This episode, one with stereo, jose alvarde. Of course, a venue fit for a capital city located here, pretty close to lisbon’s international airport Applause, so it’s back bigger and better than ever before. Who hope everybody is ready for another ride? On the emotional rollercoaster, well, the biggest show in town just now, peter and everyone wants to be a part of it, a competition that seems to throw out the whole gamut of emotions and in keeping with that we’ve got an atmosphere with a real sense of enthusiasm. Here and i’m hoping we get liftoff once this game kicks off Applause, so it’s down to business here so jim. Who would you identify as the key man in this fixture yeah thiago silva he’s, a player who doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses at all peter he’s? Strong he’s, quick, he’s, technically gifted and very comfortable in possession. What i particularly find impressive about him, though, is his consistency and his reliability. He just never seems to to make a mistake: opposition strikers could be in for a hard time of it today, yeah. I must agree, especially in view of his ability to lead and organize the defense Applause it’s cristiano wow, that is fantastic from captain fantastic well from our impartial coach. You couldn’t ask for a more spectacular start to the game and when you skip a responsibility Music, that was just a rocket that was just the top drawer finish. He was always in control.

He couldn’t have placed an any better, so a breakthrough already: alaba jerome, looking crossfield changing the point of attack, Applause, poretzka and here’s lewandowski, what’s a ball. This has turned out. Lemodovsky Applause bernat tries to get it forward quickly and it’s neymar and here’s cristiano ronaldo. That is very well defended, hoist it Applause forward, scored early of course, and it’s, one nil Applause, thiago, hefty challenge, but fair enough marquinhos it’s off target and by quite a way, oh look. I don’t want to sound too dismissive, but from here that looks the harder thing to do. Kira drives it forward greatly, really well a lovely header, but really it was all about the delivery. I just thought he wanted that more than anyone else on the pitch and it was fully deserved. He gave him everything he had. Applause paris, saint germain got themselves a two goal: cushion the turning of the screw comes to mind. Peter they’ve got them where they want. That’S thiago canavery, looking for a decent ball in good run, ultimately thwarted by an astute piece of defending he’s, throwing one all alone. There’S no flag gets one a potential goal of the season contender. If only cristiano ronaldo can really show some outlandish skills, which is always welcome, and obviously refreshing and it’s paid forward. Some good play on the left hand side now to profit from it can nabri definitely done. Questions were asked and he’s, given the answers. Oh needless to say, he was expecting a better ball than that.

Hey beautifully done, he’s got options in the box if he gets his head up, keeps everyone guessing with an air of confidence about him, a certain swagger. Well, that was a mini show of self confidence. It may spark another try or or another trial Music quickly realized that he could have a pop, not his best good, take and he’s it’s levski. He scores just one goal in it now: game on finishing doesn’t, come simpler than that bang in front of god, it’s almost criminal to see a defense fail to identify someone who thrives when it comes to shooting stats they knew, and yet they didn’t heed and they’ve Paid the price and deserved it buying munich getting themselves back into contention. Well, it was important they didn’t get ahead of themselves and lose their discipline. This game plan could now with Applause and here’s muller. Oh then he’s asking for trouble goes for goal. Oh nearly that really is nothing levandovsky certainly could have and should have made more of that Applause than Applause and he’s there that hoof it away and it’s half time here for a really good half a football three goals, and just one separating them. Applause, it’s kind of a hard one to call peter from what we’ve seen so far. Both sides have provided ample evidence that they can add more goals and i’m sure their respective managers have reminded them that the next one will be pretty crucial. So it’s going to be interesting to see how the teams come out for the next period.

