Um grayson was hanging out here in the neighborhood. I i filmed this video already once, but then i moved my light right over the camera. So um it went dark um. So here we are world series. Uh we got a winner uh we had a free play. It was the tampa bay ray’s. First, five um plus half a run. We did not need that plus half a run. They were ahead, one to nothing and then there is manager made a mistake, terrible mistake. He took out a starter i’m, not a big fan, just because the order flipped over for a third time. You got a starting pitcher on a roll that’s dominating and has struck out the first three batters six times the first two times through. That means each of them struck out twice: okay, the chances they get a hit little to none monkey bet’s, not good against the lefty all season and they put it righty. In next thing you know dodgers got the lead dodgers win. You know, congrats to the dodgers. Um, you know when the season when the series started, i said the dodgers are going to win in six uh. They won in six. So you guys are welcome for that. If you took that, but um all in all it’s a sad day for me, baseball’s over with uh coming back in march, maybe um depending on this whole coveted thing. We might see another short and brief season like we saw this season it and it could be just as disastrous when it gets going but um.

You know that’s roommate to be seen. You can always you know, stay positive and hope not but um. I don’t think i don’t see this covered thing going anywhere soon, grayson’s in the area, if he uh pops in here, come here, buddy come here say hi to everybody, let’s see. If we can get him up here, not um. I can’t really grab him with one arm because he really doesn’t like being picked up, so he would really get me. Then he’d really give me good, but uh we’re off to the mls had a great day um we them three and one with the baseball picks. Two two and one: the npb, japan, baseball and one and one in the kbo and then one and one in soccer. So overall it was a winning day for us with the world series pick that just capped it off and uh. You know we’re going to the mls for wednesday october 28th, 2020, going to sporting, kc sporting, kansas city and fc cincinnati um to come into this. This match here: i’m gon na move my lap, but not over the camera. This time get some soccer stats here. For you, so on the season, sporting kc is in second place in the western conference. They uh. They are 10, 3 and 6 on the season, but they 35 to 25 goal differential. They are three one and one in their last five matches. Uh fc cincinnati comes in there and 14th.

Oh that’s. What happened? We had a little spit up action here. All right, sorry, we’ll get that cleaned up um, but sc cincinnati comes in they’re dead last in the eastern conference, 4, 4 and 12 on the season. With 11 to 31 goal differential 16 points in their last five, they are, they have one win. Zero draws, four losses: um they’re at fc cincinnati. These teams did meet one time at fc, cincinnati last year or last season in 2019. That ended in a one to one draw sporting kc is not the best of road teams, their last five road games. They have one win two draws and two losses: the the last uh match they had was against the chicago fire that ended in a two to two draw: fc cincinnati um, equally, not as impressive at home, basically on the season they’re, just not that impressive at all, But their last five home games home matches, i should say, have been um one win one draw and three losses last losing to minnesota united one and nil at home. So while there is a slight draw possibility in this game, i think sporting casey’s gon na get the job done for us. The money line right now is minus 111 and that’s. What we’re gon na roll with so we’re gon na go with sporting kc? Is your official ricketts paw kick pick of the game? Kick pick of the day for soccer um we’re gon na go with a 40 bet on it, minus one eleven sporting kc to get the job done.

If you guys have not already give me a big thumbs up, if you appreciate true free daily sports betting advice on an eight and two run in my last ten, nine and eleven nine wins two losses in my last 11, so we’re on a heater right now. We’Re doing great and uh, you know feeling good, loving it going back to soccer, confident in it and uh just keep rolling that’s what it is. You know when you’re on the heater just stay on the heater turn it up turn it up. So with all that being said, thank you guys very much for watching this video.