I can’t wait for this lee yeah derek cracking atmosphere as usual here. That will lead to a nervy, energetic start frenetic fast play to begin with before it all settles down i’m really looking forward to this one. Thank you for attending have a great Applause time and the match is underway. Amaya yuya kubo: oh skipping away plenty of options, Applause, possession and patience, the watchwords, Applause, strength and control a big part of his game, yuya kubo. Well, it was a very good looking move, but, alas, no end product. Can they forge ahead Applause? Now the attack fizzled out gerso, but they got nothing out of it. Dangerous, looking attack, good visualization and execution Applause still level here, but the pressure escalating, hernandez he’s, given it straight to the opposition. Well, he’s lost the ball hernandez, well time tackle amaya and there it is the opening goal, one nil and they’ll feel they deserve it. Applause. Well, as you can see, it’s really superb play. He thinks a lot quicker than anyone else. He gets his head on it’s a great finish. Well, let’s have another view of that goal. One nil, then keeping the ball moving. Johnny russell well possibilities in the center, graham zuzia defended. Well, oh they’ve lost it. Could it be well that’ll, be a corner? A goal here would really change the complexion of this match. Applause Applause chance here and with that they’ve thwarted, the opportunity seemed young jurgen la cadilla, yuya kubo there’s, a slide rule pass that’s all they can conjure for now.

Luis martinez, Applause hernandez, it looks promising superb defensive judgment to end the attack jurgen lochadia. Well, there might well be scope for them to counter attack here, quick thinking to dispossess his opponents hernandez and the electronic board, showing one additional minute and they need to get tighter ball is loose Applause and problem solved. For now, and with that, the first half draws to a close he’s been the standout for his side. So far don’t, you think lee well derek. He certainly was a good 45 minutes from the lad, obviously got the goal to give him the lead. But he’s looked very, very lively as well as anticipated plenty of talking points so far and now the second half is underway. Applause hernandez good use of the ball, but can they trouble the defense zoozy russell with it, graham suzy, Applause, the cut back and getting across to stop Applause? It substitution time, as is here played into the center of the box? Simple, save, really Applause. The visitors have had total control of possession, but after that it’s been really disappointing. Players are looking at each other. You’Ve got to take control. You’Ve got to take responsibility yourself, make something happen in this game Applause. This could be the equalizer, but oh what’s, an important save how about that? Well, that is a big, save and that’s what you pay top dollar for your goalkeeper, so a personnel change, then so the corner played into the box.

This looks promising Applause, an attack full of promise takes it on, and the goalkeeper covered a lot of ground to push that away from danger and a throw in forthcoming and clears his lines. Tremendous ball played through well read to ease the pressure so 20 minutes to go sanchez. Well, they get themselves level here, my goodness lee the goalkeeper had his work cut out for him, but delivered yeah that’s what they do. Look at that save a brilliant effort. He’S, driven in the corner, a goal, real excitement, a back and forth type of game now, they’re level. Well, here we see it again and the corner delivery is good and that’s. A good header eye on the ball concentration it’s, a lovely finish. Well, the girl again, albeit from a different angle – well, the earlier goal: canceled out, want a piece: 15 minutes remaining jurgen la cadilla, medunian Applause, the young, well, they’ve lost possession of the ball Music and the search goes on for a winner. Time is tight, espinoza intercepting it intelligently, Applause, kubo, kendall, wasston seemed young, and now they have the ball back. Well, the conditions look pretty good for the counter attack. Can they keep it going vital interception? The danger was very real Applause and the referee has decided to add on three additional minutes and he saw the situation developing well.