The lifting of the trophy the winners medals was all back in may, a mere reminder, a relic of the glory that was and what may be to come. Perhaps, for one of these Music it speaks for itself, a truly radiant bright venue. So here it is what we’ve all been waiting for, make sure you are strapped in and ready to go, bring it on peter i’m, looking forward to a competition that always delivers entertainment, whether through its football or indeed it’s supporting cast of of emotions. Neither of these teams will want to a trip back to the drawing board after this, so i think we can expect something quite lively. Well, if you did just miss it, we are up and running already jim, which player is it’s. Neighbor that’s got a rattled, gorica Applause; it goes. He gets past his man thiago silva battles to win it back. Well, the defense got the better of him this time, but i’m sure he’ll go again. Music. The maria tries to get it forward quickly has got himself a free kick and we have the first chance from a dead ball situation. He’Ll fancy himself from here neymar and how good was that about as smooth as it gets and he’s produced a beauty Music. So a breakthrough already and the weighted pass and helps available out wide thiago silva gets it back good delivery, but no joy, paris, saint germain, can defend those situations better by stopping the crosser at source, defending of the desperate variety and it’s gorecka tiago.

Oh just lacked a decent finish: he trapped it expertly peter and released it very differently. Kira switches it towards the other side. Canavery good challenge he just stood firm going through will spawn who’s gon na get that thiago very firm in standing his ground there. It is a tough full contact contest, just brushed off the ball there, neymar canavery Music drives it forward. Canavery gets into some space and the balls come out that’s. One way of trying to make things happen, there’s a few who could follow that example: Applause marquinhos hoist it forward great strength too strong for his opponent and it’s somebody javi martinez, hardly anything between the sides and the score is one nil, canavery idrisa gay with a Definite fell there really struggling to influence the game. Look. He could do with someone else taking responsibility to shift the target. He badly needs some help here. Heavy martinez gets it back. Jerome, berting, paris, saint germain are ahead here. It has been a good half for them. Thiago plays a clever pass Music it’s, a very good battle there, terrific to watch and it’s thiago he’s, making good use of his strength. There just refuses to be out muscled alaba, Music di maria good challenge. He just stood firm now: it’s icardi Applause, um, Music, javi, martinez and that’ll – be the final action of the first half. Well there we are off, they go for half time. The breakthrough did indeed come in the first half, but there has only been that one goal: it is very, very tight paris, saint germain, go in at time with a slender one goal lead so we’re just settling back into this second half Music, well it’s been tight.

Peter but i’m expecting things to to open up now and we get some free flow in football gnabry looking to run onto it, grabbery bayern munich, making a fresh attempt to release someone in behind from back to front, and this is something different: Music, bernat, neymar Music Battles to win it back, yeah he’s pulled him up for that challenge and here’s thiago just brushed off the ball. There neymar and he’s searching through he’s one on one on pepe it’s a goal two up now, and they are cruising Applause. Well, the goalkeeper would have helped to make his mind up on how he was going to finish it Music, my things starting to look very comfortable. The turning of the screw comes to mind. Peter they’ve got them where they want them. Dinks one in it’s out for a goal kick bernat has gone out. Thiago everything they would have spoken about in that dressing. Room during the break has a greater chance of happening thanks to the early goal. It’S the perfect platform now to go on and try to win it well when the options aren’t quite present in the box it’s the crossers interest to uh to hold on for the support thiago silva with the crossfield ball, throwing ganabri pavar berteng plays it forward. Music. Thiago gnabry goes looking and it’s koreca Music thiago now it’s icardi, philippe coutinho and it’s played forward. Pavar plays it forward and it’s thiago marquinhos gets it back.

Marquinhos goes looking alaba and they’re not going to make any further progress. Now gorecka lewandowski gimmick battles to win it back: it’s levantovsky, Music, it’s there. It is a good finish. The odds were against him. Little mata lewandowski really showed good strength. There held his man off didn’t. Let himself get bullied and got his effort away. Maintain control lion. Munich are making a change now: Music buying munich get themselves back into contention. Well, it was important they didn’t get ahead of themselves and lose their discipline. This game plan could near well reward them with an equalizer can’t, get the better of his opposite number it’s. Somebody javi martinez closing in on the last quarter of an hour, paris, saint germain, look to me as if they’ve been rocked by that goal. Yeah they say that 2 0 is a dangerous lead to have, but obviously only if you concede the next and that they’ve done now so they’ve got to put the nervousness to one side and and get back to what they were doing before thiago and here’s lewandowski. Now it’s philippe coutinho gorecka and the lead stays intact just well. The lead may be fragile, but the keeper was focused and strong Music thiago Music goes for goal in, for the follow up should have equalized philippe coutinho knows only too well how important the chance was. He snatched at it forward. It goes great strength too strong for his opponent, and no, that is pretty much the end of that coutinho.

Oh he’s, going to be pulled back for that one Music good run down the left. What can they make of it? Good challenge? He just stood firm paris. Saint germain are looking to make this one safe. They want to reduce the risk and he’s away. Oh good, determined running there, but one back by the defense. Oh look.