Nitin Chhoda with Ignition Time and welcome to my channel.. Thank you so much for being a viewer.. Thank you! So much for being a subscriber.. I really appreciate you.. If you learned something new from this very, very important video. Please consider clicking the like button., That is your vote of confidence in us.. That also tells the Youtube algorithm that the content is important and valuable and helpful, which I do believe this video will be.. Also, please consider clicking the subscribe button., Please enable notifications, so you get instant updates from us going forward. Let’s, just jump right. In. In this video i’ll talk to you about something that’s very important about the massive unemployment benefit fraud that’s going on throughout the country.. In fact, an individual doesn’t even need to file for unemployment to be a victim of unemployment fraud.. There have been cases of individuals who are actually getting notifications that the unemployment benefits have been sent out when they never filed for unemployment.. So in this video i’m going to talk to you about what you should know and, more importantly, how you can protect yourself and what you should do, if, unfortunately, you become a victim of unemployment, benefit fraud. Right now, almost 30 million individuals are on unemployment, but the Problem is the fraud puts more pressure on the system, puts more pressure on individuals throughout the country, puts more pressure on the systems, puts more pressure on the states and creates a backlog which, in turn hurts individuals who need to be on unemployment who are depending on Those unemployment benefits.

So with that being said, let’s just jump right, in., According to the FBI. Many unemployment insurance victims do not even know that they have been affected until they file for unemployment, insurance benefits and some may not even find out until tax time comes along.. In fact, many individuals find out they’ve been scammed when they receive the IRS form 1099G, which lists all the unemployment benefits, all the unemployment compensation for a year.. If you have not filed for unemployment benefits, and you received IRS form 1099G. This could mean that you are a victim of unemployment benefits fraud despite never having made a claim.. This is just unbelievable. I’ll. Give you exact measures that you can take in this video. Now. You might also be notified by your employer that you file for unemployment benefits, while you are still employed.. This has been happening throughout the country.. In fact, unemployment benefits fraud is on the rise and there are dangers to unemployment benefits for not only in terms of exhausting your unemployment benefits, but also if your social has been compromised.. So in this video i’ll give you exact steps., Please make sure you watch the video all the way through to the end.. Also, if you learn some new strategies in this video, please do me a favor gently tap that like button. Ignite, that like button, because the name of our channel is Ignition Time and also please, please subscribe and enable notifications.. This way you’ll get instant alerts from our channel going forward.

, So let’s just jump right in. There have been millions of unemployment claims nationwide and the fraud has actually been contributing to the backlog that is taking place at the unemployment benefits offices of states nationwide.. So, whether you’re, currently claiming unemployment benefits or not, it’s important for you to understand what you can do, what are the measures you can take in case you become a victim of unemployment, benefit which, by extension, would also mean that you’ve become a victim of identity theft. If your personal details, including your social security number, is compromised so first, let me start by evaluating how the states and how federal governments have been responding to this to this major crisis that has that has essentially emerged in our country. The us department of labor on the 1st of september directed 100 million dollars in funding yep 100 million dollars in funding to combat unemployment insurance fraud throughout the country. This is an unbelievable amount of money. These funds will be used for fraud investigations and to build new identity verification tools to prevent fraud in the future, because when someone else can mask your identity, when someone else steals your identity, not only can they commit unemployment, insurance fraud using your name, but they can Also, potentially do other things with your social, which is very, which is a very bad situation, so california, in particular, has been completely overwhelmed with unemployment insurance fraud, with nearly 3 million claims reported in the first in the week ending september 12th.

In fact, in a press release the california edd, spokesperson, laurie levy said we certainly have legitimate pua claims in california, but we do suspect that a large part of the unusual recent rise in pua claims is linked to fraud. In fact, 10 days later, after this announcement was made, the edd announced that all call center assistants in the state of california would close to focus on paying outstanding claims and to update the payment systems. Quite incredible, what’s, going on in the state of california, which, by the way, has the most number of unemployed individuals in the country, which is also at the center of the stimulus negotiations between the administration and and the democrats because california is is, is scheduled to receive The most amount of money through state and local funding, because california is the most populated state and because california has the most number of of unemployed individuals, which, by extension, means it also has the most fraud. So that is where things stand, and so this shutdown in the state of california has impacted thousands of individuals in the state of california who want to file new unemployment claims they were. They were essentially sent to a temporary webpage to submit their information. California is not the only state that’s struggling other states that are struggling, include, arizona, washington, oklahoma and montana all have faced similar issues. In fact, susie levine, the washington employment security department, commissioner, announced that they recovered over 330 million dollars in stolen benefits.

