Road to glory series hope you guys are enjoying this make sure to leave a thumbs up like the video leave a like on the video. If you want to be seeing more, if you’re enjoying the series i’ve been really loving, this so far, i’m excited for the series we’ll be doing going forward as well as much as we’re focused on this. In terms of that feel of the content, uh yeah i’m. Loving it i’m loving, recording these videos right now. A big reason to that is it’s. I don’t know it’s giving me older vibes around yeah fm. I don’t know fm 15 fm14 fm6 like yeah just a few years back uh. I i really enjoyed the videos. I was making more than anything forget about views subscribers likes on videos all that kind of stuff. We talk about numbers um, but like just how i’m approaching and yeah how i’m enjoying recording the episodes editing them uploading for you guys so yeah it’s it’s a similar feel. So i did want to give you an update towards that from the creator’s point of view. Uh yeah, from my point of view, the way you’re seeing the videos come from so anyway, let’s give you an update of the games. I’Ve played now off camera to round up january after coming off that decent result that decent result against west brom. We were able to continue some unbeaten form, but you’re definitely seeing some regular, similar results like look at all those one goal score like one one, one you’re seeing a lot of that you’re, seeing a lot of that, so against tottenham, one one harry kane got a Penalty when that happened, it was like a you know, close game then i’m, like okay, of course, it’s a penalty and then bradley dak got an equaliser, so dax stepped up when we most needed him like he did a lot last season harder in the premier league To smashing goals like he was in the in the championship of course, so then against um against burnley.

With that one nil, charlotte missed a penalty. I was a bit mad at him because really would have sealed the result there nyambe with an early one man united. I told you guys it was too soon. After the last episode. Only two games wouldn’t have played enough off camera we’d like to finish off the month and we did and but the draw really fit perfectly for an episode. So we play the replay on camera. It’S. Funny how these things happen, but it’s definitely going to be harder away from home, so we’ll be seeing that today, yeah as the main we’re going to have this game as yeah like a single main game in the episode and we’re just gon na have more premier League games we play through we’re fighting for a top six, though you know trying to make it in europe, but uh trying to qualify for europe and then against everton back in the premier league, adam armstrong yeah. He was a solid. He was a solid player for us this one i wanted to point out. It was a very tight game. We actually had the same amount of shots on target. We had a little bit more total shots, but yeah this was probably deserved of a draw. They got a penalty, so that was a bit frustrating after start. Look two nil: we scored adam armstrong. He just started with a bang. Maybe i got a little complacent. Oh football manager tried to bring things uh.

You know my reaction to how that would be. If we were winning two nil and then a penalty sparks their comeback and then we, and especially when you’re playing away from home a lot of bs, can happen uh. So crystal palace, three nil: we were control of them even before they got their red card. It wasn’t, oh, you just won because i got a red guard. Uh amari bell was really nice, but adam armstrong, adam armstrong, he he’s class. At the moment, if you give him like an update like his last two games, he’s on scoring form, so there was one other piece of squad action. I guess you can say we saw jason the reserve keeper that we weren’t using at all. We played him in one cabo cup game, but i thought we should. You know, sell him. As his contract was running out. We probably wouldn’t have renewed it so yeah it was best there. Obviously phil jones is going to be missing here. Mulgrew is out see. This is where we could have some trouble and zimmerman. Oh that’s, where it’s going to be so tough we’re going to have to play niambay, i should go walk you through. The selection here walk you through this election because it’s going to be a tough one, yeah mulgrew injured as well rahman is still on international duty. We haven’t had him in january, keep in mind african combinations, so not many options. Zimmerman’S still injured, mendy suspended they’re.

All you know, sometimes you get him at the wrong time against such a difficult side, there’s, not much. You can do. Of course, tony we’re not going to be able to use from the league or in the league from now. So we almost don’t have an option. I’M, like hovering over here, might as well just put had it there like another striker, because literally we can’t make. We can’t make another centre back change and bell guys he’s had this kind of condition, every game i haven’t been able to play. Ramen he’s, not here literally he’s he’s off somewhere on international duty with ghana, i’m, not sure exactly where but they’re somewhere um. So i have to really play ballon he’s he’s been playing with that mid 80s condition for a few weeks now, so you might notice. Oh he’s, tired, oh yeah, he has been in a few games. We just have to oh shalom, shah love, probably for connolly. We did rotate in the last game, but yeah because he has he’s been okay, but nothing special, maybe to re. He’S got six league goals. You know first first season in england yeah that amount of games with not scoring a goal is a concern. I know he’s playing or he was playing pressing forward. We would switch up that role a little bit uh, but he we’ve been getting okay results. I’Ve been switching it up and deep lying forward, so maybe uh yeah, because i’ve noticed here he’s not scoring that much so we’ll see what he yeah see what he can get.

