This comes off really slowly. He’S got him cook looking to work on the leg side against the spin, the leading edge straight back to mohammed hafiz. Well, probably just done, i suppose, you’d say if you’re a pakistani supporter got away with the lbw doesn’t, get away with this son leading edge working against the spin Applause, Music he’s gone for seven and it’s 21.. For what that’s taken is it? Everyone is convinced, bruce oxenford, i think, is going to ask his partner whether that was taken cleanly or not Applause that’s out. For me, it depends uh if the umpires feel that he it he nicked it that hasn’t really bounced in front that’s. That’S, pretty clear in this angle, got ta look at the hot spot, whether there was an inside edge or not. Can’T tell whether there was an inside edge or not there’s a little bit of spot there, but it’s not conclusive. Not out is the call, so the batsman gets the benefit of the doubt. There was clearly clearly an inside edge, oh baldam, through his legs, the tustra was played by the bat bell was all squared up and the ball sneaked through his legs and shattered the stump. So pakistan flavor another important success here. Game on, i would say, rolled onto the stumps big wicket for pakistan. Ian bell was looking good struggled in the last inning again say: dujmal couldn’t really control it come through the legs and uh pakistan jubilant.

That is a mega wicket. Ian bal gone for three 26 for two shot beautifully done: he’s been under a lot of pressure and he’s produced a beautiful shot; Applause straighter one and given by the umpire the ball, not spinning across us up to rahman who’s done a fair bit of damage. Kevin peterson doesn’t want to leave asking his partner whether a review is in order or not is going for it. Music impact and line bales are off. Pakistan begin the celebrations out there, the center it’s another low score for kevin peterson. He doesn’t, like it drs, has done a fair bit of damage to his reputation, gone for one england struggling big time now, 33 for three more drama: more excitement for pakistan: abdulrahman has done it again. Crowds are absolutely excited. Oine morgan loses his obstacle, england being dented here big time, pakistan in the game big time. Well, apart from a good bowling, i think it’s a pressure which is uh really mounting on the on england team. Another one gone england in all sorts of trouble, 37 for four cuts. The ball finds the field andrew strauss, england, clearly stunned by the events in the last half an hour goes back, works it away nicely finds other the wall at short legs. So pakistan can go back to the dressing room, thinking that they can win this spring. A big surprise on england they’ve had a great session. Oh it’s, a bat on it already prior, showing that he’s gon na be positive and maneuver.

The field cracking shot on the up. Another boundary for england brings up the 50 51 for four. Yes, good, shot very good shot. First time he’s got the sweep out excellent from the england captain Applause. He played the stroke out. Nowhere surprised everybody out there in the middle and played it well again. The sweep gets rid of one fielder leg. Slip goes back very close on the back foot given well it’s, going to review it. Applause out, everything’s, fine, marginal, but fine things going pakistan’s way gone, boxenburg missed 100 once again making a very good decision under pressure. English captain goes after scoring 32 england in big trouble. 36 5 Applause, spinning down the lakeside another huge appeal have a review here may be keeper will say: yes, Music, there’s a stop. Every ball, miss bars, calm, Music they’ve got 15 seconds to make a decision. Oh he’s gon na have a look Applause, yeah, it’s missing, so that’s a review gone for pakistan. Another excellent decision, oh that’s, close and gone, no appeals, no reviews left for england. He plays back spinning ball plum. Yes, it didn’t take much time the umpire to give that one out that was spun and would have hit middle stump. Don’T need any review for that. Look at this hitting middle stump, nothing else that might be the end of england, i’m, not really sure, but uh deep trouble for england here. The last hope i would say, jonathan trot gone for one 68 for six Applause.

That is outstanding. That is magnificent. I don’t have words for that. That is just top draw flighted on that occasion made him drive, wow water delivery, great delivery to the man who scored runs in the first sitting and five weeks for up the raman. Pakistan can sense the victory here without scoring stuart, broad gone 68 for seven all gone yeah don’t play bike. No reviews left for england do not play back to this guy yeah that’s, the right call david don’t go back. That was another uh, normal off spin delivery and that was crashing into middle middle lake. I would say end of the story here. It looks uh very, very difficult for the england team right now swan gone without scoring 71 for 8. Applause, pakistan. What else can you say, england, awful pakistan? Excellent? As you say, the change of innings england were red, hot favorites. Everyone felt they should have won it. We, i still think they should have won it. They haven’t and if you keep playing spinners off the back foot. You’Re not learning well, you don’t go anywhere and i’m afraid. This is extremely disappointing, but that’s test cricket that’s how it should be well played pakistan, yes, for a team that was down and out about a year back caught up in controversies, caught up with the politics of the game, caught up with uh, with lack of resources. How will they have come back? Courtesy, miss paul nut, he’s got them together as a unit thinking about the game, the environment in the dressing room changed dramatically, and while we can always criticize england the way they’re batted, but i think we need to chop praise on pakistan.

The cv may not be an impressive one: Applause catch it and gone it’s picked up. Another wicked has the assassin said: has got 100 test match wickets time for pakistan to celebrate time for entire country to celebrate come on join in with them. I don’t really blame that price trying to do something it’s the end of the day. Well, bold tossed up went for it, but as well 100 test wicket. What a day to do it magnificent matt, pryor last resistance, he’s gone for 18 72 for nine months. Six wickets, he was laughing a minute back now. There’S, a big crown on his face goes for the big catcher that’s. The call this is the sky. Oh, my god is getting underneath that one and he’s taking it pakistan and pulled off a sensational win. They win the series england pulled out for 72 magnificent scenes terrific performance, they can’t believe it. The smiles tell a story. Pakistan need to rejoice need to save at this moment what a turnaround magnificent win and the celebrations will go on not just here, but all over pakistan i’m sure jimmy anderson gon na have a go skies at umar. Gall makes no mistaking about now the celebration star there you go, captain and team magnificent deserve everything. They’Ve got out of this game and that man, mohsin khan coach let’s talk about him not being coached for much longer sure that’s. The way it should happen, england dejected they.