Inter miami thanks, derek yeah, really looking forward to both teams producing entertaining football let’s, see if we get that he’s been playing at a high level for a very long time, gonzalo iguain. What, in particular impresses you about the argentinian league goal, scorer simply a goal: scorer just watch his movement in the box, especially around the six yard area, how many times the ball bounces to him and he puts it in the net it’s, not a coincidence. That’S good positional play thank you. They have got the freedom to roam around the pitch, how they see fit. There is some structure to it, but that lone striker up front needs support not only around me but from wide areas of two. The supply line will come from the wide midfield players and maybe the overlapping fullbacks matt hedges, hedges, michael barrios thiago santos andres ricarde it’s, with acosta accurate, pass upon accurate, pass Applause. Well, they’re eyeing that final pass. You just feel mosquera. It has gone over the touchline for what will be a throw in figal, morgan, jorge bad pass nicely cut out, matuidi, agudelo, pizarro and back with iguain. Well, it looked highly promising, but they got nothing out of it. Mosquera it’s with acosta now santiago mosquera, with it acosta dangerous, looking attack and giving the ball away retaining possession proving difficult still on level terms. Moving the ball nicely. Can they trouble the opposition this time santos, maybe cows, day acosta, it looks promising he’s had to go for it, when’s the ball Applause! Well, listen to that derrick! They think he was a nailed on pen, the ref didn’t, though possession lost intercepted will the owner of a silver hatchback with the license plate.

Gr5 reynolds jkkk. Please see your nearest security guard. Thank you, hedges, acosta, now, franco and it crossed the by line. A goal. Kick as a result, Applause santos, not the past. He had in mind oh yo up pizzaro, agudelo Applause, Music Applause, iguain, now, matuidi iguain, a very effective challenge, put in Applause, making, sure nothing untoward happened. Matuidi, oh yo, up pizzato, moving the ball effectively; matuidi! Oh yo. Up and back with iguain a fine tackle Applause and he takes it away. Morgan pizarro, matuidi, pivez, now matuidi leandro gonzalez perez and he was in the right place to intercept, and so it is the first half story has been written as anticipated. Plenty of talking points. So far, and now the second half is underway: agudelo matuidi, gonzalo iguain, finisher extraordinaire, but is he offering enough in general? Well it’s not been a great first half of football. As far as he’s concerned, he seemed a little bit sluggish to me: derek easy for the backline to pick him up needs more movement, lewis, morgan, a fine use of the ball matuidi Music iguain, and he read it well thiago santos. Well, they might be on to something and there it is the breakthrough that will do nicely well, here’s the goal again and it’s a great ball to put him through and once he gets himself settled with the keeper to beat he hammers it into the back of The net smashing goal, so the match has restarted one nil here, half an hour remaining, then the visitors have had total control of possession, but they have to create more.

They have to be more positive. The final third play has been slow, too predictable and unable to keep possession mosquera it’s with acosta, because day cara and it’s a quality pass. Fluency of movement, fruitful, looking attack it’s with acosta santos, acosta, thiago, santos Applause, hedges, it’s with acosta cara, acosta santos. A very good tackle 15 minutes remaining matuidi, oh you’re up now, matuidi iguain, while still searching for the equalizer, but not passing it anxiously. Well, nothing productive, really, and he did well to cut it out. Well, if they carry on doing their jobs, they should be fine. In this game, the fans are certainly doing their bit rodolfo pizarro they’re, showing a willingness to attack, as they must, given the circumstances, time running out, struggling to keep the ball racing forward, trying to catch them out. Michael barrios, an attack full of promise and they couldn’t. Quite muster a real threat, matuidi it’s, with gonzalo iguain on the offensive iguain useful, looking ball well it’s the late show, and they are level again well here’s the replay and as we can see, the defense can’t cope with the through ball and then he’s. Probably the easiest tapping he will ever get lovely stuff. Even steven won a piece on this match and we are going to have two additional minutes acosta. That is that after 90 minutes they are level and extra time is coming up.