Guys am i smarter? Well, i didn’t even research that, before i literally just said, mangoes are the number one reason for diabetes and they’re. Not, but can you let me go, can you what’s good everybody? Establishment films just cancel me at this point, and today today today, um we are going to be doing a little bit of a i like we’re, not doing a different video. I always say that we’re not guys it’s the same stuff like and you’re clicking on it. What’S up brat um but yeah today, we’re going to be looking a little bit like transfer news and stuff like that and just kind of give you guys an update of what’s going on at our beautiful club right um. So first thing i really really want to talk about is this name art messy link? There has been a link of of people saying that a former agent basically claimed they haven’t even said his name, so that’s, how you know: it’s, legit and basically what’s what’s going on is they’re, saying it’s more likely that messi would come and join neymar wherever he Would be, and instead of neymar basically coming to barcelona basically nicely would go to psg instead of neymar coming to barcelona and it’s it’s a higher chance of messi leaving than neymar that’s. How happy neymar is at the moment so for anyone who’s saying hey: are we going to get name on this summer? We’Re, not um.

Also, our great president that we all love very much. Uh bartomeo said that he has confirmed that the club did try to sign him or neymar, obviously last summer, but this summer they are not in the position to do so and not a shocker there, because he’s done such a great job by tomato and handling our Finances now he has been linked regardless of all this, but here we are not. You know gon na. Let him go so. Barsa are also linked with la toro martinez, but that move is a little bit. You know on the low right now interest playing the europa league final tomorrow and martial has confirmed they did hold talks and they even told you know the club’s official website that they they held talks. They said going for a player like neymar when the club he is at doesn’t want to sell. Him is impossible. Last summer we tried it is normal. Big clubs want great players we’re, not in talks right now with la taro we’ve stopped in the negotiations with enter at the end of june. We’Ll see what will happen so i don’t know about you guys but i’m, a big fan of bartomeu. I have a lot of faith in him. I’M. Sorry, i’m, trying so hard to be funny. Can you laugh laugh, please um and fulham? This is the news of the day. I love this um, the legend world cup winner varsa legend. He is uh uh.

Gerard pk has been linked to a move back to the premier league. What are you thinking mainly united chelsea liverpool, man, city, no he’s linked with fulham, and you know what fulham got promotion i and i got them winning the prem if they get pk it’s done out here, play pk striker because he loves going up anyways, so yeah. It would be great to see pk over there now another rumor that this one is a little bit strong, because i’ve been seeing it a lot that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s. Strong ronald kuhlman basically wants geniune aldum, and you know what apparently, he set his sights on. Wynaldom and according to a report from i don’t, even know how to say that i’m, not gon na, say it. They claim that he just wants to link up with him now here’s. The thing right also, obviously, why not them has um one year left on his deal and they’re, saying he’s open to the move, and he could sign a pre contract with barcelona in january if he does not get to move this summer now. For me, okay, this is a given right. I want people to understand when a manager who’s, dutch or from wherever the manager is from whoever that manager has a good connection with, like players, wise he’s, going to be linked with them, so he’s, basically linked with the whole netherlands team. I even seen barcelona linked with van dyke. Can you believe that i mean that is that is amazing, but yeah, and then obviously the everyone’s wondering what’s going to happen with suarez right.

Well guess what it’s some crazy news for suarez and suarez has actually been linked with a move to juve. Now now, obviously he was linked to the iax, but now it’s, looking more and more that he would like to come to juve and fabricio. Romano has actually been reported, keep an eye on the louis suarez situation. He has not been mentioned by the president bartomeu between the untouchables um, as you know, about tamiya, said some players that you know that they want to keep and they they haven’t really mentioned the ones that they’re gon na let go so. Barcelona would be ready to sell him if they’ll receive an important bid. I accept contacted his agent. All of that and it’s been very clear that iex are extremely extremely interested, but it looks like juve are trying to find someone who’s going to be a good striking partner for cristiano and guess who that is the 33 year old, beast who’s gon na give you What two more years, like i love suarez but juve, i don’t, know what’s going on with you guys and they want to sign him and they are going for him and honestly, russia should let him go at this point. Yes, suarez, i think, is still a class striker, but we need something fresh. We need something active and juve is a team. In my opinion, i do not know what their board is on, sometimes like they’re, just tripping so yeah guys.

That is it for all. The transfer news today it’s a little bit of a quicker video um don’t, worry more content. Coming so make sure y’all subscribe and you’ll get two million years of good luck, make sure to leave a like or i’m gon na, throw you into a volcano. This is just so awkward and, lastly, make sure to turn on post notifications, so you’re updated when your favorite youtuber posts, a video and and that’s me right wait is it me wait.