One looking forward to some entertaining end to end football: i’m. Surely, in the pre match team meeting, the defenders were told at all costs, keep your eyes on iguain he’s on the ball all the time and his ability on the ball is absolutely phenomenal. He doesn’t pass the ball away. He lends it to his teammates because he wants it back very difficult to get the ball off him. So the initial 11 for the home side pretty well balanced this formation, lee yeah. It could be a 4 2 3 1. In the offensive mode, but it can also go back to a 4 5 1 when you’re defending the lone striker will be supported by the three just behind him, especially the number 10 will be given a free roll let’s have a look at the initial 11 for The visitors and you tend to know what you’re going to get tactically from this team high pressing, well high, pressing high energy. I played this system at arsenal many a year under george, graham, it doesn’t half work when it works. Well, sometimes you can just get exposed to the back, but they’ve got it down to a t to be fair. Thank you for joining us and the game begins, and that was a very fine read victor ooh Applause. Do they mean business? On this occasion, Applause he’s trying to create something he’s got to score. Well, the keeper had a lot of ground to cover splendid, save and he’s fired over the corner.

Well, that was quality last ditch defending thiago santos, oh that’s, a pass of high quality chance to finish using all his defensive acumen to cut it out attention winston honey headway still a chance, and now they can celebrate well here it is again it’s all about the Pace in transition that was so quick to get out from the back and once he gets himself settled with the keeper to beat he hammers it into the back of the net. Smashing goal Applause, so the match has restarted. One nil here for the visitors: santos, here’s, ziegler, ryan, holling’s, head andres, ricarte, santos, reynolds, thiago, santos and threading. It forward. Couldn’T, hang on to the ball louis morgan. The visitors are struggling with possession really, but they won’t mind they’re winning this game and why? Because their counter attack is absolutely fantastic, matuidi. Well, he likes to run at them. Applause, patient, buildup. At the moment, agudelo now matuidi iguain iguain, who you are iguain real danger. Pizzato now matuidi reyes Applause, matuidi matuidi iguain. What can we do from here? Here’S, iguain Applause. Now matuidi, that is that for the first half here, he’s been the standout for his side. So far don’t, you think lee well derek you’re right. He has played well and goals win games, he’s been a joy to watch in this form, sit back and enjoy him in the second half Music, as anticipated plenty of talking points so far and now the second half is underway.

Applause, matuidi pizzaro pizarro perez aguerdello, rodolfo pizarro, well nicely cut out ryan holling’s head now: santiago, mosquera with it cara. This looks, threatening and he’s in and they’ve done it to square the game once again. Exhilarating well here is the replay and to be fair, the keeper from that distance hasn’t got much chance of keeping it out lovely goal. Well, let’s take another look at that girl shall we do so deciding to make a personnel change at this juncture. Applause, so a level contest one one substitution for the visitors coming off the pitch number: thirteen victor, oh yeah, iguain number: six! Will Applause strong play here to keep the ball to wait for the support it should be and he thought of the attack with a masterful tackle given and they will make the change now? Pizzaro Applause, figal, morgan Applause, iguain, will trap now matuidi still pushing for that girl. That would see them forge ahead. An attack full of promise looks promising this quick thinking to dispossess his opponents cara acosta and they are on the move again. He’S got the right idea with that pass that’s all they can conjure for now. Applause and it’s gone out of play goal kick coming up substitution time. It is Applause, leandro gonzalez perez agudelo, still pushing for a winner. Can they get in behind them and clears the danger only 10 minutes remaining here? This could pose problems for the defenders, Applause away, Applause reynolds.

Can they nudge in front later on here and he’s in? This is why we adore this game, late drama and now they’re in front. Well, it looks like the game is over, but no there’s another chance and there it is back of the net. It looks like the winner Applause well here’s, the replay and it’s a decent move to evade the defender, and then the brute force and gail in equal amounts sets up the chance to score, and he doesn’t disappoint. Does he so there we have it two one inside the final two minutes of this contest. Applause, matuidi and three minutes will be added on for stoppages, andres riccarte bad pass until they have a goal in their future they’re, giving it a go. Applause it’s a perfect challenge, and there it is the final whistle and the fans will be leaving the stadium with smiles on their faces, lee yeah. Well, it could really have gone either way. It was so competitive for much of the game, but they just kept pushing. They kept believing and probably deserve the winner in the end great result. Well, his performance in this particular game will have impressed many people late while grabbing that late winner was the icing on the cake.