com and welcome to the update for wednesday october 28. 2020 free pick coming up at the end of this report. Uh first quick note: if you’ve yet to become a member over at, and you just want to give it a trial, run. Click on that link below the video get yourself set up for a free 60 account which you can then use on any of my daily packages or anybody else at It is as simple as that. Congrats to the dodgers, listen first world series championship. Obviously, since 1988, yours truly was 21 years old. I was working my first sports radio job here in las vegas uh. The call letters are still around, although it’s no longer a sports radio station. In fact, i i think it’s a spanish speaking station now, but klev radio back in the day and uh. I was doing a show with a good friend of mine, seed williams, who i was 21 at the time. He was probably around 30 and we were doing a show with a little black and white tv, so we could keep track of what was going on in that world series game and we of course went nuts when gibby hit the home run comes off the bench. Barely able to walk, i don’t even know if he touched second base. He was so busy doing this rounding the bases trying to start that lawnmower. I don’t think anybody paid attention to whether or not he stepped on second but uh.

What a win that was and that kept that series going for the dodgers and then, of course, they win tonight or i should say on tuesday night, and i wanted to say thanks by the way to everybody who jumped on board this baseball season. This shortened baseball season that started in late july and we had another winning playoff season, which we’ve done 26 years of handicapping and betting, major league baseball playoffs, and we are now 20 and six winning post seasons after winning again uh this past. This just completed playoff season, so i want to say thanks to those of you who jumped on board, hopefully we’re, going to have baseball on schedule. Hopefully, we’ll have some spring training next march and by april 1st uh we’ll be able to have a regular season, really really hope that we were able to do that. Get a few people in the stands like we saw in the world series but uh more stories to come. You know, because there’s not a whole lot of daily sports action going on for several weeks now, until we get to college basketball and i’ve met a lot of people at in the two and a half years that i’ve been there asking me to do a Little bit more storytelling about those times back in the day in the 80s in las vegas, when las vegas was a completely different world than it is right now. But uh we’ll talk a little bit more in detail about myself: seed williams, klev radio.

What was going on there, the craziness – i am johnson that’s a name. I want you to remember isaiah moses johnson, who was the best nba handicapper, better i’ve, ever met in my life. I am passed away a few years ago. He was only in his 50s we’ll talk about him a little bit more with story time, but i did bring back memories of being 21 hair halfway down my back now i can’t grow it and watch it on that little black and white tv in 1988, when Gibby hit one out so there you go all right, well, here’s what’s, going on for me on a wednesday at least uh. We do have pga action now. This week’s tournament in bermuda gets underway, bright and early uh. As far as pacific time is concerned, early on the east coast, but at least the sun will be up, but we are jumping into it. You’Ll be able to get my match up first matchup, which is a first round thursday matchup in pga available on wednesday. Only because they’re starting so early, you can get it on wednesday, it’ll be there. On wednesday. We look to go to 28 and 15, with my current pga run right now: we’re 27 and 15 we’re up over 3 500 for 100 per unit bettors, going back to the first of august, so we’ll look to uh, build off the win with cantley on sunday And get a win for thursday’s opening round play and again just wanted to know, make a note of it again that you’ll have to get this play on wednesday for early thursday, first round action uh in the pga this week.

I also wanted to mention that i am involved in soccer. We’Ve got mls action on a wednesday night and that’s, where we are right now with a free pick, i’ll get to that uh. We do have that play up in college football. If you want to hear the quick analysis on it, it’s still available on my youtube channel, michigan state plus the points over michigan. I want more college football, but i didn’t want to toss out another college football game until we at least got football games going no games on wednesday. Obviously, but we’ll be back late wednesday night early thursday morning, football thursday for us and we’ll have at least one college football play one more for the action for this weekend, but for now, we’ve got a little mls action and i wanted to let you know that I put together a nice little team, a couple of guys soccer experts and we are talking every single day. One of them happens to be a big follower from a betting standpoint of the mls in a mexico, mexican primera soccer and uh, so he’s definitely chiming in when we have our calls on our get togethers every night for the next day’s soccer action. And then i have another uh cap or better, who is basically focused on european soccer. He does la liga, he does serie a but mainly epl and german bundesliga. So i’ve got a nice little team and the recommendation the free pick for wednesday night mls is a play on sporting kansas city over cincinnati and listen cincy, even though they played 20 games, for instance, as an example, colorado’s only played 14, since he still has the Fewest points in the league, not just in the eastern conference crossing over here against sporting kansas city who’s in a battle right now at the top of the western conference standings with portland and seattle.

But i don’t like the cincinnati team because they’re not showing any signs of being able to kind of dig their way out of where they sit right now in the eastern conference, they’ve lost what six of the last seven matches casey’s coming up a real nice win Over colorado, they beat him four nil, and one thing i like about casey is that they went four one and one of their six games so far this month, and i really think they’re going to be able to get the better of cincinnati in this one price Is not bad anywhere from 1.12 to 1.20, as i cut this video casey, the favorite and we’re, going to recommend a play on sporting kansas city over cincinnati, our free pick in mls action for wednesday and again pga thursday first round play available wednesday only over at Docsports.Com we look to extend to 28 and 15.. I lost in soccer yesterday on tuesday, but i do have a play in mls action for wednesday available right now. Handicappers homepage will be available actually on wednesday during the day, all right and then, of course, we’ll be back here for football thursday early thursday morning we’ll have a free pick uh in college football. If you like, the videos, click on that thumbs up button be sure to subscribe. I’M scott sprites at docsports.