Welcome to you big, welcome nice to have you with us, martin tyler, here alan smith. Alongside me, mls action for you, fc dallas against colorado, rapids yeah, real buzz around this ground, full house. A lot of interest in it hope it doesn’t disappoint. Thank you. Well. This should be a great game and we’re off and running and it’s going to be his throw here more acosta. Now he’s switched the point of attack here now: price probing away working away at the opposition. With these passes, oh they’re frustrated those in the middle it’s not really a way. Poor clearance nicholson, trying to get behind the defenders to get in a good cross and he’s dealt with it that dangerous moment he fancies his chances in getting past these players acosta. Does he want to cross it? Now? He could oh it’s close alan offside is given he’s quick enough. He doesn’t need to do that. An easy one for the lions money was a good couple of yards. They can spread the play now. He’S won it back easily. Ziegler ziegler game’s still level, but the pressure might be counting throw in now acosta now price. The nicholson pass well. They’Ve got the opposition on the back foot with this break they’re coming at them with numbers. Now the referee’s seeing that as a foul, it is a free kick. I think, he’d love to shoot, but he can’t from this angle got ta, get a good ball into the box.

It’S not really away from the threat here striding forward, purposefully more really trying to use the full width of the pitch here to make some progress, oh very easy for the goalkeeper there acosta nicholson delivered into the box. Well, sometimes you just have to clear it like that safety first it’s been a dire game so far, but the fans entertaining themselves with this mexican wave he’s put in the corner that could have been difficult, but the defender sorted it out, here’s a chance to whip It in dealt with the danger, great interception. Well here he goes it’s good to see a player. Do this very good attack broken up in the end by good defensive, play plenty of space out wide and they’re going to use it now they can swing into attack and he’s got some help, and that will be a throw cannon chance to get the ball in The box well here’s the chance. The press works that’s great, defending there. Stopping that attack found good room out here, intercepted well here’s a chance to go down the outside of the opposition. Good width in the attack here, looking for a cross at the end of it up for grabs here, he’s reached up and turned it over well here’s. A chance to get their noses in front from the corner, but here comes the corner. Well, as we can see, there’s not much at all to choose between these two teams in terms of possession, you do wonder if one of these teams can make the difference in the remainder of this match.

Acosta pereira an opportunity here, there’s some space to work. The ball into referees had a good look and decided what he’s seen from this period of play to add on three minutes: acosta, oh it’s, close alan offside is given he’s quick enough. He doesn’t need to do that. Yeah, he’s unlucky there wasn’t much in it there. So it’s half time and we’re still waiting for that first goal really nip and tuck between two great rivals. Here, possibly we thought that was the way it was going to go. Will it break open in the second half alan well we’ll soon see, i just wonder whether one of the managers it could come down to a substitution, because both benches have got plenty of attacking talent on there, referee, blows and we’re off for the second half bit Predictable with the passing and the opposition able to deal with that, didn’t want it to stop. Did they and the referees uh got the sympathy of this match? I think he understands it and they’re playing on nicholson nice interplay between the two of them out of play for a throw, let play go and now it’s stopped. Here comes the yellow card yeah. You could see the beth had seen it, but he wanted to give the team a chance now he can cross it throw to come up now after the ball’s gone out. Another turnover in play here with that interception. Well, the game can be influenced so often by substitutes.

The home team are going to steer through played in the clear, surely acosta ferreira well they’re, getting the ball forward. They need to do that and the referee spotted that deflection. He’S pointed for the corner and the manager deciding to go for it and bring on a new player corner, swung in well that’s a comfortable save from the header yeah that’s, a poor effort from the lad and really should have worked the keeper more than that. Look at that very little for the supporters to be cheering on either side. So little goal action. Both keepers, they could have been reading a newspaper so far, certainly playing well enough to get their noses in front here. An attack that wasn’t quite that in the end, the referee in control, because he’s seen the advantage and indicated to the players to play on it’s a change here, and i think it might be a tactical one. They might have played him in here. Plenty of width for the team to attack into camera it’s gone in, but maybe it wouldn’t have done if it hadn’t deflected off the defender that earlier incident, the big deflection well that’s the life of a defender. You try and put your body in the way, but sometimes it ricochets off and that’s a goal well worth analyzing again, so the first goal: it’s one nil, colorado, here’s, hedges, cannon to hedges and they’re better than that that’s rather sloppy acosta on the attack here.

That’S. The brilliance of the back heel, it looks great when it works it worked. Then he’s got the option to get in a cross. Now nice return pass keeping the ball and looking for an opening, he’s won possession cannon so we’re, coming down now towards the last 15 minutes, let’s face to get the cross in able to intercept here. It’S price camera slip through there was a chance really of getting into a scoring position, then, but anything but oh, listen to the atmosphere in here fans doing their bit to spur their team on for this equalizer time is ticking away here and they haven’t got too Much of it left to deal in the fans, though, racking up the atmosphere yeah just important now that they don’t launch long balls forward. They keep their patience and try and fashion an opening defending strongly there and making sure that cross didn’t get into the danger area and, looking at my watch, four minutes left nicholson that well and intercepted poor on the ball. Two more minutes to play of added time: cannon, acosta, ferreira and the referee has ended it here. Final thoughts, not a real post mortem allen, but obviously disappointment is a key and they’ve lost a game that they were desperate to win. Yeah they’ll be a bit of an inquest, i think, because they didn’t quite do themselves justice, so plenty of work on the training ground.