You know i don’t think we’re taking it like that, um, because you know we can’t get too comfortable, because teams could easily still jump us um and we know we have three games left and going off that yeah. I don’t think it’ll benefit us if we, if we do start doing that in the standings watch per se um. You know, i think we just got to worry about ourselves. Three games left, i think it’s in our hands. We win all three. We should be in good hands. Thank you, kobe, uh next we’ll go to michelle kaufman michelle you’re off mute, hi dylan. Thank you, congrats on the win the other day. What can you tell us about what you’re expecting from dallas? You know you guys have played the same team so many times in the east um. What are you expecting from this team and how do you think you guys match up with them? Thank you yeah we played orlando. Was it four times atlanta, three or four times it’s good, to face someone else for a change but um yeah we’re? Looking forward to it um, you know it’s gon na be a tough game. You know that’s an away game at dallas um. They definitely played better at home. You know so we’re preparing for for a war out there um and we know going into it. It’S like a playoff game. Um playoffs are already started for us because um, i think, we’ve realized that if we, if we drop points, there’s, not a great chance, we continue the rest of the season.

So um, you know we’re treating it playoff game like a final uh we’re ready to go to war. Thank you. Michelle uh next we’ll go to franco, franco, you’re off mute thanks, jackie, hey dylan! How are you man congrats on the on the victory over the weekend? Way to get it done, um, just just two quick ones for you. Obviously you said you know you guys are ready for it for these big games, uh and and diego called them finals right, because you guys pretty much make or break so these next two games, especially this week. Will you know before you get to the season of pregnancy? Finale will really determine what what the future is for this club playoffs and no playoffs. What are the keys to this week’s two games? Obviously there’s a short turnaround. You have to manage minutes, but for you guys as a group, what is the the key to being able to come out of these two games with at least three four points to give yourselves that chance to come back home and and really make that that last Playoff push in the final game and the second one just what will it be? How much of a boost will it be for uh, for you guys to have gonzalo back in the lineup and give you that veteran leadership up top thanks, dylan appreciate it yeah. Of course um, i think consistency. You know, i think we struggled this year with um.

You know playing two good games back to back um. You know, i think only maybe it was once or twice that we we actually did win two games in a row. Um. You know so i think the biggest thing is consistency for us. You know how can we minimize our mistakes uh, you know and punish them on theirs, um and yeah it’s. Definitely i mean who wouldn’t want to have gonzalo and they’re starting 11. um it’s. Definitely huge to have him back um. You know, i think it’ll it’ll only make us stronger um and hopefully he could. They could put some goals away and make it easy for us tomorrow. Thank you, franco uh next we’ll go to alfonso and then salvador alfonso you’re off mute, hey exactly dina. How are you good? How are you oh, what the what a match the past week and congratulations for all the team. Thank you. Thank you. My question is: what should be the key to not lose focus in these last three games? Thank you. Yeah, like i said earlier, i think just consistency. You know we struggled putting putting some good games together um, but i think um now that we’re towards the end of the season, we know it’s pretty much. You know lose or go home at this point. You know like diego’s, been saying for the past week, um we’re treating these last games like like a final um. You know so a lot of focus and energy going into these last three games.

I think you know we should prevail and be all right. Thank you. Alfonso, i will go to salvador and then we’ll take one more question from kobe. Thanks, jackie, hey man, how are you good? How are you fine? Thank you. Um. Only one question: um. There are some gains less for inter miami in this season, and you can, you can see the the regular standings and there are some things pressing into miami about points about the points that can get on next matches. How can enter miami work to don’t lose the pawn the points that they can fight and also lost the position on playoffs that inter miami has now yeah? I think if we just take it game by game day by day um, you know we won’t have to worry about that at the end, at the end of the day, um, you know we we show up to each game. Three games left. We all. We all know three games left until playoffs start um. So if we take it one game at a time hoping to get three points out of out of the rest of the games um, you know we got some tough teams coming up but um. I think you know i think we’re hitting the groove right now um, you know we’re we’re, starting to connect a little more chemistry’s building, which is only a good sign for us and i think we’re, looking forward to these next three games.

Thank you and we’ll. Take one more question: uh colby, hey jackie dylan uh. Once i asked you’ve started uh the last five games. I think you played the full 90 and for the last five uh where’s your confidence at right now, just in your play and what should be able to bring on to the team on the field. Yeah confidence is definitely um. You know growing each each and every game um. You know it helps when you’ve got guys around you like blaze and gonzalo, and even other experienced guys that aren’t even playing um. You know just always encouraging encouraging me on and off the field um. You know always trying to help me um. You know whether i make a mistake. They just tell me to move on i’ll get over it. You know just do what you always do, what you do and do what you do best, but yeah it’s definitely helpful to have those experienced guys just around me in the locker room and on the field dylan. Thank you so much for your time and good luck.–4hUaG5Lc