Well, it remains very delicately poised that, based on the the promise we’ve seen through the first 45 minutes, i wouldn’t be surprised if this takes another twist or two. It certainly would be in keeping paris saint germain, leading by one in a finely poised game and he’s intriguing to watch and could easily go either way, but we’re already into the second period. Good challenge he just stood firm ronaldo gets on the end of it shapes the shoots. Oh the keeper’s done ever so well. Well, you can’t ask for much more than that. A difficult moment he simply had to deal with Music Applause does have an assist to his name, paul needed to be better. There that’s a wasted chance, Music and it’s muller Music, going for goal a collective sigh of relief from the defense that’s just front foot enforcement pressure leads to mistake, meets the chance. Tiago silva goes looking as they might. They just couldn’t get into an attacking area and it’s neymar. Well, you know thinking about that. I think they’ve perfected, that on the training ground, because it took them seconds to get the ball from back to front, they really commit forward. The numbers too it’s all very well drilled. Oh now, some movement on the bench and we are going to see a change. Paris, saint germain and two up and into a position of real strength. Well, that goal should be a big game. Changer it’s certainly been a big mood, changer and here’s lewandowski out to the right real chance.

All the balls come loose quickly and oh, oh, that is rather wayward all you’ll, be thinking so now we’re going to get those changes, we have been expecting Music. Well, no doubt someone is being given special treatment here. Yeah know that he scored. This defense is on high alert whenever he he goes anywhere near the ball gets into some space and that has been cleared Applause neymar to take it as usual, gets up. Applause deflection may or may not have made a difference. Little matter it’s just too easy. Well, it’s been a an absolutely fabulous spell for them and they’re starting to look unstoppable. There could be more on the way forward. It goes oh shooting charts and he goes again. It goes whose goal is that big deflection that’s one for the dubious goals panel, bayern munich are making a change now: Music, bayern munich themselves, Applause that he should have come up with something better. There look he’s offering an apology to his teammate who’s, clearly miffed at not being picked out. Despite making what looked like the right run, alabama trust the field, it goes and here’s lewandowski now it’s and somehow he managed to miss it. Well, they’re, definitely going about things. The right way, peter a goal soon can boast their energy levels now it’s been intercepted and that will come to nothing breaks on here. Coutinho he’s had a shot and it goes right back in the game. Applause, bayern munich are really pouncing on any straight passes in midfield we’re talking seconds from interception to the back of the net it’s counter attacking heaven.

We have got ourselves a game here, well they’re, very much, the better team at the moment and no doubt we’ll be looking to to cause even more damage here. Applause that would have been game setting match really thought he’d scored to settle this contest and he’s struggling to believe being denied bayern munich have a simple task to find something sustained now and keep the pressure on and the finish. Surely this time, oh, taken with style, dying minutes and we’re all square again, kayla navas did well the first time nothing he could do about the follow up. Well, look regardless of whether the keeper could have done better or not peter. That was all down to the excellent movement in getting into the right position to apply the final touch all square again into the dying minutes, and that may just do it with the smoothest one on one finish: here’s one very cool customer but how’s that for composure, Peter you can see the keeper trying to put as much pressure on by staying upright, but it didn’t phase them not in the slightest terry. Take the lead now it’s, just a question of holding on there’s still a bit left in it peter, but they should find the necessary to avoid a slip up now. They seem to have lost their sense of direction. It should be higher up the pitch marco verratti paris. Saint germain needs to hold Applause, decisive strike, speed of thoughts, efficiency of movement and certainty of outcome.

Well, considering he has a bit of a shoot on side policy. He was the one player that should have been picked up. Then it was both Music he’s made it free quite a day at the office for him. Well, this has been an immense contribution for one player. He’S been just about unplayable. The irresistible force today could not have picked a better time to snatch a two goal: lead is there still time for a response, or some fans are already on their way out. So that to me says everything peter now: it’s neymar it’s, the through ball, face to face Applause yeah. The class was bang on and he just had to ensure he didn’t stray outside. The finish was actually bang on too Applause. Third, and that earns him. The match. Ball, this is one of the best performances i’ve seen in a while he’s practically taking on this team single handedly. They don’t know how to stop him, and there goes the final whistle that’s the way to launch the campaign. They can look ahead with confidence and comfort. Your thoughts on today’s game engine well they’ve laid down a marco with such a good opening, win and they’re, saying to the rest of the group, we’re intent on staying at the top.