Jimmy anderson to like a slightly grumpier jimmy anderson and then you come here to like a murderous, junior and he’s just like i’m, either gon na shoot him or i’m gon na shoot. Myself i mean, if looks, could kill. Uh i mean jimmy anderson’s. Happy face. Could probably see away defenseless creatures, yeah anderson anderson he’s, not gon na retire he’s, just gon na explode in flames. One day, mcallister riptide asks given rory burns, lack of form with the bat and propensity for dropped catches. Is he ed, smith’s next wicketkeeping project? What could be his last last wicketkeeping project i’m, trying to think who is it that he’s really kind of stuck his neck out for over the last year, or so, who ah there’s a guy his favorite he’s, the guy isn’t there? We never had any doubts ever. Never um yes, rory burns next keeper on the asia tour. When when they go play india aditya asks. Does anderson really deserve 600 wickets to his name hashtag? He doesn’t have 600 he’s pathetic 598 test wickets. He is. He is both the best and the worst fastballer to have 600 returns. Can you dispute this absolutely spot on jimmy cloudison 600? Get it trending tomorrow, hashtag stay home, stay safe, is azar ali playing an innings to save pakistan, his career or both Laughter they’re. Talking about changing the selector people are going to be unhappy with some of the bowlers as early as it’s going to be, like you know, he’s going to be he’s just going to be like collateral damage in all this somewhere uh more than him.

In fact, he’s using he’s not mentioned at all, but i think more than more than azurali it’s assad shafiq, whose time may have come yeah and i don’t think this innings is going to save shafiq’s career. I mean it’s good as ours. Innings was was right as good as it was, but it’s doing nothing for shafiq luka asks is joss butler now wicket keeper, who can bat a bit three three excellent dicks, each one, actually probably better than better than the last one. The final one was uh spectacular, ed smith will need to lie down after that jiten chandarana asks. Is it curtains for saffron sapphire’s ahmed, given rizwan’s form with the gloves and bat? I mean it’s kind of been curtained for a while, because, yes, yes, it would seem like it is curtains for surfers, given how they have dealt with him. Um, but i’d expect to see him back in one of the whiteboard formats. I reckon at some point yeah let’s turn let’s rule reverse here. A little bit abed m sirwal asks alan. Has the time now come that asset shafiq should be replaced by a young, batsman, heather ali or anyone else? Yeah i mean shafiq does seem to be really kind of really doing his best to get dropped now, and he kind of goes unnoticed every time right. So today, azer ali scored the runs, and so people are like. Oh yeah well done as early for getting back into four minutes into pieces like from here, has joffra archer been unlucky or simply ineffective during this test summer, bit of both i’d say at times um, i thought he’s a little bit unlucky today, didn’t get a wicket.

Was used in short, sharp bursts. Didn’T look amazing, i mean i i don’t know i feel like again, like his role has changed right. Suddenly, he’s now the enforcer but yeah, i mean that’s explicit now, three, four, three four overs pull short: okay and that’s. What you’re gon na do you’re gon na be quick and you’re, both short – and i i i’ve said this before, but i just feel like he’s much more than that. If he balls as he can and as he should. Maybe then i don’t think he’d been affected. Johnny singer asks if either at george, the bell one or at espn quick info, want to send me 35 pound. I can make this happen. It’S, the one thing that could make the summer complete, i think, um george doyle, wearing a joss butler, onesie, yeah or or we could get joss butler to wear some george develo onesies, given that he’s turned the tables on him all the summer.