to it um. I thought it did that. Well, today – and you know i actually felt like i probably lost my rhythm – a bit – you know would have liked to maybe have been a bit more positive like say, didn’t score any boundaries for a long period of time, so um, maybe just lost a little bit Of energy, in my batting, but you know, certainly yesterday i felt was – was some of the best i’ve felt at the crease um. You know really disciplined with my game plan.

My movements were good and felt really balanced and and from that position it allows you to make good decisions so um and i think, like i said, tempo is good. I know when i play well. I leave the ball. Well, um and that’s part of my game plan. So um, you know, like you say, it’s a nice tempo for me to to play at especially yesterday and how much satisfaction do you get from the length of the innings? For example, i mean ben stokes has spoken to us about facing more than 300 balls. He never thought. He’D actually have the patience to do that um. How much satisfaction do you get from from facing so many balls and batting for such a long period of time? Yeah, i was just trying to make it last as long as possible and um. You know, felt really good out there. So just wanted to to keep going and knowing the position we’re in in the series um. If we could pile on some first image runs and back for as long as possible, it would um you know, sort of take the option of pakistan sort of winning this game and and leveling the series make it really tough for them. So um it’s a really good wicket as well. We found it there’s, a you know, probably one of the better wickets we’ve played on recently um and yes, it’s. Definitely the first time and i’ve ever faced that many balls um.

You know so it’s nice to be able to sort of prove to myself. I can i can bat for that long. Thank you. Okay, john etheridge, please uh josh. I i’ve joined this a little bit late, but sir i’m, not i don’t think you’ve been asked about. Uh zach in particular, so i just wondered what you thought of his innings really yeah. It was a pleasure to watch um i’ve been really impressed with zach um. You know around the group and the way he’s played. I think he’s got a really positive outlook on his his batting. He looks to take the game on he’s a great kid and he deserves everything he got today. I thought, and it was a pleasure to watch from the other end, shots all around the wicket off the uh front and back foot um. He looked incredibly tough to bowl to and um. It was fair to say i haven’t seen many guys hit the ball as hard as he does either he times it incredibly well, he’s. Obviously a big guy he’s smacks it um, you know. So it was a pleasure to watch, and you know like says he just sort of went through the gears as well and and really put pakistan under a lot of pressure. It could be the start of something quite special. You know, as far as his career is concerned, more hundreds to come, maybe yeah absolutely certainly not gon na he’s gon na score a few more um.

You know i thought it was a fantastic innings. It will give him a huge amount of confidence. Obviously, you know he’s done pretty well uh already in his short career, but you know an innings of that magnitude will give him so much confidence and belief, um to take forward and he’s a he’s. A great kid he’s got a very level head on his shoulders and he won’t get ahead of himself and and he’ll be hungry for more so um yeah, i think, it’d be the start of a very special career. Thank you. Okay, two more rob, johnson and uh. Stefan sharma, please for the bbc, go ahead. Rob hi, josh well played um. Just i think earlier in the summer, joe said that he was um quite impressed with how you were playing technically, and i just wondered whether you’ve done any work on your technique and any specifics around that yeah um only worked on a few things. I think the period of um lockdown was it was quite good to sort of reflect on my batting and and sort of some things i felt like i needed to improve and um, and i think yeah i’ve felt good at the crease. A lot of my practice is sort of outcome based i’ve spent a lot of time in practice just trying to hit on drives um. For me, i know, if i can, i can hit that shot. Um. It means i’m in a really good position and um that’s.

The shot i look to try and line up all day and – and you know, joe’s giving me a lot of confidence. I had some good chats with him uh about batting um and you know as a as a captain he’s. Given me a lot of of confidence – and he has a lot of belief in me and i think that’s sort of really shone through for me as well. Thank you, stefan last one, please hi joss um. Do you think that sometimes the the brilliant things you’ve achieved in white ball cricket have led you to maybe be criticized more in test cricket when you haven’t quite reached those heights and have what you achieved this summer left you feeling maybe more at home in test Wicket than you than you ever have before um those tough questions. You know probably a couple of games ago, probably thinking i was about to get dropped so um you know. Certainly it just proves to to me how um you know you’re, never far away um. You know, i think you’re, never gon na maintain that belief in yourself. I’Ve certainly questioned myself at times um in the last few weeks, but um. I found a really good headspace um to sort of keep hanging in there and, and you know, sort of that realization that you’re never really that far away um from both good things and bad things happen, you know so when it when it gets good.

You know you’ve got to stay very level and and know that you’ve got to keep working hard because things can change fast um, but it makes that positive outlook and and belief that you can. You can do good things. Um has really served me well in the in the last few weeks, um and so yeah. I especially just really enjoyed it as well. I think i really missed cricket in the locked down. You sort of really enjoyed the break and you come back into it. You sort of um, you know realize how much you you want to play and how much playing for england is is a pleasure, so um yeah. I think all those things will be above. Thank you, i’ll, just sneak you in the last one, then that’s. Okay, thank you, yeah cheers. Um, do you feel you’re benefiting from being part of the test bubble, because in a normal summer, you’d be pulled in you know, three different directions essentially has been a benefit to you to just be able to focus solely on one format. Um i’d say not not particularly really. I i think if i look um, you know, if i look at my game. Obviously i’m, you know test qriket would be number three in terms of my strength, so um, certainly over some previous years. I take a lot of confidence from white ball cricket um that’s as much strength, and you know scoring runs in that format or playing well and being able to bring that confidence into test cricket has served me really well.

So i think, in the last 12 months, i’ve only played three t20s. I think, which is is probably unheard of for me having the amount of whiteboard quicker. I usually play so um, but certainly in this this period and and the lead into these, this test bubble. It’S been nice to have a real training block as well it’s, something we don’t really get very often you’re, always sort of planning to your practice around. You know the next match, which is usually in a couple of days time so having that period in lockdown to get away from the game and then start you know gradually thinking about it and things that i’d like to improve and and that individual training block. To start with, where you could just you know, focus on my batting and still coming, i think it’s been a really beneficial thing for me to sort of you know, look at a few things and and sort of try and work a few things out and and It’S been nice now this game to sort of get some rewards. When was the last time you hit a white mall uh back in south africa um and those t20 i’ve got a few in my bag that i’m actually going to get out.