The referee of this match 33 years old from hell. Quebec gets us underway and it is color rush saturday, no black city edition kits in either match forge in orange and black and pacific in purple and white campbell starts on the bench, as does this victor blasco, so pacific will insert alejandro diaz and noah still. No first half goals for the langford based side, forge attacking from right to left, led by kyle becker that through ball plays the new face of the line of balbinodian. His first attempt in the cpl is off the mark there’s chris nanko he’s back in the 11. As well to start this match after being given their third match of the tournament off for the hammers samuel up in on the rush well played in low balance, nobody gets a touch and then kayden chung gets a foot to it not cleared worth. Meanwhile, Applause Applause, nanko his fifth cpl goal and unfortunately for nolan worth it’s. Another costly error that winds up in the back of his net nanko picks off that pass, looks off his teammates takes it himself, not a whole lot of power, but picture perfect accuracy for service that time for pacific and forge will clear nearly the first goal in His first cpl match perfect ball through he’s, going to have nightmares about that one Music. This was a dangerous corner for pacific in the last match. One of them got what do they have in store today, verhoven henry gets a fist to it, bustos as it falls bounce in the box on the spot and in it’s jamar dixon tie game in the 26th minute Applause.

They never quit. On the corner. Henry got a piece of it at first pacific, staying on the ball and once again, quick to respond Music short for t cell and all the way back. David edgar take a couple. Dribbles schweinier, Music kristen wants in on the offensive action. Long ball forward settle down samuel still on the ball, dom samuel c Music once again, a little bit too much power behind it. Samuel is back pedaling able to get a bat for edgar, though he throws it back into the box, headed on great save worth and then cleared Applause here comes the corner kick from kyle becker, Music, Music. The right call is made that right, foot of say back just offside. Some motion, as short support comes from glasgow, plays it in anyways bounces it back Music coming up and catching tristan henry, i believe lucas mcnaughton will be the culprit. This is in for forge Music Applause, Music to get a touch good job, matt we’ve, seen him score. Acrobatic goals inside the six yard box before out of the area. Stay back, takes a deflection, but worth was ready and read. It well runs off. Cretson takes chris and goes for goal off the post cleared by pacific exceptionally hit and the pressure’s still there pacific, parries again taryn campbell lifts. His head has a look good movement for pacific glasgow for taran campbell back for victor blasco blocked danger, not gone campbell. Had young looked him off a little bit of a chip shot off the crossbar, a good series for pacific there glasgow right decision for campbell right back for glasgow just a little bit too far back and his stance couldn’t get a shot up, that’s the pass.

I think you got to make for sean young, though not a bad crack when you call your own number now in the other, 18 yard box, centering ball, kyle becker 97 minute and are back in position to take over top spot in the cpl standings and the Final whistles sound kyle, becker and moba bully delivering for forge in the 90th plus seven, and it gives the reigning champions.