We are gon na go in like this guys we’re gon na go in like this. Hopefully we can do the job against man, united it’s it’s, so easy, it’s, so easy to say, but then to go out there and execute is not an easy thing. It’S, not an easy thing, but come on lads. Can we can we do us? Can we show a shock? Can we show a surprise yeah let’s go let’s go here if we can down united somehow, oh, what are we gon na say pick up where we left off last time out, we’ve been on good form, been a bit of a run. If you can call it, but i don’t feel we’ve been at our best we’re, like clawing draws in some games. Yes, we pick up like last result. Last game was decent, but that was one that was one it’s not like we’ve, been winning every single match. We i see improvements but i’m, very happy with our first season in the premier league for sure we’ll go on a league position as well, but let’s focus on the fa cup today and hopefully yeah. Hopefully we don’t mess up, oh over the over the top balls ma’am. I need a counter for how many of those we’ve been conceding or, like you know, i don’t just mean we with blackburn. I just mean an fm20 as a whole. Come on guys come on guys, don’t, let him in don’t uh don’t, don’t don’t.

I noticed the keeping there maybe could have led in a mistake, but no we didn’t, we didn’t, you know what does this one come a draw again and go to penalties? Oh that’s going to be fun, but but but no you’re not going to get oh. No. Surely that was the highlight i i could tell i could tell it’s i was gon na say. Maybe we need to shout something unless we can win this come on belle. You win we’ve been using you so much we’ve needed to armstrong i’m strong he’s on form, so it makes sense for the keeper to save it one on one in fm 20.. He was never going to score that if it was real life striker on form. Back of the net you’re going to say that a little bit of frustration, but any or segregate, we might score no. We might not but yeah a little bit of frustration. Of course it doesn’t mean because the striker’s scored in the previous games. He must finish his chances in the next game. Surely not, but we are playing a bit against a better opponent, so it is going to be a bit harder against better players. It’S, the yes, the match is going to be harder. I like to michael owen thing. Sometimes state the obvious, so let’s go let’s, go let’s, build up this attack right now: evans, yeah, we’re missing. So many really, you know i’m, like oh we’re having to start evans in cdm.

Oh i told you he gets it now. Adam armstrong. I told you i told you i wasn’t talking, i wasn’t just talking. He he’s been on great form. He’S actually had a couple disallowed goals through var shock that that happened in fm 20 as well. Oh clean there we go. That was a clean finish and he did exactly what i said: he’s been on good form. Oh come on come on. That is real good. That is real good boys, but there’s. So much more of this game to be played out like this is not over. Yet united are probably just going to score as a standard, you know dominant goal or we might go get a second armstrong armstrong. He could have had a hat trick if it was a different match. We’Re dominating possession against united as well let’s say, show some passion when we’re leading yeah, but oh no, that equals them getting a corner. I was about to be very frustrated: it’s, var, it’s, var it’s, part of fm20 it’s. Nothing to be, you know, say you have unlucky var, it goes for you against, goes against you and that was incredibly close, but that’s what you get maguire. I swear. I just want to make it. Oh, i just want to make it half time. I just want to make it to half time with this with this one nil. We deserve it, but you can see things like two missed tackles.

Oh and we’re. So lucky really can we change? Can we change something? Let’S see wha, maybe sure they’re gon na get chances. I just think against united we can’t dominate them. We can’t have that shorter passing play, so we’ll try and be a bit more direct. We can so some hit some early crosses here. We go let’s put on positive, though it’s a bit of a counter to see a bit of a counter style, but yeah now we’ve got to travel to half time travel to half time come on come i’m like celebrating it’s like we got to half time with, Not conceding a goal holding on to ali come on come on, don’t get complacent. Yeah stay focused majority of the lads anyway, corey evans. I swear he’s having a big game it’s. Who else can we bring johnson who are not using a lot so yeah when we’ve got missing players? We’Ve got others needing to step up even at bate we’re playing it right back because we’ve been playing him regularly. He’S wanted to play more so he’s getting some games, yeah man i’m, trying to i’m trying to calculate my football manager experience and a battery a player that has requested more playing time. We promised him, we promised him and form we have been. He hasn’t been amazing, but he’s been happy we’re, giving him some games well, he would be when he’s asked for it and his experience. I’M. Just you know: he’s been an average player today, 6.

