What could exchange between thomas muller and tr goes? It is spy munich, tara and there goes neymar again neymar with the ball across what a chance and psg had the first goal. Danny alves has fired them in front less than a minute and a half played now. The place is rocking and all brazilian affair made by then i can go out and wear the one it’s nice and easy for all right, that’s a cross where well to somewhere where arturo vidal was lurking and ravio was born. That was a chance. It still might be Music, javi, martinez, gimmick, Music, it’s. Another ball in that was potentially dangerous. Free kick, though, because smaller didn’t quite time his tackle and caught tiago silva hurt himself. Tiago silva turns it behind the way yet and that’s a good try and a really good, save from areola happy martinez caught that sweetly buy and come again that’s james Applause. Well, it looked to me as though it was deflected for a corner. Nothing doing it should have been quite clear that looks for lewandowski, who might have put that straight at the keeper, but he did well even to do that. Jumping between two defenders he shouldn’t, really france, rides the first one taken by the second through to muller lewandowski. Oliver couldn’t touch it home, gimmick, arieola stays back palace, cavani, shot, always wide two wonderful options in the other feeling that perhaps the name our ball would have been better.

Such a cross would have taken him into the 18 yard box. This control just lets him down slightly cabana. He gets the ball stuck under Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, and there is cavani, and that was a weak one. All right makes a save, which will do his confidence toward the good doesn’t catch it. Well enough. Does he come on it, wonderful neymar to him, neymar wants it back and he would have got it back for tiana, tolisso turned behind by thiago silva muller super cross, important Music, so paris, saint germain gimmick, can only find danny elvis with that, but it wasn’t the Most sure another chance and it’s headed off neymar could get it back. Neymar’S got the chance for three and kimmy came across to stop him. It’S got to be finished, doesn’t it with the time to get it down. He’S run out of time. Now, though, and his muller turned behind by tiago silva, who wants a little champions league, fantastic in so far with flying, colors thanks in from rudy another headed chance, because areola does not come for the crosses and javi martinez Applause he’s a little closer than he was Last time, but not close enough, they’ve fallen over themselves out. Let’S take the opportunity vidal. Of course they could grow as at the right time. Kingsley come on. He takes it on now, but just caught it off the outside of the boot rapio times his slide. To stop the gimmick, cross it’ll now be a cubic corner, marquinhos and sebastian rudy again.

He takes on the shot, smartly saved by areola co man that one’s right across the face, fidel neymar always looked as though he’d have to go down at some stage there didn’t here come the support players well, kavani seemed to start falling before the ball was anywhere Near him, Applause it’s a good try, but it was never likely to be spent all right, such a long way out, isn’t it even a player of his stellar ability. Applause is Applause. Applause m with a little more ease when it’s three nil, but he nearly put that on a plate for lewandowski, Music, he’s, now apologizing to all and sundry. Now, david you’re, three nil. But what do you say to your team and what comes into lewandowski and that one is finally put in by arturo vidal but it’s not going to count nothing going for bayern munich it’s really really get that privilege this evening, and here comes danny elvis again, not A single one of his teammates that would have begrudged him taking these shots up before he gets into his busy stride, gimmick areola, couldn’t hold it. Your face, tells the story david. Looking for vidal, with that neymar against rudy that’s, not a contest, he might have. Let it go given his time again, the ref, but he couldn’t, really oh it’s cavani’s and it wasn’t bad. My face. Didn’T then neymar’s earlier effort, kingsley man that’s a nice save that’s. What areola is good at superb, say: wonderful thing from coleman to work.

The shooting opportunity now, i think, they’ve – got away with certain elements of defensive lapses and get something on the board tonight. But they’re gon na have one last shot.