Yes, folks, every team guys before y’all here on Merc, okay Arsenal monitors today, not just you need, I just all got it on Mart. I lipet Oh David Cup games. Okay, just give me a bit Texas League games. Okay, the first not is okay, one side, the 18th of July is playing at Wembley Stadium. Yes, Arsenal Manchester City arsenal have won three John, no, no almost well. These are ever company I’m step, one okay. When I start the scheme also or paying me for the moment under Bangalore, tada, yes, the base, passive and – and I never cup – also be very good. Well, the you do passively do we go forward, they know how to hit the ball near. The cup was well be just also the spit cups Pierce. Being back in to watch me, my cousin, on the a that watch, it’s also take it in the lake it’s definite problem with ever cup water horses brought the egg game with a book. Then the team basket said to Sam we’ve got having a new get one there, just a good team to watch. I form onto the city margins a male. What brand this competition? Yes! Okay now say: do you have in this competition? Yes thing! Last him, together, Erica finals are a big, bad or opposition, which is not good for Manchester City. I think of this Martha. You helped when they’re ever cup of care malice they did. It went for the phone’s never themselves.

Neither Webster’s are gon na believe that they can win the Cup. I think, and massively are you saying, no lay what hope the games up staying recently nozzoli about the vastly tell me nothing best that the best path of ship let’s much angle, t1, the Arsenal Football Club. Okay next match us only the 19th of July Wembley Stadium, not just you needed for this Chelsea Marja Sunaina will name a drink. I lost faith. Maintain this competition effected watch; okay, they very good keeping the ball very good. Certainly the baby go for it as a team as a unit Popov Hernandez in 98, Sephora working good as a per will you be the prime watchbirds ball. Why first plan watch The Rock’s first? Oh lots first plan well and I suffered my the other team checkers in my game plan Phil I just spit, may mind there’s made this video are your needs for us. Are this video and just we have my head. The things Jackson 98 I’ll put a plank crack a football, the good thousand, the teens news as well we’re gon na pitch as well, and I can K I’m gon na know. My name is computationally very good. Yes, baby human ball. If I could paint, I look back at the ragged all around the pitch: okay, not using Anna they’ve got goose set Stella biggest foundations in the back, got ta get the phallus good. You keep her in deep with the hair that’s, my Chelsea, the my Chelsea gon na turn up.

Okay, some games, Chelsea players have not turned double all sometimes to have. I think this kiss will turn up Chelsea when I went there for cup. Chassis want to do a fast prayed. She was any clubs, competition for challenging me to be part of the back cells ingesting into the vampire. This is the fourth time Chelsea Chelsea played marches in 1990. She had, they, tanks has lost, hope is for came nookie. Hopefully it does tape taking victim will they make Chelsea are gon na have to crank the scheme, show not more hunger, more desire, not more passion, not more than a chef. If there’s one attention either play for each other paramount and pave the phone’s. I think I think this would be a good game. I think both of you Gabe’s big games. I think both teams will want to go. Wait. We’Re, not I shoot the faster can do so. That’S much angled one Chelsea focal club select my content head, scrape wasn’t.