In the month of may unbelievable, it was actually estimated that 650 million dollars was stolen and they recovered 350 million dollars. Just unbelievable in the month of june, arizona and montana both announced that there was that they were expanding staff in order to continue monitoring for widespread fraud, so here’s the problem with unemployment fraud. Not only do individuals who need the unemployment benefits get impacted because the state gets overwhelmed, and now the state has to reallocate resources towards fighting the fraud, but the victims of unemployment benefit fraud become essentially victims of identity theft. Now it’s, not clear right now. How many individuals have indeed been impacted, but there are large issues related to identity theft, including getting a credit card getting all kinds of loans in your name and that’s just the start of the problem, so it is estimated according to the ftc, the federal trade commission, That this is affecting tens of thousands of people, unemployment, insurance fraud and an estimated 26 billion dollars in payments may fall into the hands of fraudsters. Now think about it. The lost wages, assistance program which paid the 300 unemployment benefits extension uh. Two individuals throughout the country was 45 billion dollars. More than half that money. Essentially, according to the federal trade commission, uh was lost to fraud. That is just that’s just unbelievable. Now, in the case of unemployment benefits extension fraud, let me be clear: you’re not responsible for paying that money. That was essentially uh, that was essentially fraudulent and that was captured by someone else in your name.

But if someone has your social, if someone has your private information that can that can lead to larger issues. So again, the impact on unemployed individuals is that you will. You are not liable for lost funds. There will be an investigation by your state unemployment agency and your unemployment benefit. Insurance amount will actually be replenished back to the account, but unfortunately this is not a quick process. This process can take several weeks to several months depending on your state, and it definitely results in delayed benefits to those who are in need, in addition, uh, in addition to creating extra headaches extra paperwork, because if you have to call to get this sorted out, you’ll Have to maintain records of your calls. You’Ll have to maintain records of your call reference numbers, all the email communication it just it just creates an extra we’re all under a lot of stress. This just adds to the extra stress for most individuals who are victims of this fraud. So what should you do if you become a victim of unemployment benefits, for there are three steps you need to take, and these are very important. So please make sure you you take note of all of these three things. The first step is, you must report the unemployment insurance fraud right away to your employer and to your state unemployment agency. They need to know what’s going on so again report the unemployment benefits insurance fraud to your employer, as well as your state agency contact your state agency and inform them that your unemployment benefits have indeed been compromised, in fact, there’s an unemployment fraud hotline for every state.

In the country and we’ll provide you with that link, in fact, you see this on your screen. This is the contact information, the email of the appropriate unemployment benefits, extension state fraud section. So you can email them. You can call them. You can reach out to them, and this is available for every state in the country, as we scroll through this list, you’ll see that again, you can get in touch with them, and you should do that, because your state must know that your unemployment benefits extensions have Been compromised so again, this is the appropriate state fraud hotline and we will provide you with the link to this information in the description section below so definitely check out the link in the description section below. So you get the right phone number, the right email and the right contact information for your particular state and make sure you inform them right away, because your state must be notified right away. Each state handles unemployment benefits fraud differently, but the federal trade commission. That is, the ftc recommends that you must document all your all your conversations document, the call reference numbers get the agent id when talking to someone. This way when you speak with your state unemployment agency, you have the proper records on your side. Many many many state unemployment agencies are completely overwhelmed. A we’re trying to process more benefits than ever before. The state unemployment benefit system has never been this overwhelmed, since it was instituted back in the 1930s.

Many state unemployment benefit agencies simply haven’t been updated. Their technology has not been updated for 40 50 years, which is quite unbelievable, and then, on top of that they have to deal with fraud. So keep in mind that you will have to expect long wait times and i think you’re already aware of that you you have to be ready with documentation to support your case, and this can be a time consuming and stressful process, but but hang in there and Follow the steps that i’m suggesting and typically unemployment benefit verification uh needs to be done so the what happens is your state agency will get in touch with your employer, who will then verify whether you’re employed or not, and then there are certain processes associated with that? So again step one report: the unemployment insurance fraud to your employer and your state insurance agency step two file, a report with the federal trade commission on your screen. You see the website of the federal trade commission, which is identity theft, dot, gov you’ll, see that website. On your screen, this is the official website, that of the federal trade commission for identity theft, so you should file a complaint with the ftc online at, or you can also call 877 id theft, that’s 877 id theft, so that is step two they can assist. You with the implementation of fraud prevention tools, including placing a fraud, alert on your credit, pulling credit reports and closing any fraudulent accounts that have been opened in your name.

Definitely something you want to do right away and number three. You must contact the three major credit bureaus experian, equifax and transunion, and you have to let them know that your social was compromised. I strongly recommend that you consider locking or freezing your credit, because this way no one can essentially pull a credit report or try and open an account in your name, because if someone is claiming your unemployment insurance benefits, it’s very likely that they have your social security. Number and to minimize the damage that this can cause on your financial health, on your credit, score on several other aspects of your finances, you’ve got to make sure you contact, experian, equifax and transunion, and you’ve got to make sure you freeze your credit reports. You can do this over the phone or online, the bureaus must freeze and they must unfreeze your credit reports for free once that’s done once your credit reports are frozen. Anyone who tries to open an account in your name will not be able to do so, but keep in mind. If you do that, and then you want to apply for credit, you will need to unfreeze those reports. I also recommend that you sign up for a credit monitoring tool so that you get an instant alert if someone tries to open a credit card or get a loan or get any kind of product financial product in your name. So definitely make sure you sign up for some sort of a credit monitoring tool as well.

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