8 it’s not like he’s winning it for us, but you know he hasn’t made terrible errors. That’S for sure come on come on. Belle get a second get a second. How they’re going to go? Oh no they’re, not they’re, not oh, my god. Oh it’s henderson in goals the man who can save anything or most no wonder armstrong, yeah, he’s missed a couple or a couple of shots. He’S been saved. Oh, i was about to make it sub. I was about to make a change, but maybe maybe shalov no no henderson, he can even save you know. Op long shots or op long throws um, but green will come coming on. You know: he’s good bradley, dak hasn’t been that good at 6.4. So now, it’s, probably a good time to bring on the experience of brad johnson let’s drop him yeah let’s drop him to a centimeter, see evans yeah. Now let’s leave him dm on defend johnson as a ball winning mid on defend then travis let’s change him to a box to box midfielder yeah switch them switch up. Those um rolls rolls for the players a bit to travis yeah. I like that. I like that mix, then bell. We oh see him being on attack, can provide us with a bit of threat and maybe you know, create a scoring opportunity see at 66 percent. You normally sub him he’s another one playing a bit more than before and he’s playing. Well, in this game, he’s stepping up and someone who requested more games, because you know we weren’t using him as much, and here he is long – throw oh that could have been.

We could have got lucky. Ah, the amount of time like how long we’ve been in the lead in this game, man and we had a throw there – james yeah mate there’s, not much to be said about that shot, really see. But i’ve got that message like the last three or four games. Travis off: oh, do you ever hear some doubt in my voice when i’m unsure yeah battery off now and let’s go mana, just some fresh legs around midfield and defense should surely help us out there. We go what’s uh. Now we got that standard lime, yeah that’s gon, na work right like for us for me, it’s strange, because united is a much better team, so we expect them to have more shots, but i feel our performance we deserve to play this out lads we deserve to Play this out no late golf: oh almost a penalty spot pogba; no, no! No! No! No! The aids, one! No! No because the chance! Ah Music, there we go there, we go i’ll, just keep saying there. We go because i was going to say that late there’s, not a very high chance of recovery. There we go come on that was special. We just beat united when you’re in the in the fa cup in the fa cup, whoo and armstrong. He is the don right now he’s on scoring form. If you’ve got a striker who’s scoring you better, not sub him or you better.

Not you know, take him off for the next game. You got ta, get him out there and he’s gon na score. For you and that’s what he’s doing right now come on army? You have got it. You have got it we’re, fighting hard, we’re fighting hard. So there we go. What a game let’s praise armstrong today! You’Re superb in front of goal and let’s go let’s go! So, as i said guys, that was going to be the single, like the focus of this episode. Yeah one huge game, one huge game against man united and we go ahead and beat him. We go ahead and beat them that’s for sure. No doubt yeah, who would have thought we’d beat him on the replay. United, probably like that result. Yeah we’re gon na go home and have a dominating put no you’re. Not we beat you yeah come on, come on just to take a look at some of the things we’re improving, look at all like the facilities or that have been improved already like from last season to this yeah getting new contracts. Yeah everything is flowing very nicely at the moment, especially yeah. Look at the on got look at all these. Oh they look nice with the a plus, a plus um yeah, finally, i’m, getting a plus that’s the only time i’ve ever got a pluses in in life. Never did in school just in football manager and nap time in kindergarten. So there we go, things are doing.

Things are going pretty well we’re doing well. So, as i said, if you guys could leave a thumbs up on the video if you’ve enjoyed this episode and this series so far and leave a comment, i’d love to see your thoughts on this series, how it’s progressing a lot of you guys say: you’re loving It right now so i’m i’m glad i can provide that. I love it when you guys can be invested in the save as much as i am playing it as well, so i’m gon na leave it there.